Santana: Don’t Endorse Occupation

Carlos – I’ve always appreciated your music. There are few things that transcend the wonder of music. At the top of the list is turning a blind eye to regimes that display a wanton disregard to international law. If you play in Israel you’re effectively condoning the most despicable behavior imaginable. What the Palestinian people are being forced to suffer is positively inhumane. I hate to think I’m making a threat, yet I feel compelled to say – should you play in Israel, I will never listen to your music again. Don’t do it!




Governments tend not to give a damn about petitions. Of course, people like Madonna, the Rolling Stones & Tom Jones can rely on the media. I feel this is not so much the case with stars & celebrities on the lower wrung. Not that Carlos Santana wouldn’t have an enormous impact one way or another. It’s just there are so many superstars the media can throw their considerable weight behind. Even they don’t want to make it THAT obvious! Therefore, the more people that sign, the better for you can be sure – there will arrive a point where Mr. Black Magic Woman will say ‘holy shit! I can’t piss that many people off!’




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