RIK MAYALL & the 9/11 Connection

I was sure Rik Mayall was killed but for some reason I immediately assumed it was because of what he may have known working at the BBC for so many years with all those Pedophiles. Since Jill Dando was obviously murdered & many people said it was because she was going to spill the beans regarding the BBC being a haven for Pedophiles & since a few other mysterious high profile deaths had occurred, I thought Mayall perhaps too had stepped on the wrong toes. Then I saw this clip. Thanks to Paul Stewart for sending me it.

It’s obvious 9/11 was an inside job planned by Neo-Con Zionists. The thing is, you can get as many ordinary folk as you like who are aware of this but there’s only so many activists. However, when a well-known comedian actually goes through the process of trying to convince someone something’s badly amiss with the official account & does so with a relatively simple experiment & it’s all on film, then you can be sure this person can do some serious damage because effectively he could be waking up his entire audience. Rik Mayall had a huge following. 
So do I believe skulduggery was involved with the death of this star? I MOST CERTAINLY DO! For starters, the reason given for his untimely death seemed strange, mainly because nothing was made of it. This is what originally aroused my suspicion. Here was a big story yet for the world it seemed as if the media didn’t want to talk about it. Now had Mayall’s death been an accident or a drug overdose I’m certain the media would have milked the story for what it was worth. As I said, at the time, with the pedophile scandal in the news & an inordinate number of mysterious deaths of those working at the BBC, I looked no further. 



Paul Stewart kindly informed me this film is about a group of people who try to open other people’s eyes to what’s going on in the world but they must do their own research and homework without just accepting what they are being told and shown …A bit like what’s actually happening and going on here and now…
ONE BY ONE is an independent production that used largely unknown actors. Rick Mayall apparently said he wanted to do a serious film and he called it his Anthony Hopkins film.
Anyone who works for the BBC knows that in a relatively short period, largely thanks to Blair, the BBC went from being a bastion of world news & an institution we were proud of, to become a totally corrupt Zionist run Pedophile haven & propaganda outlet. It is now obvious the reason why so many of our politicians & judges have dreadful filth in their closet is because Zionists have long since known the best people to have in the upper echelons of power are those desperate never to be exposed. This is why no Pedophiles in Westminster have ever been charged let alone jailed, even though there exists multiple sworn affidavits citing each & every one to be a child molester or sexual pervert. 
There’s no doubt in my mind too that 9/11 was a Zionist operation, specifically for the purpose of creating exactly the climate we have today. Why do I say this? Because the BBC itself inexplicably provided the most damning evidence – they reported WTC7 had collapsed while the building stood perfectly upright over the reporter’s left shoulder. Anyone can make a mistake but WHEN THAT VERY SAME BUILDING COLLAPSED 22 MINUTES LATER? The BBC has continued lying to this very day. Only the people at the top, the self-confessed Zionists, the Pedophile protectors have the muscle to do this & considering the media has never made an issue out of the WTC7 fiasco, one literally has to be brain-dead not to realise we’re being told a pack of lies.
With Mayall, the real mass-murderers were in all likelihood faced with a dilemma. They knew they had the power to impose a complete news blackout on this film. Well, this is the first I’ve heard of it! The dilemma of murdering yet another high profile figure who believed 9/11 was an inside job (there’s only so many they can do) is counteracted by the fact they control the media. Crucially the media will NEVER mention the 9/11 connection even though it sticks out like a sore thumb. Small wonder the story is then put to bed in double quick time. However, the reason Mayall was probably singled out is because the one thing the true conspirators cannot afford is to have celebrity after celebrity following suit. I believe Mayall’s death served as a chilling message to his colleagues in the industry. 


  • tami

    HOLY CRAP!!! This video.coincides with the videos i have been watching about the illuminati and how they have control over here over the powers that be and celebs. Its believed they are the reason Robin Williams died. Having watched this video and knowing Rik was keepimg up with the events over here this makes PERFECT sense.

