Putin PROBABLY had motive to kill Litvinenko! THE UK IS FAST-BECOMING A JOKE!

This is what we’re being told. The key word here is ‘probably’ yet our unbelievably inept Home Secretary, Theresa May stands up in Parliament to point the finger at the Russian government. I’ve said it before – WHY ARE WE GOING OUT OF OUR WAY TO MAKE AN ENEMY OUT OF RUSSIA? I just cannot get over this. They use the word ‘probably’ & then name Putin. I don’t quite know where to start!


Bear in mind we had NO INQUIRY for the 7/7 attacks yet we spend our taxpayer money to ‘inquire’ about this? If it was in the public interests there should have been an open inquest into Litvinenko’s death – not an inquiry held behind closed doors. No evidence has been presented yet note how the bent media & our treacherous politicians use this inquiry to further a hidden Zionist agenda.





Aaaahh the Z word! It didn’t take long. As I’ve said many times, the UK has no interest whatsoever in having Russia as our enemy. So why are we doing this? Moreover, why isn’t the media admonishing or at least questioning Cameron over why he’s adopted such a dangerous stance? It’s because THIS IS WHAT ISRAEL WANTS! Get this into your head. The moment Putin stepped in to help Assad in Sept 2013 I said ‘watch them now throw the kitchen sink at Putin.

Well, only Israel wants all this mayhem in the Middle East; only they want to see the back of Assad; the Oded Yinon plan to take over Syria only applies to Israel; only Zionists have the media in their pocket as well as our lousy politicians! If you can’t see what’s happening here then you really are the dumbest of the dumb! I’ll say it again – Cameron made an enemy out of Russia because Netanyahu told him to! IS THIS EVER GOING TO SINK INTO OUR HEADS SO THAT ONE DAY THE PEOPLE OF THE UK MAKE A FUSS ABOUT THIS?

And speaking of the Zionists, just as with Litvinenko, there were serious murmurings that Polonium was also found in Yasser Arafat’s body. We know only too well the Israelis wanted Arafat out the way for he was the one leader who galvanised Palestinian support. We certainly should be in no doubt Mossad believe it’s their right to assassinate whosoever they want. Well, there was no media furore or inquiry about Arafat’s death & he was one of the most well-known figures on the international stage.




And speaking of inquiries, we’ve long since passed the point where we can safely say the delaying of the Chilcot inquiry has become an absolute farce. It’s so obvious Cameron is behind this yet by saying nothing about the inexplicable hold up, the media continually protect Cameron because they know – if Blair is a war criminal, then so is he! This is a matter of huge public concern, yet an affair which few people in the UK even care about, somehow takes precedence! It’s simply ridiculous.
Finally, if Putin probably had motive to kill Litvinenko, can’t the same be said of half the people in this country about Cameron, or for that matter, most the people on the planet when it comes to Netanyahu? Blair & only Blair HAD motive to kill Dr Kelly & Robin Cook; the Royals HAD motive to kill Princess Diana; the Israelis had motive to kill JFK & there was no ‘probably’ involved in any of them – YET WE NEVER HEAR ABOUT ANY OF THIS!





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