RT: The UK suddenly feels sorry for spies while the US is just gagging to add Syria to the list of nations Israel wants destroyed

When Israel commits targeted assassinations, media & politicians alike not only unconditionally accept Israel’s pathetic explanation but they fall over themselves to say Israel has the right! OH BUT WHEN RUSSIA ALLEGEDLY ASSASSINATES A SPY & THEREFORE SOMEONE WHO’S COMMITTED TREASON, AN OFFENCE PUNISHABLE BY DEATH BY OUR LAWS…. all hell breaks loose. Anyone would think the West gives spies 5 star treatment! No. We torture them. Oh but when we’re caught with our pants down & shown to be in open violation of the Geneva Convention with a catalogue of war crimes & torture, all of a sudden the media goes into clam up mode!


One can no longer refer to this as chronic double standards because the absolute piss is being taken out of us! Sure enough, as per usual, you could have a ton of Swiss cheese with less holes in it than the official account! Why would Putin want to whack this guy? If they wanted him that bad they could have ironed him out while he was in a Russian jail. And then there’s the ridiculous manner in which this ‘hit’ was carried out. I can’t believe the media is trying this on – so we’re back to the days of Georgi Markov when the KGB utilised umbrella guns with poisoned pellets to rid themselves of agitators? Do me a favour. That was over 40 years ago! Poison my arse! It’s so obvious this guy was taken out, most probably on the orders of Mossad ie the Rothschilds, in order for the media to be able to stage this particular soap opera. 


I guarantee you one thing – if the media was independent, it wouldn’t just be shock/horror at the very thought of Russia, America & the UK locking horns militarily – THERE WOULD BE PANDEMONIA! The media would be going to town on Theresa May, her party & indeed any MP who has been hell bent on seeking to further alienate Russia. From day one the media would demand –


WHERE’S YOUR EVIDENCE & don’t give us all that in the interests of national security bollocks &



– and then when it’s patently obvious it’s merely being fobbed off by a bunch of treacherous toe-rags who deserve nothing less than a firing squad, the media would dig its heels in justifiably stating – ‘since the West’s claims against Russia are flimsy to say the very least & since there’s nothing to gain & everything to lose, the only conclusion one can draw is our politicians have to be in the pockets of warmongering lunatics who are hell bent on establishing a New World Order.’


This being the case, no doubt the direct consequence of the media doing its job would inevitably result in such public fury Theresa May would find herself under intolerable pressure. Almost immediately this outrageous demonising of Russia would be brought to a halt. May would have to resign & then hope & pray charges of Treason aren’t levelled against her. Since she is needlessly endangering all our lives – THEY SHE BLOODY WELL SHOULD BE BROUGHT TO ACCOUNT! 




Sadly this is not the case. Worse still, even though explaining how, who & why all that’s occurring today is as simple as putting two & two together, it nevertheless remains a tall order trying to convince the masses. It’s as if the very real danger isn’t there! Of course if there was no censorship more folk would be aware but the real problem lies in how the Zionist controlled media is conning us blind. To simply say we’re being lied to on a colossal scale hardly cuts it. While I struggle to find words to describe the very nightmare facing us, what makes matters infinitely worse is it should be obvious to all but the greatest dumbos….


1) Russia has done nothing untoward. All the grief is being initiated by Western politicians who are strictly under the Zionist thumb.

2) In fact, if anything Russia’s actions in Syria have brought about at least some calm in war-torn Syria. They have successfully neutralised the treat of ISIS – NOT THE WEST!

3) In fact, to all but the most brainless morons on the planet, it should be as clear as daylight the West is encouraging & financing terrorism; not fighting it!

4) In fact if by now you’re not aware all this grief, not just in Syria but the entire Middle East, is all part of Oded Yinon’s plan for the creation of Greater Israel then you may as well go back to sleep!

5) And of course, this perfectly explains why the media has adopted this inexplicable stance. Instead of raising the almightiest alarm bells about the prospect of WWIII, it’s doing everything it can to promote the crazed rantings of vermin like Nikki Haley – a woman who deserves far worse than a firing squad.

6). Why isn’t this bitch being taken to task? She’s trying to kill us all. She should be the most despised woman on the planet. She should be in fear of her life! Again, this is all down to the media & the fact she’s on the Zionist payroll. 


Conclusions: Is this complete madness? Yes but since it’s all happening then how can anyone in their right mind not agree that all I’ve just said is 100% correct? So one must ask, why is all this happening? Why are Western politicians gagging for military confrontation with Russia?

Firstly, this is all part of the Zionist Rothschild plan to create a NWO. And yes, they don’t give a shit even if Israel along with the rest of us is vaporised. These multi-billionaire bastards will be in their luxury, self-sustaining underground bunkers. If it all goes off, you can be certain those responsible will be safely tucked away! 

For the Zionists they know this is the last resort. The thing is they also know they’ve been found out. So on the one hand they’re trying to use all their influential muscle in the West to get what they want ie Greater Israel with the destruction of all Arab/Muslim nations who will not bow to them, as well as total control in countries they’ve effectively occupied ie the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia etc. So you may ask, what’s happening in these countries? ONLY THE SYSTEMATIC EROSION OF OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES & FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS…… & all on the bullshit premise, the very terrorist ‘threat’ Mossad & the Zionists created! “By deception thou shalt do war!” Boy, have they just!


So while we’re hearing talk of RT being closed down, so much for freedom of speech, here are a few articles relating to this post….


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  • louis semaan

    Excellent insight as usual

  • Esther Sch

    Thank you for spelling it out. Michael. Are you aware of a connection to Hillary on the side of our poisoned friend? As in a covert Hillary Clinton expose?

    • You’re most welcome Esther. No. I was not aware of that but it doesn’t surprise me one bit. The Clintons in my opinion are without doubt one of the most vile families in history. I’ve often posted the fabulous documentary CLINTONS: THEIR SECRET LIVES. Needless to say it outlines the catalogue of crimes including countless murders, fraud on a massive scale & drug-running. It really takes some believing how bad they are.

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  • venner

    I believe the anti Russian rhetoric we are seeing today is directly related to Putin’s intervention in Syria which wrecked the zionist plan to use the mossad terrorist group ISIS, to overthrow Assad. The big question is, did Putin know who controls them when he sent his troops into Syria or was he merely responding to Assad’s request for help.

    You all should know also what has been going on in the field of computer security/malware. They are going all out to demonise Russia there too, not least the Russian antivirus company, Kaspersky
    Every time there is a virus outbreak the government and the media claim it was either Russia or N.Korea even though everyone knows all kinds of technolgy exists to fake the origin of anything on the internet and if a malware has any evidence about it that points to a particular country of origin, it has most surely been designed deliberately to do that.
    @circusboy, Syria was already on the list, read Netanyahu’s paper “a clean break – the future of security for Israel” published in 1996.
    IMO most everything we are seeing today and for most of the past 20 years is related to that paper and the 90’s neocon Project for a New American Century.

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