Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey killed by Assassin

I was intending to take a break today but this is way too serious. Not that knee-jerking is part of my repertoire. However, every so often, patently obvious questions coupled with answers, appear almost as if one’s robotically programmed. How come killers, assassins, terrorists, call them what you like, shout ALLAH U AKBAR on cue? At what point does it become manifestly evident this tried & tested ruse is for the sole purpose of vilifying Muslims & Arabs? As former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni once said when referring to the label ‘anti-Semitic’ –

“Its a trick. We always use it!”


I cannot begin to emphasise just how significant these words are. In order to realise expansionist goals, Zionists specialise in deceitfully conducting bombings & terrorist acts for the specific purpose of pointing the finger of blame at their enemies or should I say, those they want to destroy. These are now commonly known as ‘false flag’ events. Media control allows them to do this as well as ensure the true perpetrators & crucially their motives, are never revealed.




‘ALWAYS USE IT!’ And don’t they just! In 1954 Mossad agents dressed as Arabs planted bombs in US facilities in Egypt, deliberately leaving evidence behind to implicate Muslims. This was but six years into Israel’s existence so it was hardly surprising intelligence agencies were quite some way from perfecting false flag operations. This failed covert Israeli plan named Operation Susannah became known as the Lavon Affair.
Did this outrageous criminal act give the Israelis cold feet? NOT ONE BIT! Nine years later JFK was taken out. Incredibly, the media never mentioned the fact Kennedy told the Israelis – under no circumstances could they have Nuclear weapons. Not a word either was said about JFK rendering the Federal Reserve null & void. Nor could the media arrive at the obvious conclusion the final head shot could not possibly have come from the book depository where Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly was. Inconceivable? Well, they got away with it!
And when one gets away with murdering the most popular, brilliant President, the sky’s the limit! What can’t one do? Sure enough, just four years later, Israel’s power-brokers felt risking nuclear annihilation by attacking & sinking US reconnaissance ship the Liberty was a risk worth taking. 34 US sailors died; 170 suffered serious injuries. The plan was to once again, surprise, surprise, blame Egypt – bear in mind in the 50’s & 60’s, Egypt was Israel’s greatest foe. Somehow the Liberty survived a two hour barrage. However such was Zionist power, even back in 1967, the whole sordid episode was covered up!
So fast-forward to this fictitious war on terror the West under Zionist tutelage engineered & is now desperate to maintain. Fortunately, Putin & Lavrov realised Oded Yinon’s 1982 plan to create Greater Israel was no pipe dream. Whether Assad actually invited the Russians or not, they had no option but to intervene. From the word go it was clear ISIS was a CIA/Mossad creation. It was even more obvious the US & UK were doing bugger all to combat them. In fact, it was abundantly clear we were aiding & supplying these very terrorists. Our senior politicians were committing treason for fun!
Complete with spy satellite technology capable of distinguishing a tear up between warring ant colonies, in no time, the Russian air-force was making mince-meat out of ISIS. Did the US & UK offer any assistance? Hell no! NOW WHY WAS THAT? Not that the Russians needed any help – ISIS was being well & truly routed. The media proceeded to show out like never before concocting any daft excuse to blame Russia. The only thing the West could do was to negotiate bullshit ceasefires. Supplying firepower to these mercenaries was no big deal. The problem now was how to train more of them so that they could quickly enter the fray.
All of a sudden – BANG! Down goes a Russian passenger plane killing all on board. The media immediately blamed ISIS for this outrage, in one fell swoop, rendering air-crash investigators obsolete! So, while ISIS mass-murderers were finally getting the shit kicked out of them, the media had the gall to effectively say ISIS agents could now cross borders with the minimum of fuss; establish safe houses so that they could assemble explosive devices just like that; miraculously overcome airport security so that lo & behold they could plant bombs on any plane they want. What bothers me is how anyone could be idiot enough to believe such tripe! The only thing that changed was Russia decided to take on ISIS. Therefore, in order to discover the truth one must ask two questions –




Today we see the same media feeding us the same drivel. I can safely say the Russians do not regard the killing of Andrey Karlov as a terrorist attack by a Muslim. It could well have been a Muslim assassin but I’m sure they know who the real culprits are. The timing as per usual is perfect. With the Russians helping Assad’s forces re-take the strategically crucial city of Aleppo, the goal for regime change, which to all intents & purposes would mean Israel would be in control of Syria, for the time being at least, has firmly been put on hold. Payback? Hardly! Zionist retribution? Most definitely!
Moreover, with the West’s effort to dethrone Turkey’s President Erdogan falling flat on its face & the consequent thawing of relations between Turkey & Russia further complicating matters for the Zionist controlled West, this assassination for me, is simply just another pathetic attempt to incur the wrath of the Russians in the forlorn hope Putin is coerced into making a bad move. Even though the West has the media, this is hardly likely. Putin has already shown, tactically, he’s in another league!
Here’s what RT & Press TV have to say about this…..






  • If we look at the history and creation of Turkey and the Turk leaders, they were/are crypto-Jews and were responsible for the genocide of a million+ Armenian (Christians) and other people.

    We have the crypto-Jew Kurds also taking over Iraq and Syria as well in Rojava, which is referred to as Western “Kurdistan”


    el-Sisi who took over in Egypt by ousting Morsi is also a crypto-Jew, his mother was Jewish. The Saudi leaders are crypto-Jews.

    The Jewish Bolsheviks Murdered 66 Million In Russia…

    The Zionist Jews are sooooo much further along with their Greater Israel project than most people think. I need to do an article on this and show how far they have gotten with a map, especially since Americans don’t know where the hell anything is. “God created war so that Americans would learn geography” – Mark Twain

    The good news is that most of my research on genocide leads back to the Jews, whether crypto Jews or not and that would mean that most of mankind is good.

    In my opinion, Jews work with sociopaths within the societies that they are infiltrating. Sorry, but those are my findings.

    • It’s not hard to say it anymore Nicky. I now believe you’re 100% right. How can people not see that the media couldn’t be lying more? What does it then take for people to do their homework & discover who exactly owns every major media outlet & therefore not only realise who is telling all these lies but understand the only country gaining from all this skulduggery is Israel? It all fits in with the fact Western politicians are proceeding to do the unthinkable – make it illegal to criticise Israel! When are people going to realise this is all for the purpose of eventually eliminating whoever they want. 100 years ago Zionists murdered 66 million Russians. I can hardly imagine what they may be capable of this time around!

  • James J Neary

    Thank you so much for your efforts. Please continue at all costs, I do believe that your efforts and so many others will some day come to fruition – the destruction of the abomination known as Israel!

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