Robert David Steele: Shocking on what Trump is about to do

To say I’m confused is somewhat of an understatement. To an extent, the predicament I find myself in is largely down to the undeniable, sad fact the world is in a proper mess. Last week I thought we were edging ever closer to WW III. Now, amid reports that Trump is not too pleased with his two crazy go-to guys, Bolton & Pompeo, it looks like the Sabre-rattling with Iran could be heading to a similar outcome as Venezuela. Hopefully this is the case.

Still how can one not be confused? Before he was elected Trump openly stated the war in Iraq was an unmitigated disaster yet felt the nuclear deal Obama & the Iranians finally ratified, which averted the prospect of a far more serious conflict, was a bad deal. Sure enough, as soon as Trump entered the White House, the man who said ‘these wars have been terrible for America’, in one fell swoop brought the likelihood of a horrendous war with Iran back on the agenda.

Of course, we all know why this is happening? I’m convinced if Trump didn’t have the ungodly curse of Netanyahu & the dual national Ionisers perpetually on his back, he would have been free to usher in a whole wave of measures that could have radically altered life for Americans & the world as a whole. Only blithering idiots don’t accept that today the utter turmoil, all the wars, sanctions, a biased media that lies incessantly, is down to the Zio-Rothschild goal to create a New World Order.

Now while I have nothing but admiration for ex CIA officer turned activist Robert David Steele, I find it difficult to share the incredible optimism he exudes in this interview (43.41). I so wish he’s right but for the world it more than seems Trump’s caved in to the Ionisers just as Obama did. Either that or they both deserve Oscars. I find it hard to believe Trump is merely throwing Netanyahu the odd carrot. What gives me just a little hope? Steele knows infinitely more than I do. He’s right there in the thick of it.

So I started listening to the interview & it’s interesting because it deals with stuff that normally we don’t hear about, revolutionary ideas that could transform America. However, it was on the half hour mark where suddenly I felt the tingle down the spine shot – Steele effectively pointed the proverbial finger at the crux of the problem – THE IONISERS! It was beautiful listening to his words, especially since the past two months or so it has been nothing but doom & gloom.

Thanks to Joseph Turcotte for sending me this interview. It’s well worth watching all the way through.


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