Putin Q & A on RT. Obama’s Legacy – you’ve got to be kidding me!

I listened with interest today to Putin’s Questions & Answers show on RT. Love him or hate him, you’ve got to hand it to this guy. Every month sitting there for 4 hours or so while people all over the country unload. They say what they think & ask what they want! Refreshing……. yet I feel no reason to praise Putin for this. Why? BECAUSE THIS SHOULD BE OBLIGATORY! Politicians are our servants. We pay their goddamn wages! At the very least, the public has to have, indeed must always have the opportunity to grill those entrusted with government. And I’ll tell you something else – if you think I’m wrong on this one, then you really are a blithering idiot!


So set up complete….. now – LOOK AT WHAT WE’RE SERVED UP! In 6 years, with all the skulduggery – Pedophiles, Chilcot, illegal wars, Pig-gate, austerity while the rich rake it in, scandal after scandal….. yet how many questions has Cameron been made to answer? I guarantee it would take me 10 minutes on live TV to end Cameron’s political career & all I’d have to do is ask entirely appropriate questions. What people need to get into their heads is we do not have a media. Masquerading in its place is what can only be described as a weapon. An overstatement? Hardly. In the wrong hands this weapon’s destructive power is so immense it’s capable of paralysing the mind so that one’s thought process is all but nullified. Moreover, this weapon is unique for victims have no idea they’re constantly under attack.


Puppets who do whatever’s asked of them are literally wrapped up in cotton wool! Why? Because the very last thing Cameron represents is us! And I mean it – the very last thing! He’s our enemy but just look at what happens to those whose only wish is to serve the people – they’re hung out to dry. The disgraceful way the media treated Jeremy Corbyn is testament to this. It’s as if he was the one who let the pedophiles off & he’s yet to hold high office. The media is supposed to report news; not express opinion. It’s no different in the US. Obama is never grilled & herein lies the problem. The only reason the likes of Obama & Cameron can get away with telling such lies is because they know they’re never going to be challenged. As a result, we’re fobbed off with spokesmen & women whose only attribute is keeping a straight face when they tell whopper after whopper!


Sadly, some people just won’t have it. Many still believe Putin’s part of the NWO. Having this view 3 years ago may have been valid. Believing it now though requires casting aside evidence which more than suggests otherwise. For some, Putin can do no good even though it’s abundantly clear he’s the only world leader who’s backed up his words regarding the madness of Zio-Western foreign policy with action. Moreover, despite the fact he’s had to suffer Western media & politicians churning out lie after lie, he’s somehow managed to maintain his poise even though the provocation couldn’t have been more severe. All the while, he has displayed sound judgement.




Speaking of Obama, almost 8 years after his stunning, stirring ‘yes we can’ inaugural speech, a few days ago, RT reported on how Obama was concerned about his legacy. Really now? Well, we can start off by saying twice he cheated RON PAUL of the Presidency & he damn well knew it. Listen to him on this phone call. I love the way he refers to ‘they’.
Blatant election fraud put paid to Ron Paul. The support he had up & down the country was unprecedented. I’m convinced, had the Zionists not rigged the election, in 2012 at least, Paul would have won with the biggest landslide in the history of US politics. The voter fraud that took place literally beggared belief. It was so blatant. In the meantime the moron that promised so much but turned out to be the letdown of the century, was worried about his legacy.


There are several reasons we can safely say things are woefully amiss in the West. When that miserable wretch GW quipped ‘those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere’ only for the audience to find it amusing, this was the moment mankind sank to an all-time low. As bad as Obama’s been, I’d never have imagined he’d outdo GW’s cheap, contemptuous jibe. Well, I for one will never forget how Obama felt joking about predator drones befitted a man of his responsibility & position. Bad enough indiscriminately dropping them all over the place, seemingly without a care in the world but to then say ‘I got two words for you – Predator Drones! Disgusting!


Yet I feel Obama’s tenure should be remembered for his treatment of whistle-blowers, notably Bradley Manning. Revealing how the US military was in clear violation of the Geneva Convention wasn’t a knee-jerk reaction. Manning’s conscience finally compelled him to act. But is it not one’s duty to report such crimes? Surely not doing so is the greater crime. One may not be an accomplice but turning a blind eye is as good as condoning murder. Manning followed strict protocol by reporting to his superiors. Only when he realised nothing was being done did he take matters into his own hands.


Thanks to Manning, this video was made available to the public. Systematically mowing down hoards of unarmed Iraqi civilians is not fighting a war. This is cold-blooded mass-murder yet the only one put in the dock was Manning. Bad enough knowing justice & truth didn’t amount to a can of beans, in the 3 years awaiting trial, 11 months of which was spent in solitary, while the media entertained the ludicrous notion he was a traitor who deserved a firing squad, Manning was being brutalised & tortured. This brave soul was jailed for 35 years simply because he told the truth. This happened on your watch Obama. This is your legacy arsehole!


Go Putin Go!




  • Sam

    Hi mike,
    How disgusting, I hope those pilots get gulf war syndrome and their kids get killed by policemen on the streets of their home towns, get back to the x-box you jarhead motherfuckers!
    I share your incredulity that this human turd in a suit is concerned about his legacy – he will be remembered as absolutely the worst president until Hillary Clinton…..

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