    • Absolutely right Tami. As I said in my last reply, once one arrives at the obvious conclusion 9/11 was a Zionist operation & the fact the Rothschilds control so much & the Illuminati is their baby, it’s not difficult seeing how certain well-known people mysteriously ‘die’. I believe this is done more to deter other celebrities from speaking out. Whether this happened to Robin Williams too I don’t know but one only has to look at the amount of premature deaths among those who are brave enough to speak out as opposed to the brainless & those who are chicken shit scared & one will see a major discrepancy.

      • tami

        Ok Fizzy elbow, if he died of a heart attack then explain to me why his WIFE was quoted as saying there was nothing wrong with his heart at all. Im convinced he was murdered like the above article states. And dont forget his quote “you have to be black or gay to work at the bbc”. He was about to expose what they really were and they shut him up.

        • I agree with you. I feel he was murdered.

        • Bubooska

          Although I can’t really go along with the 9/11 theory to Rik’s death I do think he was about to blow open the whole BBC/Paedophile situation. I also think Stephen Fry was aware of this and this is why he bolted from the play he was doing with Rik. As stated by the Guardian at the time:

          ” “One thing for sure is that Fry managed a decent breakfast after his walk out. He was spotted on Wednesday’s 8.45am Ramsgate to Dunkirk ferry, tackling a traditional fry up while wearing a beige suit and glasses and reading a paperback.”

          Yet he was reported to be having panic attacks and was depressed. Stephen Fry has also been linked to Tory parties where underage boys were present.

          The fact that one of our best loved comedians died and the media coverage was woeful should be a red flag to a lot of people.

          • Thanks for that. Some great information there. Like you so rightly say the media coverage was a joke. Whether 9/11 or the pedophile issue was the cause I’m convinced this was yet another Zionist assassination.

          • mickeymouse

            The clue is in the recorded time of death, 13:19 which is 1:19 which is 9/11.

  • nigel mellows

    Not over convinced Rik Mayall death was set up in anyway , however of course 9 11 was even my cat can tell that they were controlled explosions and here we are today and it going to get worse ! For us who wear the glasses of truth and see through the mire of lies and BRAINWASHING interesting times .

    • blizzard

      I read that he had been to hospital for a ‘check up’ some weeks before.

    • If the truth came out about 9/11 it amounts to Nuremberg style trials. The way I look at it is there are a lot of very powerful people who will do ANYTHING to see that doesn’t happen. The last thing they need are well-known people speaking out. While I’d bet my life 9/11 was an inside job, I wouldn’t like to do saying Mayall’s death was murder but to not consider this a possibility is sheer folly. The media’s reaction alone spoke volumes. Mayall was a big star but his death came & went without so much as a by-your-leave. With all these people dropping dead at the BBC, I can’t believe how more people don’t question what’s going on.

      • Human Scum

        The Nurnberg trials were a farce of Zionist lies over the vanquished. Nearly everything brought forward has since been revealed as nonsense. One particular aspect needs protecting by laws as it cannot stand up to scrutiny. But it is the back-bone of your post-war Zionist cesspit and it must never be openly challenged. It gave the victors the moral high ground which justified the ‘real’ atrocities of the war, atrocities which have been ongoing, the world over, ever since. What happened on Sept 11th is the tip of the iceberg concerning the Zionist run West’s corruption and evil.

        • Absolutely right – that why yesterday I spent more time on the HISTORY OF THE ROTHSCHILDS which everyone really needs to read to see the sheer level of lies we’ve been told. Now I know what John Lennon meant when he said “nothing is real!”

        • Phyllis

          I agree 100%. After researching the people behind the Zionist movement and the race of frauds of a religion, the evidence is monumental. Their history is a horrible and atrocious mess of power and control with money, the one thing they have more than anyone else. They got control of the money of the USA IN 1913 AND the U.S. has been their slave state ever since.

    • Lesley

      I’m not convinced that it’s Rik Mayall pictured here.

      • Well, there you have it. You’re talking about what I read & what everyone else reads, when it’s abundantly clear you need to see an optician sharpish!

        • Geraldine

          That was uncalled for Lesleh. Why bother commenting.

