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Good to see quite a few comments on this thread though it never ceases to amaze me how any ordinary person cannot see Corbyn cares more for their interests than 100 Cameron’s would! The constant vilification of the Labour leader by the media PROVES HE’S GOOD FOR US! Yet people still actually believe he’s a greater threat to our national security than the man who for no good reason made an enemy out of Russia. When Cameron came to power we were on friendly terms with Russia; now we’re enemies. What brainpower? You only need one functional brain cell to work this out, yet…… the sheep remain resplendent!
Anyway, I answer to almost ever comment made on my website & every so often I end up writing an essay as I did today when I read this comment from Beni Blanco. I’m still waiting to hear if he’s from the Bronx. He wrote –  

It’s natural there would be Neo-Cons still around the Labour party. They got infiltrated when Blair rose from the Ashes. Otherwise why would the so called ‘people paper’ the Sun back him? To be fair it was a great exercise in modern espionage that the Tory managed to get in, like an undercover police officer involved in a sting. They really created another Tory party. What did Ed really do and why was he voted in? Because they knew he couldn’t lead a dog down the road.

And now the joke vote Corbyn got in, Blair suddenly got involved in English politics and it’s not to slam austerity by the Tories but slam the man who is against them. 

I feel for Corbyn. And I hope his resilience is mega strong for he has a long and windy road. But if he does he would go down in history as more important as Mandela. (if the sheep wake up)

Boycott the Sun


Apart from ‘the joke vote got Corbyn in’, there were many things I liked about this comment. I feel he’s on the right track but there were a few holes that I thought I should fill in….. 


Very interesting thoughts Beni & I can relate to everything you say. I would hesitate only to slightly modify a few things, though it’s all mere conjecture. The true power-brokers only got busy with Labour when it looked like the Tories had completely shot their bolt. I do not believe the Tories were smart enough to infiltrate the Labour party or they would even think about doing such a thing. After being in power for so long they had got so fat, they were simply doing what the hell they liked. I believe Labour were all set to win the 92 election & I also believe the Zionist bankers, who run much of the Western world & the entire corporate media, may not have been ready for a Labour government but were, at the time. resigned to accepting one.


Then a week before the election, Labour & that idiot Neil Kinnock counted their chickens in that terrible rally in Sheffield. At the time, though I was not fully aware of what was going on, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’ll never forget Kinnock screaming ALRIGHT 3 TIMES! Now, I’m convinced this rally gave the power-brokers the excuse they needed to rig the election, just enough to give John Major & the Tories a highly dubious win. I don’t believe in 7% swings in a week, especially in favor of a party that had been in power for almost 14 years & everyone was pretty much fed up with!


This bought the power-brokers some desperately needed time. However, soon their worst fears were realised when John Smith became the popular leader of the Labour party & unlike Kinnock, a very electable leader. I’m more than inclined to believe John Smith could not be bought by the Zionists war-mongers who wanted to put into effect the first stages of the Oded Yinon plan to create Greater Israel. This plan was to systematically rid Israel of all it’s enemies & Saddam Hussein was top of the list. This would eventually allow Israel to do what it liked in the Middle East, basically, exactly what we are seeing today! I’m certain John Smith told the war-mongers to go to hell & this cost him his life. If you think back, Smith was full of beans. Suddenly, out of the blue, he was dead – apparent heart attack. Again at the time I thought very little of this. Only when I realised Blair’s foreign policy was the very antithesis of Smith’s did I begin to smell a very large rat.


Significantly the media made nothing of Smith’s sudden death. We heard nothing from his family & before we knew it, the man who would have been Prime Minister was all but forgotten. Moreover the media never once made the comparison or should I say highlighted the outrageous difference a Smith government would have been to the Blair government we got. Add to this the fact Gordon Brown was really the only legitimate successor to Smith. Blair after all was a nobody who’d actually been convicted of performing an improper sexual act in a men’s public toilet in 1983. He was fined £500 but for some reason he was allowed to commit perjury by only giving his middle names in court. The man convicted was Charles Lynton! To this day the media kept this out of the headlines. In short Blair became the perfect Zionist puppet.


Now I don’t need to explain what would have happened had the media done its job. Moreover, who do you think has the power to pervert the course of justice like this? Of course the papers got behind Blair & he sure talked the talk. With the public fed up with over 18 years of the Tories, Blair virtually assumed Presidential powers. Slowly but surely he appointed arse-lickers who would never challenge him. We know what happened to Dr Kelly & Robin Cook! In the meantime Pedophile Greville Janner & others began secretly recruiting Labour MP’s into the Labour Friends of Israel. It may have seemed so but I do not believe any Tory espionage was involved; rather Zionist skulduggery to put the ‘right’ man to lead the labour party. With the papers totally behind Blair, no one rocked the boat.


Ed Miliband was merely used to stop his far more capable brother taking his rightful place as leader. He was the only real choice. A few Union bosses were bribed so that the Union block vote would eventually come out in favor of the little rat Ed. Previously as Foreign Secretary, David had shown out when it was revealed Israel was using UK passports to commit assassinations on foreign soil. When this scandal broke he had every right to be furious with the Israelis. Of course as the great poet Voltaire once said “to know who rules over you, see who you are not allowed to criticise.” Who knows whether David did not adequately convince the all-powerful Jewish lobbies that Israel was the be all & end all. All I know I’d like to bet a king’s ransom this was the case.


Furthermore, the Zionists had been playing their old tricks in the Conservative party. David Davis was all set to become the Tory leader. All of a sudden the entire UK media threw their considerable weight behind another absolute NOBODY – David Cameron. This time I smelt a rat immediately. How could the media know Cameron was any good when he’d never held a ministerial position & the only thing on his CV was a massive silver spoon that had been rammed up his arse! In what was the longest Tory leadership election in history, largely thanks to Zionist Michael Howard’s inexplicable ‘long goodbye’, enough Tory MP’s were bribed & coerced to switch their Davis vote to Cameron. The rest is history.


Once Cameron took power, he did everything the Zionists asked of him….. & I mean everything! I never thought it possible we’d have a PM who could out-lie Tony Blair. Well, Cameron not only tells more lies than Blair but he does so more convincingly! The Zionists knew they had the perfect puppet & even though Cameron continued Blair’s despised foreign policy & lied about every manifesto pledge he made, in 2012 I predicted everything would be done to ensure Cameron was re-elected. Therefore, destroying David Miliband’s career was paramount! Once this problem was overcome, the media never once criticised Cameron, EVEN WHEN HE INEXPLICABLY MADE AN ENEMY OUT OF RUSSIA! I also predicted the media would make out the Lib Dems were to blame for everything & that the media would make out the election was too close to call but in the last minute, Cameron would mysteriously end up with a majority. Once again our election was completely rigged!


I feel for Corbyn too. He’s a good man – one of the very few in Parliament. We badly need him. As you say he will need to be mega strong but until people fully understand what actually goes on behind the scenes & critically who owns the media, any candidate opposed to the Zionist banking war-mongers will never be allowed to get in – PERIOD!



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