Putin says ‘talented’ Trump is ‘absolute front-runner,’ welcomes pledge to work with Russia

I said much the same thing a week or so ago. It will be interesting to see if the media turn against Trump. What I do believe is Putin’s comments have helped Trump much more than his daft comment regarding restricting the flow of Muslims into America.
In the meantime the U.S. public is given CNN! I love the way they spin this – ‘Tuesday’s Republican presidential debate on CNN averaged 18 million viewers, making it the third-most-watched primary debate of all time.’ Somehow I feel it would be far more appropriate to say 93% of Americans think better of having to listen to such garbage? On the surface it appears apathy has reached epidemic proportions for the U.S. voter.
Yet I don’t believe this is the case at all. Most Americans want to be involved but they’ve literally been driven away. Of course the last thing the U.S. media will ever do is highlight the truth – the problem’s hardly apathy. What Americans are crying out for is representation. They want politicians to listen to them! Well we know what they’ve got & that’s why 18 out of 19 Americans are rightfully turning their backs on this shit!
CNN’s job is to make out everything is hunky dory, hence the ludicrous headline & see that candidates are never asked real questions. CNN is very much part of the whole coup as is the entire MSM. America’s democracy has been well & truly hijacked & the Zionists are at the center of it. Dump Israel should be the by-word. Instead candidates trip over themselves in attempt after attempt to give Israel’s ass an even bigger lick!
Not that I recommend listening to the debate but each to their own – 




Three years ago, Americans came out in force for RON PAUL. Romney, Gingrich & Santorum couldn’t give tickets away to their sparsely attended rallies whereas you were lucky if there was standing room to hear what RP had to say. No. I think America’s got to the stage where most people feel their electoral system has been so corrupted they will never get a President they really want.



Having said all this I can understand why Trump is doing so well. People do not see him as the same old bull! My only hope is some of the crazier things he’s saying is merely because he knows it’s what many Americans want to hear. I for one do not believe his actions will emulate his hard-bitten words but who knows anymore? They say one thing & do the exact reverse.



However, when he says he wants to have proper dialogue with Russia this at least sounds promising. Note today how Putin showed his statesmen-like qualities by saying it was not appropriate for him to comment when asked about Trump. He said it was for the American people to decide.


In stark contrast look how Netanyahu couldn’t wait to stick his big mush into it. The way Ted Cruz took Israeli arse-licking into the stratosphere it’s hardly surprising he got the Netanyahu nod. These kind of people never learn. In one fell swoop, Ted Cruz’s chances of becoming President took an almighty dive! Good job too. What a smarmy git!



  • Abubakar Dabo

    All around the nation. People of all color, religious backround have been gathering in both small and large groups at Trump’s and talking since his racist outburst against Muslims. So many seemed quite agitated and gesturing and complaining loudly. Something about a confused not talented Donald Trump. He lacks the experience and intelligence to be president. We will just have to become careful. Sometimes we have to, indeed! His remarks were’ not trivial. Does he really want Muslims to go? I can’t rule out someone said to him it was great to say so. But it was dumb! It’s f….ing bull… That was their script, the Zionists and the far-right. It has been since the debate, started with immigration, gun laws. There are choices every campaign makes – and their choice to attack minorities and seek to divide the country will prove them wrong. That is why I deliberately, refused to comment on the substance of this article. Excuse my choice, please Mr. Aydinian.

    • Trump not really being part of the Capitol Hill scene certainly adds an unknown factor. You’re right – what he said was not good but whether he’s doing it just to be elected, I’m not sure. These are dangerous times. Crazy people right now have all the power. I totally understand your anger though.

  • Believe it or not there is a very significant common factor between Trump and Bill Clinton: they were both educated by Jesuits, who are considered by many to be using Zionism as a false flag to bolster their own endeavors toward world dominion on behalf of the papacy. Do some digging and you will find dozens of government officials who are members of Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Jesuit educated or Freemasons all of whom are sworn to papal geopolitical hegemony.

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