Regarding the crash of Russian Flight 7K9268…..

Those of us who’ve been able to see through the blatant lies of our politicians know precisely what’s going on.


1) We knew all along their aim in Syria was regime change.

2) We know ISIS is a CIA/Mossad invention just as Al Qaeda was.

3) We know what ISIS was REALLY doing – destroying all the nations Israel wanted to see destroyed – in total accordance with ODED YINON’S plan to create Greater Israel.

4) We know this because General Wesley Clark revealed the plan was to take out 7 nations, who all just happened to be opposed to Israel.

5) We know the Zionist controlled media has been lying through every orifice regarding ISIS mainly by claiming it was an Islamic Terrorist Group that we were in fact trying to combat.

6) Yet all the while ISIS went from strength to strength. How could this possibly be with all the sophisticated satellite data & the military muscle that was available to US forces? 

7) Just as Assad was about to capitulate he invited the Russians to help him in fighting terrorism.

8) The Russians duly accepted. After all, had they not, the West media would have been quick to accuse Russia of not wanting to fight terrorism. At least the Russians had been invited by the Syrians. The US & UK never had an invitation!

9) Within two weeks of the Russians entering the theatre of operations, ISIS was retreating in every direction.

10) Not only that, this was all being done without the assistance of the very people who were claiming they were fighting this terrible enemy ISIS for over a year. Bizarrely, no assistance whatsoever was offered to the Russians. How can one claim they are fighting terrorism when they refuse to assist the very people who have proved to be most successful at doing the job?

11) Moreover, rather than praise the Russians for successfully routing ISIS, which the media never stopped telling us was the greatest terrorist threat ever, instead they inexplicably poured scorn over the Russian campaign by saying they were attacking non-existent moderate rebels.

12) Therefore, this proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the US & UK weren’t just in cahoots with known terrorists but were actually supplying them with arms & ammunition. 


Now, lo & behold, a Russian plane carrying 240+ people, mainly Russians, crashes in Egypt? Bear in mind, EGYPT LIKE UKRAINE SAW A DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT OVERTHROWN BY THE WEST IN ORDER TO INSTALL A ZIONIST PUPPET! I’m sorry but I don’t like coincidences & the only ones I believe in are ones that are proven beyond any shadow of doubt to be mere coincidences. What worries me is the timing of this is perfect for it to be Zionist retribution to Russia, plain & simple for destroying ISIS, Israel’s band of mercenaries. I can only hope & pray this is a coincidence but already I have my doubts even though the consequences of this being just another deliberate terrorist act by Western governments who are in the pockets of Zionist bankers, are simply too monstrous to even think about! 


Russian passenger aircraft with 220 onboard crashes over Egypt – FULL REPORT


Russian Flight 7K9268


  • sad american

    I agree with the “suspicious” nature of this event. Until the general public starts realizing that we need a more skeptical and cynical way of looking at catastrophic events, the truth will be hidden before our very eyes.
    We are dealing with a pathological and psychopathic Mossad who have been rendering nations incapacitated unless they succumb to the Israeli agenda and control.
    A passenger list would be interesting knowledge for those who know the important people who might have been a target.
    When the U.S. can kill people in hospitals in order to “take out” a target, do you think they care who the innocent victims are as long as they got their man? Not a chance. The same mentality that now rules the U.S. Military and local law enforcement is how Mossad works.

  • Hassanali Kessani

    Not more to say but this catastrophe is the same and similar of Malysian Airlines shot by USA, where Malysian Government knew about it but concealed and this time USSR government also knew, don’t jump on conclusions till truth will definitely emerge! Don’t keep busy in ISIS false flag!

    • THE MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT KNEW ABOUT IT? I deal with solid evidence. Where’s your’s? What earthly reason would the Malaysians keep schtum about something like this especially so soon after flight MH370 disappeared? The only people who can indulge in these heinous acts are the Israelis because they know the entire mainstream media will cover up for them. Only Zionists have this luxury.

  • Linda

    How convenient that it “happens” to crash over Egypt. This has Mossad in big neon letters. Murdering bastards. Every country that piss off Israel gets the same punishment…murder!


    • It is so funny how the Holy Spirit puts thoughts in my head. When Ok bombing happed I knew it was govt. job, 911 happen another govt. job. Waco happen a govt. job and govt started it first with shootings., Ruby Ridge incident govt job and in that incident a woman opened door holding her baby, no gun and she got shot dead our government people is evil very evil. Satan’s masterpiece is America and it is as evil as Israel hell is. Both nations are going to be destroyed. Israel I believe did Russia aircraft it is their workings. Israel did USS liberty and killed our soldiers in 60’s, Israel killed Kennedy’s and Lincoln. The chosen people of Satan in Israel believe in the Samson effect. Their demons from hell. God knows truth and their going to be punished greatly as USA is also.It is a fearsome thing to fall into the hands of a angry God.

