Proof of Government Paid Internet Trolls & Free Energy Debunkers

This is a typically excellent clip by CENK UYGAR who I think is a great reporter. He points out how governments especially GCHQ in the UK spend taxpayers money on manuals so that scumbags can learn how best to stop the truth getting out. However, before you watch this superb clip which Espen Helverschou so kindly sent me, please take the time to read my piece. It’s all ties in beautifully with this clip which incidentally I watched yesterday for the first time……

A couple of days ago I posted GET THE GLOVES OFF JEREMY –


In it I stated how ever since my website had taken off I’ve increasingly felt the tactics to discredit me have become more elaborate. Initially I had no inkling this was so because I tend to adopt a no-nonsense approach with detractors who only indulge in insults. On my homepage I make it clear – ‘you WILL leave civil comments. Show me where I’m wrong.’ Those who don’t are immediately bounced out of the ballpark. As much as I’d like to show these people up for having no argument, my time is too important.


Interestingly, many of those blocked were somehow able to have another dig at me. I touched on this in the piece where I said these people knew they could go to my FB page & post another nasty comment even though I’d blocked them. However, what got me thinking was the inordinate number of times the final retort, especially on my website, rather than being loaded with personal insults, seemed rather MEASURED!…….. Way too much for my liking!


Now we all know the coup – when you’re blocked, the red mist doesn’t just appear – it positively cascades! Yet here, instead of these people saying what an anti-Semitic bastard I am, time & again I’d see more or less the same comment & it just happened to be the perfect comment to discredit me in the eyes of the many undecided or unsuspecting folk that regularly visited my website – 

what right do I have talking about freedom of speech & media bias when I block anyone who disagrees with me?


Aaahh deception – where have we heard this before – 

“by way of deception thou shalt do war” – MOSSAD


Art of Deception

VERY CLEVER! I remember thinking – it’s almost as if this is straight out of a manual! I honestly thought this.
Now let’s hark back to August 15 when I posted my take on the 9/11 TEAR-DROP MONUMENT donated by Russia. To date it has racked up a whopping 665,000 views, far more than anything I’ve ever posted. It has a staggering 180,000 shares.
A while back, when it had but 66,000 shares I received an interesting email from another freelance journalist John Gornall. Immediately I felt uneasy. I smelt a rat & it had entrapment written all over it. When I told him so, in no time he showed me his true colors. I actually posted all our email exchanges because I sensed something strange was going on. Here, a seemingly intelligent person not only believed the ‘impossible’ official account of 9/11 – there was nothing I could say to make him see sense. He was out to cause me trouble from the get-go but he’d applied method. It was as if his actions were of an operative. Here was a man capable of thinking clearly yet he was as close-minded as one could be. 




Playbook for destruction

A while back I mentioned how Domain Registrars had been got at by the heinous ADL. They’d managed to get the DR’s to change their rules so that paid Zionist Trolls could add a weapon to their already considerable armory. Upon subscribing to my website, knowing this would result in an email notification every time I post, they would then complain to the DR saying they were receiving spam. In my case my DR, Go Daddy black-listed me. Ever since, many who’ve subscribed, as a result, do not now receive email notifications. Moreover, this has had a dramatic effect on the two subscribers who on average were signing up each day to my website. 30 days ago I had 418 subscribers. Now there are 414!


For the world it seems there’s not an avenue left open. Those merely exercising the God given right of freedom of speech are being attacked every which way. A few days ago I stated how I was convinced somebody set me up on a Jeremy Corbyn group. I blocked the toe-rag only for him & someone else to write on my GMM page – once again measured response designed to discredit, I immediately removed these comments, barring them too only to discover the next day I’d been banned from posting in groups. 4 years on FB, this had never happened before. I’ll say it again – I don’t believe in coincidences.

The targets


I’m often asked to post people’s stuff on my website. Much of the time I do for most videos & links are other people’s work. I just add an intro. Something interesting happened recently though. I receive quite a few emails regarding my website but this one person tried to make out, if I posted his material, he was the one doing me a favor! So I said ‘if you wish – send!’ He sent me a piece about UFO’s & frankly I was taken aback because I’ve made it clear – though I wholeheartedly believe there are millions of planets like ours in the Universe, I do not for one minute believe alien life has ever so much as entered our solar system. So I said I wasn’t interested only for him to insist I give him an answer. So I reiterated ‘no thanks’. Suddenly the floodgates opened!



At first I was admonished for being rude. Now normally I wouldn’t get involved but being barred from posting in groups, as well as raising my blood pressure, had unexpectedly given me extra time, so I responded. A couple of emails later he said he would tell everyone what a bastard I was on his radio slot, so if you do hear anything, please let me know because I’ve already told him I will not allow him to slander me. I don’t for one minute believe such a person could have a radio show. Part of me was annoyed I’d broken my golden rule by giving these people juice yet part of me was pleased for I’m now convinced something IS GOING ON! This guy actually wanted me to threaten him. Had I have done so I have more than a feeling PC Plod would have been knocking on my door.
Bear in mind, when I reported some of the death threats I’ve had, the Police came round but on each & every occasion nothing was done. I told the Police ‘why do I get the distinct impression that if I was a Jew & the person threatening me was a Muslim, things would be oh so very different? Bizarrely, on one occasion the Policeman didn’t bother to assure me this wasn’t the case. A dawning realisation that the worst of what I’d always suspected was eerily confirmed – the greatest criminals ever will soon be able to incarcerate & eliminate anyone who dares to speak the truth. All those who still believe this is conspiracy crap, rather than criticise me should think again because once they’ve got rid of all the dissenting voices like me, I’ll tell you now – you better be of some use to these people because if you’re not, I guarantee you’re going to be in for a great, big effing surprise!

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