Protest Censorship of Palestinian History

Lately I’ve been receiving quite a few emails where I’m informed that videos I’ve posted on my website have in fact been taken down. Not that this surprises me in the slightest, for the only war Zionists are well & truly entrenched in is not the war against terror. That’s their invention. No. Their greatest struggle is –



So, the more they try to silence me, the more I intend to post videos that above all, depict the truth. Here are a selection of clips Zionists can’t wait to take down. Make sure you download them. It takes a few seconds. This way, every time they take them down, you can upload them & drive them round the bend! But first…….
A few years ago I posted a clip with the great Tony Benn admonishing just another Zionist puppet at the BBC. He lambasted the evil cow for being so biased toward Israel. I wrote a piece accompanying it with a link revealing how a directive had been sent down to all presstitutes at the BBC where the word ‘PALESTINE’ was not to be mentioned under any circumstances. I remembering saying – ‘this is how they operate. It’s an ongoing process of subliminal brain-washing so that the truth is eternally expunged! Here we have just another example of how the minds of future generations are manipulated.


Protest Censorship of Palestinian History




This is what the Zionists want to eliminate. It just so happens to be the caption I’ve posted most often. Good reason too – MAPS CANNOT LIE! If you choose to call the Palestinians the terrorists then look at these maps. Though I abhor violence I can safely say if a foreign force invaded my country & began annexing entire regions of the UK, I would bloody well fight back & to hell with those idiots who are brainless enough to label me a terrorist!


Land theft


US makes UN toothless against Israel

How to get away with murder & land grabbing for 70 years? Simple – Zionists bribe all the US politicians & officials they need so that the US power of veto at the UN is utilised for Israel’s benefit, every single time. And to think Netanyahu, along with the parasitic puppet politicians they have tagging along, forever boast of their undying love for democracy. It’s enough to make you throw up!


66 UN resolutions against Israel have come & gone. The fact Israel has had this many UN resolutions tabled against it is in itself a feat so astonishing it should qualify as a wonder of the world! You cannot get more bent than this yet what makes this all the more infuriating is the fact that all it took to destroy Iraq were 2 UN resolutions which were entirely based on the lies of 3 arch Zionists – Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle & Douglas Feith.
Here is an excellent clip where in just 2 minutes Mark Webber explains Thanks to Berthold Gottschalk & Paul Stewart for sending me this.



What happened in the 70’s? One guy was largely responsible for ‘Meddle’, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘Animals’ & ‘The Wall’. 5 albums, the 2nd & 5th in particular musical masterpieces. In terms of composition, Roger Waters was by far & away the driving force behind Pink Floyd throughout this period. In my opinion he most definitely deserves to be included into the heady group of musicians that own a decade.


But how many giants in the music industry go on to do what Roger Waters has done? Very few & it’s hardly surprising. You’ve made absolute lumps – what better than a life of Riley? Who needs to get involved, let alone mix it with the very last people anyone would want to mess with? The Zionists loath the truth because their whole agenda has to remain strictly under the radar. It’s one thing being a great musician; it’s another thing altogether being a great human being.


The great Roger Waters says it how it is – 






What country does this to 7 year old’s for Christ sake? This is not about being anti-Semitic! This is all about right & wrong. Of course, if any country indulged in such atrocious behavior, they would be universally condemned. There are limits even for the most brutal regimes. Yet for Israel the world turns a blind eye. Small wonder they run roughshod over all of us!



The establishment of the state of Israel –



And finally….. Netanyahu with the truth….. yes I know it’s totally, utterly impossible…..



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