    • Scott

      On the money

  • goeorge

    IF YOU BLAME ISRAEL ALL THE ZIONISTS IN THE WORLD WILL COME TO THEIR DEFENSE! Even if they are to blame, it doesnt make any difference, they will lie and cheat as much as possible, they have done it for 2000 years you dont think they are going to stop now?

    • Yes George. I understand what you’re saying but now try to look at it this way. For most of those 2000 years the Internet never existed. This is what has brought us to a head. In a short space of time they are not only trying to find a way to control the Internet but they are also showing out like never before to make criticism of Israel illegal. So you can see where they want to go from here. We cannot allow this. Imagine the worst criminals in history having immunity? WELL THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE ADVOCATING BY NOT NAMING & SHAMING THESE HUMUNGOUS GANGSTERS! In fact the very reason we’re in this mess is because the Zionists always have managed to slip under the radar. The few who spoke out were murdered. Those brave folk had no means to spread the word but we do! The problem is we’ve long since passed the point of no return – some argue it was the JFK assassination; others say it was the attack on the USS Liberty. However, by planning & executing 9/11. there was no going back after that. As you say they will keep lying because they have no alternative for if ever America en masse discover what the Zionists have done to them I find it hard to imagine their fury will be so great they’ll think to hell with the consequences. Therefore the only way forward is to hope Jews & Zionists who are oblivious of the crimes of their leaders realise what the state of affairs is. I don’t blame all the Israeli people but I blame them for voting in that madman Netanyahu. Him & his henchmen are the ones who need exposing.

  • goeorge

    Somebody very important had to be on that plane!!!

    • I don’t think so. This is not a MH370 situation. Well at least if it was one important person surely an assassination, ‘accident’ or another in the long line of dubious suicides would have been a far easier alternative. Wiping out 240 innocent Russians isn’t the way to kill 1 or 2 people.

  • Sam

    Hi Michael, yep, Just Has to be Israel, so close to their border and flying far too high for portable anti aircraft weapons, could only be a bomb on board, air to air missile or ground based patriot, arrow or similar. These bastards had means, motive and opportunity and past record as long as yer arm! So blatant, so evil and safe in the knowledge that the whorish mainstream media will cover their arses! Time for some well thought out revenge I reckon!

    • Exactly right Sam. It is the hallmark of Zionists – cross them, no matter who it is, you will face severe retribution. Everyone who has is either dead or their careers are ruined. However, at least now we will know if Putin is with the NWO which for years I’ve argued with friends. I believe Putin is his own man. I also believe the Russians will find out the truth & they won’t give a rat’s arse as to what the US or UK thinks. If this was Netanyahu’s handywork then he’s going to pay. And let’s face it – ISIS is an Israeli organisation. They were doing a stirling job for Israel – destroying all their enemies? I MEAN HOW CAN ONE DO ANYMORE? Of course one has to draw the obvious conclusion that America was helping ISIS; not destroying them & since none of this is in America’s interests there exists only one explanation – ISIS leaders are in Tel Aviv. Then along comes the Russians to say ‘we’ll show you how to fight ISIS’ & in two weeks have done more to hurt ISIS than the Allies did in a year. Then Netanyahu showed out like never before at the UN. He lashed out at the Palestinians by engineering the recent trouble in Gaza & the West Bank by ordering the execution of unarmed folk…… & then to cap it all. Here. Take this Russia. People better start realising these people are completely crazy & what’s worse they will not stop!

  • Tony Backhouse

    DekaFile reporting that ISIS did this on ISRAEL’s doorstep with an antiquated surface to air missile stolen from Libya is a diversion for the Captured ISRAELi General spilling his guts in Iraq after being caught working for ISIS and the Saudi Prince shipping Captagon in Lebanon is a diversion to pretend that ISIS is a threat to ISRAEL – there isn’t even as much a tree in Sinai where such a rocket launcher could be hidden. Meanwhile AWD reports Erdogan congratulating ISIS for killing Russians.

  • harald meling

    And number 13 sounds :

    Those forces behind IS aka The Criminal Cabal had to counterattack the Russian advances.
    They did so by “putting a bomb” on the plane.
    Which they did not.
    They just say so because that sounds plausible for the Masses fed by always lying MSM.
    Because remotely hijacking the plane still sounds to advanced for even IS.
    As of yet.
    And remote hijacking is what took place.
    By TCC.

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