          • Geraldine, first off, check your spelling – uncalled for to spell Lesley’s name wrong! My view on all this is that it’s scaremongering and picking up bits of information for titillating purposes. I don’t believe Mayall was murdered for this – are the other actors/director/naughty writer still alive? And as for the reporter telling the world a still standing building had already collapsed – where’s that footage? If you can publish that I might just start believing – never heard of that little nugget before. All this illuminati “anti-Zionist” stuff is, in my opinion, made up by jealous anti-Semitics – remember the Esther Rantzen rumours put around a few years ago about her child-murdering orgies at her farm? Jews have a habit of bouncing back and making money – and ordinary Joe doesn’t like it. Now let’s see if my view makes it to this page because it certainly doesn’t fit in with the rest of you 🙂

          • Homo-Erectus

            Nikki Blunn, The footage of reporters reporting on WTC-7 before it had fallen is readily available and has been for years, Why don’t you go and research it? Also, Jews are not Semites, the Palestinians who are being butchered on a daily basis are the real Semites. I understand the Palestinians don’t count in the ‘anti-Semite’ mantra though, as they don’t run the media and Israel wants Jerusalem as its capital. So, we’ll keep our lips sealed hey?

          • Exactly. Thank you Homo Erectus

      • Go watch the film and see the frame it is, you incredibly thick brained person

          • Jacques de Rohan-Cabot

            There are some people replying here of whom I get the impression that if you shook them, and they need shaking, the jingleing coing in their pockets I am sure be Shekels.

            People seem to think RM being murdered is far fetched, but what of John Smith, murdered to make way for Blair, with the family of JS quickly and silently slipping away into silence. And the Dr, the arms inspector, who said there were no WMD, murdered, and the Labour MO, be critic of Blair and Iraq, out walking in Wales/Scotland, heart attack, girl friend with him ag the time, said to be an MI5 operative, slipped away and silent ever since. Like RM, big stories these were too, but quickly forgotten and nevver mentioned again.

      • Bob Mizer

        watch the video you idiot

      • Tami

        Ummmm… WHAT?!

  • Khaled Azzam

    Drop dead Fred! Rip good man.

  • tim iacono

    More and more celebrities are speaking out. There needs to be a flood of prominent faces singing the same song for there to be a possibility of real change. But it musn’t stop there. So many different groups could together have a huge impact on public consciousness. I believe that if 9/11 is reinvestigated, and this time conducted professionally, it could cause the Zionists’ whole pack of cards to come tumbling down. Then perhaps there might quickly follow the type of investigations that are bringing soccers governing body FIFA to its knees as their corrupt senior officials are unceremoniously sacked from their cushy jobs and straight into the clutches of motivated and intollerant investigators.

  • Barton Reyes

    You guys are aware that this is Rik Mayall acting, right?

  • phoenix

    Look… I am going to be very, very straight…

    9/11 an inside job? Yes… For sure… Rik Mayall murdered for knowing too much… WHAT!?

    Rik was not one of a small group of people who could see the truth, as a king of comedy and working with the best satirical minds of the decades – he has been pushing the truth for years…

    The BBC and whoever else is involved could NOT just dispose of Rik…

    What about Ben Elton, Richard Curtis, Alexi Sayle, Ade Edmondson, Rowen Atkinson, Meera Syall (She ain’t been quiet about her thoughts on the BEEB)… Many many more in comedy, politics, news…

    Whoever wrote this opinion piece has done NO REAL RESEARCH or there would be a former BBC Employee Genocide!!!!

    • Thank you Phoenix. I am going to be very straight too. The point you’ve made has shifted the emphasis strictly onto the BBC. I never said the BBC are the ones who decide whether someone has over-stepped the mark or not & frankly for you to criticise me so readily by assuming I have not done any research is really unfair. Everything else you’ve said I can go along with – there are other people who could have been targeted. However, I’ve yet to hear any of the people you’ve mentioned ever say anything about 9/11. Now I’m going to put my point another way –
      If you’ve done your research you would know at the UN David Cameron said these very words of 9/11 truthers – I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO ERADICATE THEM!” I didn’t say this; CAMERON DID! And bear in mind, the next day NOT ONE NEWSPAPER ADMONISHED CAMERON for effectively saying we had to believe the garbage we were told or else! So how dare anyone tell me I’m out of order by suggesting Rik Mayall could have been targeted when our piece of shit Prime Minister says this! I can see there are a lot of people out there that think they’re clued up when the reality is the LAST thing we should be doing is trusting anything the media says.

