BDS in 2 words? OUR VOICE! The effect a ROGER WATERS, STEPHEN HAWKING or RONALDO provides to the movement in 2 words? IMPETUS & AMMUNITION!

My buddy Paul Stewart mentioned how Portuguese soccer maestro Ronaldo had earned his respect. Damn right. I feel an integral reason the BDS movement has Zionists shitting bricks like never before – “my boy! Where have all the Shekels gone” is down to the fact an ever-increasing number of well known celebrities, super-stars, Mogul emperors, call them what you like, are standing up to be counted. ROGER WATERS, Professor STEPHEN HAWKING & RONALDO are but 3 who’ve thought – screw Mossad’s deluded, divine right to commit cold-blooded murder! Paul initially stated what many feel – footballers are overpaid prima-donnas. So I thought I’d chip in……..


Money not everything

Compared to parasite banksters, fat cats on Wall Street & most CEO’s – soccer players deserve every last tanner! Yet ……. ALL soccer players, indeed most sportsmen & women are diabolically overpaid, especially when you factor in they do what they like. Right. Now my point – the only reason anyone harbors the notion Ronaldo’s a prima-donna is because this is all the Zionist controlled media have. They’d love to find some proper dirt & unload. Trouble is – there isn’t any! He’s as squeaky clean as Fiona Bruce & Mary bloody Nightingale!

In his early days at Man United though, I was a severe critic. Ronaldo time & again incurred my wrath because I felt he was so damn selfish, taking ridiculous pot-shots, on the run from 35 yards! This was no team player. Not any more. Truth is, few players are fouled more & do not for one minute think Ronaldo is up there challenging for Oscars. Most soccer players inadvertently audition for Bafta awards. It’s a joke only because the parasites governing football are not worth a bar of soap! They never do anything even though this problem’s been sticking out like a sore thumb for goodness knows how long. It’s actually embarrassing!

However, not only has Ronaldo become an all-round athlete & as a result proved he’s been one of Real Madrid’s best investments in what’s more often than not been a catastrophic trail of transfer acquisitions that inevitably results in the squandering of mega lumps but along with the fact that unlike many, his desire & hunger is as great as ever regardless of the money he earns but by openly supporting the dreadful plight of the Palestinians, HE’S SHOWN HE’S A MAN! Fair play to you my son.



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