Re my previous post featuring ARUNDHATI ROY

In my previous post featuring Arundhati Roy, an interesting & poignant comment appeared in the group ‘Practical Lawful Dissent’ from David Hands –

“The Corporate revolution will collapse if we refuse to buy what they’re selling………….. he said, on a Corporate built computer, using a Corporate Operating System, via a Corporation owned internet connection.

I admire the sentiment, but think you’ll find it somewhat harder than you imagine to break free.”

Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy

Of course, David is absolutely right. We have dug ourselves into one ginormous hole. Nevertheless, I felt it warranted a response –

Somewhat harder? David, I see the irony & I certainly take your point but please, do not for one minute think I’m not entirely aware of the enormous obstacles we face. I grant you too, I have more than a fair idea of what has to be done to even begin to put things right. We’ve spent a few thousand years getting ourselves into this mess! Thus it’s inconceivable to imagine there isn’t a massive price to pay before we can go forward so that decisions are finally made for the greater good. I’ve written several articles over the years explaining exactly how & why this particular life-form has, almost inevitably, reached the predicament we now find ourselves in. Much of it’s down to our evolution & physiological make up – the fact mankind’s rise to dominance occurred in but a geological hearbeat yet in comparison our DNA altered by just 0.1% every 100,000 years ie at the pace of a snail’s funeral. Yes indeed. Inevitable….. & Nature doesn’t care if we destroy ourselves. There will be no higher order shedding of cosmic tear. Nevertheless, there are rules. I’ll endeavor to dig into the archives.


  • I wholeheartedly agree with Arundati-roy, especially in her reference to the words “her” in her statements.

  • Ann Geeck

    Thought provoking and horses are more highly evolved than H. sapiens. Is there a possibility humankind will evolve? Ever break a horse to lead? The horse decides when the horse will trust a human. I learned from experience, riding bareback is more satisfying for the horse and rider than saddling with an enormous, massive hunk of leather that is strapped to a gentle creature bearing the weight for oats, hay, water and gentle grooming. Keep digging and writing, my 16 year old grandson and possibly some of his friends read most everything I post and write; and, he and friends are receiving an education. Molte, Molte Grazie….

    • traceychen

      well…her words are lovely…so ..does that mean she’s an anarchist for peace like me?…does she understand we are NOT many so long as most still WANT the few ruling?…how do i find her to ask her.

      • Tracey – it’s been a long time. I do hope all is well x

        • Traceychen

          🙂 far from “well”.. But happy when able to speak truth and ask the questions the liars/hypocrites hate and hide from

          • Traceychen

            Darn it I see I don’t know how to use these reply boxes I was asking about that Roy woman

          • You say you’re far from well. What’s wrong? What would you like to know about the Roy woman?

          • Traceychen

            How do I reach her to ask her if she is yet an anarchist? Because when I asked her on a Facebook page I thought was her SHE ran from the question and BLOCKED me…. Statist are violence-attached hypocrites too intellectuals, emotionally and spiritually lazy to emotionally and spiritually lazy to Bing think things through.. If she’s not an anarchist she has nothing to say that is worth hearing.. I’m done with the delusional.. Done with LIARS

          • Hiya Tracey – How you doing? Great to hear from you again. There’s plenty of truth here, that I can guarantee. x

  • Traceychen

    Sorry for typos I’m in the dentist chair

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