    • Also for someone who stipulates the essence of research I never said Mayall was murdered because he knew too much. However making a documentary about how people should think for themselves about 9/11 rather than believe the garbage the media comes out with most definitely would incur the wrath of the true conspirators. Bear in mind, after committing such a heinous crimes which has resulted in death of over 2 million people, another death here or there isn’t going to worry them. These are the protectors of Pedophiles who’ll happily send a chilling message to all of Mayall’s colleagues.

  • Clare Sherman

    WTC7 was clearly ON VIDEO behind the reporter’s shoulder, ffs. This is the problem with conspiracy theories- they may start with a nugget of truth, but then people try to link everything to that theory and end up looking ridiculous.

    • So Clare Sherman you saying WTC7 never fell? Duh??

      Because if you are not then your comment contains nothing that either makes sense or contains substance. Another big DUH!

    • Christine Standing

      Clare Sherman – you are aware that WTC7 fell moments later, are you? It fell in on itself just as it would do in a controlled explosion; just like the others.

      • Thank you Christine though I’m not holding my breath on whether Clare decides to do some real research & discover the truth about WTC7.

      • Human Scum

        One aspect always overlooked in regard to WTC-7 and that is the fact that the filth at the BBC not only knew it was going to come down, but they also knew, in advance, exactly why. If you listen to Martin Lewis at the time he not only told the world it was coming down, he also told them why; moments later the feed went dead. He was reading a prepared script.

        • Yes I heard everyone had prepared scripts. We all saw controlled demolitions & only two reporters, Dan Rather & Peter Jennings said they looked like controlled demolitions. Everyone else read their scripts & of course the Zionists were plotted up at every single news outlet to pile the blame on Bin Laden an hour after the attacks! Not one person asked – HOW THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU KNOW WHO DID IT?

    • Jacques de Rohan-Cabot

      Now was that worth 30 pieces of Shekels.

  • Adam

    I can see the fnords!

  • Clare Sherman

    Of course I’m aware that WTC7 fell. I am also aware that the reporter was standing in front of a blue screen showing rolling recorded footage, and not a window, which you all seem to think.

    • Clare – could you actually explain what you’re trying to say?

      • Michael it’s obvious what Clare is trying to say, even a blonde like me can understand it.

        • I’m sorry Nikki but you are wrong! You don’t even know about WTC7. Therefore, you are not even qualified to talk but then having read the typical nonsense about anti-Semitism, it is patently obvious you are just one of the many people who’ve been brainwashed. As Mark Twain so rightly said “it’s a whole lot easier fooling someone than telling them they’ve been fooled.” I don’t even know why I’m saying this – perhaps it’s in a forlorn hope that you may read my last post about the history of the Rothschild’s. If you did so with an open mind you may one day realise how mistaken you’ve been. At around the beginning of the last century Jacob Schiff founded the ADL & he coined the phrase ‘anti-Semitism’ for the sole purpose of attacking those who justifiably criticised the underhand dealings of these Zionist bankers.

    • Human Scum

      There was more than one channel that reported the collapse live, not just the peadophile ridden BBC. It was a live feed, not rolling footage, you propagator of deceit. Even the Peado BBC have never denied that. If it was pre-recorded, rolling footage the feed wouldn’t have been lost during the telecast would it? The newscaster, Martin Lewis, in an interview years later initially said “I wasn’t at work that day, I was at the theatre.” He was then enlightened and had to back-track. Slimey scum the whole lot of them; accomplices to mass murder.

