Remembering Alan Rickman & his pro-Palestinian play about Rachel Corrie, American activist crushed by Israeli bulldozer

It’s about the only thing we have left but small wonder the Zionists want to control the Internet too.


5 years ago the mere notion a computer would take up so much of my time – well, I’d have laid 100/1 odds. My best friend for years urged me to join FB. He knew I liked writing but he also knew FB would be perfect for me but I didn’t want to know. In the end he opened up an account for me in March 2011 but it took me till October to get off the mark. Of course if I hadn’t made an impression I would have quickly lost interest.


However, popularity alone would hardly have been enough. I know it seems difficult to believe but before I joined FB, not only I had no idea of what the Internet actually offered but I was absolutely clueless when it came to computers. I’ve always been able to read between the lines because I know when I’m being told porkies. The detail never bothered me. However, what I didn’t know was THE AMOUNT OF STUFF I DIDN’T KNOW!


This is where the Internet has been a revelation, most especially for those blessed with an ability to rapidly decipher fact from fiction. I didn’t need the Internet to tell me 9/11 was an inside job or that the Palestinians were 100% in the right & that whenever the Israelis said anything they were lying their arse off! But what the Internet did was connect all the dots & then every so often someone would send a link & you’d begin to realise the sheer level of media manipulation.
In short, whatever they don’t want people to hear, they simply don’t include in the news. And we’re not just talking about TV – it’s across the board & it occurs every single day. In the last 6 months for instance, I learned of the Russian 9/11 Tear Drop memorial – this was put up 10 years ago! Recently I was sent a Rik Mayall clip which revealed he was involved in a documentary as a 9/11 Truther. Considering I’ve a deep interest in 9/11 it astonishes me that out of all the 9/11 Truthers I know, very few knew anything about these two stories.


Today I heard of the death of the great actor ALAN RICKMAN. I always felt he along with Gary Oldman & John Malkovich made great baddies! They could all act but when it came to playing the villain….. Often I’ve written tributes for RACHEL CORRIE, the wonderful American activist who was deliberately crushed to death by a scumbag murderer in an Israeli bulldozer. LO & BEHOLD, TODAY I LEARNED RICKMAN EDITED & DIRECTED THE PLAY “My Name Is Rachel Corrie.” I’d never heard of this play!



This is how the Zionists operate. A total blanket boycott on publicity for anything that doesn’t suit. Like little cheats! Bear in mind – all this censorship has occurred while the Internet has been available to us. Therefore, one must never underestimate the power of mainstream media. What we’re not told, believe it or not, is far more crucial than all the lies. Yet, the fact they now want to control the Internet too should alert us all. Just ask yourself two questions – do you trust these bastards & what might they be planning if they are they trying to hide so much? We cannot allow this to happen.
Thanks so much to Simon King for sending me this link. Read how Rickman’s play encountered untold grief.


Rickman Corrie



  • jill

    And I noticed the comments for that article do not appear. No doubt blocked because those matzo ball lunatics don’t want anything showing anti-Israel opinions.
    Facebook bans you in a heartbeat if you comment against the Jew snakes and speak truth. Evidently one click of a complaint and boom……..banned.
    What do you expect from Zuckerface and his mob?

    • No surprise at all Jill. Zionists have to cheat at everything because if they were to operate on a level playing field they’d get slaughtered every time. And the fact they’re virtually always in the wrong means they have no option but to lie & deceive. The problem with this is, they’ve been doing it for so long, most of them now believe their own lies which effectively is a form of madness. I always wonder how we ever got ourselves into this mess. However, Zionists have above all proved one thing – just like cancer, the more we ignore errors & the more we allow liars to flourish, the greater the price we pay. I’ve always said Rothchild Zionism is akin to the most virulent carcinogenic strain rampaging through mankind.

  • Sam

    Hi Michael,
    You’re spot-on about the positive power of the Internet mate, I used to inform myself entirely from the mainstream media and laughably considered myself well informed, knew many things were wrong about the account of 911 etc and found myself disagreeing with much of what the media were saying about everything but never made the jump to realizing they were literally lying about everything! One of the best aspects is the realization that you are not alone and some kind of crazy voice in the wilderness but part of a disparate movement that’s taking shape and will hopefully one day be the end of these evil bastards! It’s also good for confirming how much we all have in common, I was just on Bob Dylan’s Facebook page and the first thing I see is Michael Aydinian also likes this, I thought you might!
    Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you Sam. Yes & wasn’t Malcolm X so right over 50 years ago when he said the media is the most powerful entity on earth. Note too how Zionist bankers own the media who in turn never criticise the gangster banking industry or Israel for that matter. It’s so obvious yet not only people can’t see this but such is media power most people don’t realise the media has control of their brain. I’ve always been of the opinion most folk have no idea that the media are actually the ones who decide when & why we should be angry.
      As for Dylan, I have a special love for great musicians & especially great songwriters. You see they give something & it lasts forever. Think about what bankers & their puppet politicians give to the world. If it was just a big, fat NOTHING we’d actually not be in such a terrible state!

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