Roy – not of the Rovers

Look, I’ll sing England’s praises or anyone’s for that matter if I feel it’s deserved but quite why we still have Great in front of Britain is a moot point. A few days ago I may have raised a few eyebrows when I stated we were at the forefront of aviation technology in the 60’s with both commercial & military aircraft. Yesterday I learned an equally eye-opening fact – which country do you suppose has won the most Nobel prizes per capita per person? Only a nation of 330,000 people – Iceland.


No surprise therefore, they were the only ones who refused to bail out the banks & then almost as if to show the world logical thinking simply has to prevail, they were the only ones to jail these mega fraudsters.




Who knows what disaster may befall Iceland. Every high-ranking official knows Zionist retribution is a cast-iron guarantee to anyone who so much as farts in their direction. However, since behind the scenes scheming is now second nature to these vipers, they’ve become master tacticians. Perhaps Iceland escaped Zionist wrath because it was rightly felt retribution would have shone like a beacon & thus could well have caused more trouble than it was worth. Letting them get on with it was the right move. The fact only Iceland emerged unscathed from the 2008 financial meltdown was neither here nor there. The media imposed a blanket boycott on what should have been front page news. They’re good at that!




What a nation….. & you can be sure, all their Nobel prize winners were worthy recipients but Icelanders also showed not only are they smart; they’re tough too as England discovered last night in the Euro soccer tournament. Since they have balls enough to tell the Rothschild’s to get on their bike, I was in no doubt – contrary to what the odds suggested – an easy England victory, 4 days ago I said & I quote…….
“England’s tame draw against Slovakia leaves Wales top of the group. As a result Wales will have the luxury of playing either Albania, North Ireland or some other no-hoper, teams that England would have been 10’s on to beat, whereas England now will have to play either Portugal, Hungary or Iceland, ALL TEAMS WE’RE CAPABLE OF LOSING TO!”
It was painful, pathetic yet typical. Bloody Iceland eh? Pleased as punch for them but nevertheless, the Great remains in front of Britain. But then, when you have war-mongers, pedophile protectors & traitors running the show, the last thing anyone should expect is excellence.


So would I have done anything different to Roy Hodgson? Don’t get me wrong. Roy is a truly wonderful man. There’s not a nasty atom in his body but did I ever believe he qualified even as a contender to be England’s manager? No. I’m sorry….. but picking yes men to do a job that demands the very best is symptomatic of why the entire planet is in the khazi. It goes without saying – if you have the wrong people in power, it is inevitable they’ll make poor decisions. The very fact they are the wrong people exacerbates the dilemma for their decisions will, first & foremost, ensure their status as governors can never be challenged. Doing a good job is of secondary importance.


I don’t even follow football yet I am in no doubt whatsoever. In fact I’ve been saying this for 35 years – had I been in control, the England football team would have achieved infinitely more. The terrible truth is, our record in major tournaments is so utterly embarrassing, it’s difficult to imagine how we could do any worse! As much as the press piles on the pressure, I feel Hodgson was simply not up to the job.
So what would I do? Perhaps it’s more appropriate to ask what do I think? I actually believe Troy Deeley, Watford’s inspirational leader of my local team would have done a better job up front & I’M NOT JOKING! He has heart. He’ll never throw the towel in. But our biggest errors, as per usual were –
1) not recognising who our in form players are 
2) not recognising who our out of form players are 
3) & finally, being tactically clueless
I would have not only taken 4 players that weren’t included in the squad – I WOULD HAVE PLAYED EACH & EVERY ONE – DANNY DRINKWATER, ANDY CARROLL, THEO WALCOTT & the worst omission of all, ANDROS TOWNSEND.
Drinkwater held the Leicester team together for the whole season. I still can’t believe they won the league yet Hodgson for some reason preferred DIER who wouldn’t even make my squad. Dier, along with most of our players, was useless!
Carroll had hit top form for West Ham. Anyone with half a brain could see he was chomping at the bit. Harry Kane had a great season but looked positively parched. Kane & Vardy though had both earned their place whereas Stering & Sturridge hadn’t. Carroll significantly offered the one thing we seriously lacked – OPTIONS. His air power alone could have been crucial as could have Walcott’s blistering pace. Therefore Walcott should have taken Sterling’s place & I’d have had Carroll instead of Sturridge.
However, even those drinking 10 pints of lager a day could have seen Andros Townsend was back to his best. I’m convinced – had he joined Newcastle 6 weeks, maybe even a month earlier, they’d still be in the Premiership! What amazes me more than anything is Townsend was Hodgson’s go-to guy….. & RIGHTLY SO! He was an integral reason we qualified for the 2014 World Cup. Moreover, his injury & consequent exclusion from participation in this tournament I believe was the only legitimate excuse Hodgson had for England’s horrendous campaign in Brazil.


Now this is the kicker. Townsend, Wiltshire & Sturridge suffered serious injuries which resulted in them being sidelined for most of last season. By the time Townsend was fit & ready to go, his team Tottenham was making the sparks fly. Though he’d have flown into the side if I was the manager, understandably he was no longer an automatic choice. Then an argument with the Spurs No. 2 saw him being transferred to Newcastle who were languishing at the bottom of the league. The impact he had was dramatic. Immediately, Newcastle looked a different side.


At around the same time Wiltshire, who I think is a brilliant player, returned to the Arsenal side while Sturridge was available for selection at Liverpool. While the managers of Arsenal & Liverpool were delighted to have them back, the difference they made was negligible. Both teams were flush with quality players. The scenario for Townsend was altogether different. Newcastle was on the floor & were virtually relegation certainties. Townsend provided the spark that nearly saved them. The Geordies don’t have to worry – they’ll bounce back like a super-ball!


What does my head in, I gave up gambling almost 10 years ago. I used to be a soccer nut. I still watch Match of the Day but that’s it! Yet, how can people not see Townsend was absolutely buzzing? And note I did not say Hodgson. I said people…… Remember what I said the other day too –
“Naturally, to keep the peace, all the pencil pushers in the BBC & ITV who get paid £5000 a day to give their bullshit ‘expert’ opinion say the manager did great effecting changes! No one ever says……… YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU GREAT BIG, BLITHERING IDIOT!


Well correct me if I’m wrong but not one panelist on both the BBC & ITV said a Dickie bird about the disgraceful exclusion of Andros Townsend. This is what cost us. How could he not be in the team let alone the squad? I’m convinced he’d have made all the difference. Had he played in the group games England would have won all 3 matches & other teams would have feared us.


Roy not of the Rovers – 


Oh dear

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