  • Nick Langley

    Claire, I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories, in fact, by and large they’re ridiculous. However, 9/11 is problematic to say the least, particularly this issue of the BBC and WTC7. Are you aware of the gentleman who refused to pay his television licence? He claimed that the BBC, in reporting the collapse of WTC7 22 minutes prior to the event meant that they MUST have had insider knowledge. Given that both the US and UK governments insisted that this was a terrorist attack, the BBC must have been working with the perpetrators in order to have know in advance. It followed, he argued, that given that the BBC were working with terrorists that paying his licence would be funding terrorism. It went all the way to the High Court and he won! The BBC were afforded every opportunity to explain this erroneous situation but we’re unable to do so and lost the case!

    • Nick – thank you for your comment. I was actually at that court case & you described it as well as I could have yet in same breath I’m not entirely sure if you’re saying the official account stood up to scrutiny? You’re first two sentences would have me believe that this is the case. And let me make one thing absolutely clear there are those who believe in conspiracy theories & there are others who through detailed examination & research discover that they’ve been told a pack of lies. I, however, am fully aware of the laws of physics & I also am in full control of what my eyes see. Firstly, whichever way you cut it, Kerosene plane fuel cannot compromise Grade A steel. Society’s laws can be violated – the laws of physics cannot! Secondly, I know what controlled demolitions look like & three of them occurred on the day of 9/11.

  • Jan T

    Seen on YouTube a few yes ago a vid posted by a guy who helped place the explosives in the towers. He was I disguised. I bet it has been taken down by now.

  • Alan

    I a,m truly shocked as to how much bullshit people can think and write down….apart from the acting being awful and I was waiting for a punchline, to compare Jenga to a building made of a thousand different elements is wholly ridiculous. So three hundred demolition guys came in overnight without being seen and planted an array of explosives in such away that it fell perfectly….twice…..and without being seen and they all have kept their mouths shut with not one leak…..ffs go and do something serious in your life….you really have to realise how stupid you all sound

    • They were seen you blithering idiot! You have the gall to label people who are infinitely smarter than you stupid because you’re too dumb to realise fire cannot do this to steel structures. The laws of Physics cannot be defied you imbecile.

    • NilTox

      Hmmm. What about the “Israeli Artists” who occupied the 91st floor for months and had full access to the service areas. Oh, and the boxes of thousands of BB18 “fuses units” which: “Purpose is to save space and workload in a complicated wiring situation. Decreases wiring terminations, small footprint reduces space requirements, reduces assembly time, prevents accidental finger exposure, quick and safe method of changing fuse holder configurations, allows for future expansion, improves troubleshooting, eliminates power distribution block.”. They arrogantly published photos of themselves with the ‘boxes’ in their own book. Do a bit of research.

      • Thank you NilTox. Of course if we didn’t bother to do any research like those who have the gall to call others stupid, we wouldn’t know about the inexplicable ‘power-downs’ they had at the Towers two weeks before 9/11. Look up SCOTT FORBES who testified before the 9/11 Commission. No surprise his testimony was not included in the final report. And then there was the virtual admission of guilt by owner of the Towers & WTC7 who actually said of WTC7 “THERE HAD BEEN SUCH TERRIBLE LOSS OF LIFE, WE MADE THE DECISION TO ‘PULL’ THE BUILDING!” There is only one meaning for the term PULL when referring to a building – it’s a controlled demolition term/. ONLY BRAINLESS MORONIC TWATS DON’T KNOW THAT ALAN!

    • poeme1527

      George Bush’s brother’s company had the security contract for the World Trade center complex. The week prior to 911 they were very busy after hours.

  • NilTox

    When the CIA “invented” the term “Conspiracy Theory[ist]” in 1967, they issued guidelines for for agents and the compliant media on how to deal with people questioning ‘events’, how many do we see and hear regularly?

    Summarizing the tactics which the CIA dispatch recommended:

    Claim that it would be impossible for so many people would keep quiet about such a big conspiracy
    Have people friendly to the CIA attack the claims, and point back to “official” reports
    Claim that eyewitness testimony is unreliable
    Claim that this is all old news, as “no significant new evidence has emerged”
    Ignore conspiracy claims unless discussion about them is already too active
    Claim that it’s irresponsible to speculate
    Accuse theorists of being wedded to and infatuated with their theories
    Accuse theorists of being politically motivated
    Accuse theorists of having financial interests in promoting conspiracy theories
    In other words, the CIA’s clandestine services unit created the arguments for attacking conspiracy theories as unreliable in the 1960s as part of its psychological warfare operations.

