Securing a better future my arse!

SO FUNNY! CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO. What an absolute blast! Thank you HUFFPOST UK COMEDY. This had me in stitches. Damn. Twice in one night? And there was me thinking it’s not much fun being a writer/activist. Metal Mickey – you were wrong. Perhaps there’s life in the old dog yet…….


Cameron – you pig-shagging son of a motherless goat – I never thought it would be possible to have a worst Prime Minister than Tony Blair. WRONG AGAIN!


Cameron – I live for one thing – the day you are tried & you are hung as the traitor you most definitely are. You want to eradicate 9/11 truthers? You’ll get yours. It’s only a matter of time for your treachery to be exposed.



And thanks to Mike Walker for this little gem……


Oink Oink!


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