Putin: Is This A Final Goodbye to the New World Order?

This question of whether Putin is all part of this charade has resulted in plenty of arguments with quite a few people. I find myself seriously at odds with Brandon Martinez whose work I admire & often share. Some people, Brandon in particular, are loathed to give Putin any credit. Well, what do you say now pal? The good news for us is how can they justify bringing in laws that are an effront to our democratic rights to protect us from this terrible threat that Russia looks like destroying in a fortnight? Today Marc Berdan asked my opinion about this & I ended up writing this piece for Whatsupic




Cold war my arse!


Of course they will never admit they’re a bunch of liars even though the West once again has been found out. Here’s an article about how the apparent moderate opposition is a myth – 



Russia Claims ISIS Now On The Ropes As Fighters Desert After 60 Airstrikes In 72 Hours



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