Russia presents proof of Turkey’s role in ISIS oil trade.

It’s just unbelievable. This should be a game-changer. The other day Cameron lied to Parliament about the 70,000 ‘moderate’ rebels in Syria. He just makes things up as he goes along & the media never questions him yet earlier today Jeremy Corbyn said words to the effect – look. We shouldn’t be thinking about bombing Syria because of ISIS when our own allies are helping ISIS by buying their stolen oil. JC has more than a point for the evidence is overwhelming yet all those traitors & pedophile lovers in parliament continue to heckle him.


ISIS oil routes


This is unacceptable. Every MP voting in favor of bombing a sovereign nation when there remains so much we can still do to strangle ISIS, should face trial for Treason. The fact Cameron has not presented a reasonable argument is simply mind-boggling for even if there was a case it’s obligatory for war to be the VERY LAST RESORT! One must utilise all other options to avert war before one can ever declare war. So when one of our close allies is blatantly funding the organisation Cameron claims it’s his intention to fight, to declare war without having tried to extinguish this source of income is an act so outrageously criminal I truly believe Cameron deserves to be put up against the wall & shot!


Isis is Israel


This borders on insanity & if you don’t see it the way I do then you’re a blithering idiot! No Prime Minister should be so dumb to even have to be told this & the fact the media isn’t highlighted it means they’re complicit. It’s clear as daylight – by pressing ahead with this bombing campaign & ignoring the fact Turkey is involved in illegal trading with ISIS, Cameron is committing Treason. Bear in mind too, the reason the Turks shot down the Russian jet was because it was destroying the very ISIS oil it was buying. It’s bad enough treading on dangerous ground by involving ourselves in a war zone where the Russians are operating but to do so when protocol is being torn asunder is an outrage worthy of a firing squad!


This link contains two videos that in court of law would be damning evidence. Our ally is funding ISIS.


lying scum


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