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  • Johnston

    I’m in possession of his written expose titled;- Kevin Turvey, undercover at the BBC.

  • Steve

    I do find it odd that when Rik Mayall died their was zero fanfare. Absolutely nothing no Rik Mayall night, no comedy connection Rik Mayall special. No young ones no New statesman repeats. Literally zero acknowledgement of his life or work. A quick mention on the news and that was it. That in itself is conspicuous by its absence. You can guarantee that when Dawn French or Lenny Henry for example die their will be show after show celebrating their life and careers.
    I don’t think this is conclusive proof he was whacked but quite suspicious. I read somewhere he was about to blow the whistle on operation yewtree and I think that is more likely he was about to implicate some very rich and powerful Peedos.
    I don’t doubt for a second 9/11 was a inside job. If you watch Fahrenheit 911 it clearly explains the how and why.
    People are so stupid really like Rik says in the video it’s simple physics and mathematics. Something hit from the side topples to the side simples.

  • Lor

    Always felt his death was suspicious he even said in an interview his job he felt was to take down the people in power and politicians?
    Talking of strange deaths within those that worked for the BEEB what really happened to Emma Chambers I wonder?
    Always felt that was odd.

    I have at long last got hold of “one by one” on DVD.
    Thank you for people like you “Michael” most people (Sheeple) I know think I’m crazy.
    Rather be crazy than deluded.
    R.I.P Rik 😔

    • That’s right Lor. In fact if one makes a list of all those in the public eye who’ve died prematurely, one thing remains unequivocal – the vast majority spoke out on a particularly topic that you could say was the most thorny subject for the establishment ie WAR, 9/11 & PEDOPHILIA! John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, George Michael, Jill Dando, John Smith, the Labor leader before Blair who would never have invaded Iraq, Robin Cook, Dr. David Kelly & of course JFK & his brother. Emma Chambers I don’t know enough about but if she was ‘controversial’, meaning SHE HAD A CONSCIENCE, then the chances are, like Rik Mayall, she could well have been silenced. All those I mentioned & many, many more were obviously killed. Idiots label people like me conspiracy nutters. These people are completely brainless because they fail to consider the laws of probability which state it’s nigh on impossible for all these people to have a common denominator that sticks out like a sore thumb – they all ruffled establishment feathers, only for people to say this is mere coincidence. Moreover, when one thinks of how many peace campaigners have suffered premature deaths, it’s more than eye-opening how not one war-monger ever suffers the same fate!

      • joy yell

        thats not a conspiracy Michael .. that’s life .. only the good die young .. it hurts to care and have a conscience .. reptiles evolved first and will outlive the rest of us … they are smart and focussed on survival .. and they have to eat a lot of other animals to keep going :/

  • Jim

    I wear women’s underwear

  • Joe Bloggs

    What I found interesting about this is Rik Mayall was probably worth a lot of money especially if you wanted to hire him for a movie but this movie was made on a paltry £30,000 budget yet Rik did it anyway! Then when it released in January 2014 he died in June 2014.

    If you check IMDB you can see it listed with an 8/10 but not a single user review. The same is true of the 70s movie that basically exposed the workings of a secret society called the Brotherhood of the Bell. Try typing that into IMDB and even if you type the whole thing it will still not appear in the search until you ask to see the entire list!

    Even though this was Riks last movie no mainstream media reported anything about it and those that did were very few and far between and all were ridiculing it (watch Brotherhood of the Bell to see how that works).

    Is it possible Rik knew what was coming and decided to make a movie to warn people before he died? That part is mere speculation but if you watched One By One he calls out various names including Prince Charles. Dangerous thing to do unless you knew your time was limited anyway.

    Anyway more people need to see this movie.

  • mark

    The hughly deceitfull one by one film actually pushes the celestine prophecy, a highly deceitfull occult new age primer

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