Putin Threatens Israel & Saudi Arabia with Tactical Nuclear Response to Syrian Ground Invasion


Oh to be a fly on the wall. It’s understandable why we don’t get to hear what’s actually said behind closed doors. What I can’t stand is all the bullshit when you see two leaders who you know hate each other, shaking hands & smiling as if they’re best buddies. This I believe is the case with Putin & Netanyahu. The trouble is only certain people get to hear what’s really said & I think this is something that needs to be addressed, especially since among that lot are the media moguls. We’re not even given the scrapes.


So part of my job is to figure out what’s genuine news & what’s misinformation. I don’t often post articles from AWD News because I feel they tend to sensationalise a touch. It’s a shame there’s so much of this about because it’s not easy knowing what’s credible & significantly as a result, whenever there’s a real shocker that could do with going viral, it tends to get lost among the melee. I believe this could well be one such story. Remember, the real news is what we’re not told & much as I’m loathed to say this, the one politician we need to keep tabs on is Netanyahu. He’s the one man who can screw us all!


Putin Threatens Israel & Saudi Arabia with Tactical Nuclear Response to Syrian Ground Invasion –



Typical of the crazy world we live in, paradoxically, whenever Netanyahu is plonked before our eyes, one thing is certain – all you’re going to hear is a well orchestrated tapestry of lies. There are two things you will never hear when Netanyahu’s involved – the truth ie what’s really going on or any kind of news that shows other leaders standing up to Israel’s psychopathic leader. This 2nd link is perfect example of how & why mainstream media clams up. 


Why Netanyahu’s travel to Argentina was cancelled; Reason revealed –


Also, I thought I’d add this story from Press TV which is another perfect example of what the Zionist controlled media will never report. It’s a bit of an eye-opener because the last thing Zionists warmongers want you to know is that several 1000s of Jews live happily in Iran. Moreover, Siamah Moreh Sedgh is an Iranian politician who represents the country’s Jews in Parliament. Just look & see what he says about that steaming sack of shit Netanyahu. 




Finally, I just like to say, I am now convinced Putin has bugger all to do with the New World Order. It would be nice to hear from some of my friends who thought different. I’d like to think a few are now having second thoughts. As for those who still maintain Putin is a crypto-Jew (whatever that’s supposed to be), well, you lot must just love barking up the wrong tree!  


If you’re still unsure about Netanyahu being the one man who will screw us, here’s an old post –  

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