Selling policies to the highest bidder is the Clinton’s Modus Operandi!

The fact this is from August 10 is irrelevant. What matters is this is 100% accurate – Hillary Clinton will do whatever, for whoever pays her the most. With her it’s all down to money. She doesn’t care a jot for anyone. Power has totally & utterly gone to her head. Saying this woman has no conscience is an understatement for she thrives on putting the fear of God into people through her own madness! Anyone voting for her is signing their own death warrant. Thanks to Paul Stewart for this clip (1.29)



Due to concentrating on the US Presidential election, I’ve neglected to post certain items that normally would make the grid. One such piece was CrossTalk’s episode on October 5. Today it was shown again on RT. I’d like to thank Ray McGovern for saying ‘Israel is the elephant in the room’ in what was the very first comment on the show. For me nothing is more important than naming who is directly responsible for all this carnage in the Middle East & the crazy policies American politicians have been bribed & coerced to pursue.


Upon listening to McGovern’s 2nd comment I felt I wanted to shake the man’s hand. He explains perfectly how Obama & Putin were managing to sort things out only for the Pentagon to, time & again, throw a spanner into the works. Well, largely thanks to Dick Cheney, ISRAEL IS IN CONTROL OF THE PENTAGON! WHY ELSE DOES IT ALL BUT SEEM OBAMA IS UNABLE TO INITIATE FOREIGN POLICIES OF HIS CHOOSING? WHY ELSE IS AMERICA WORKING AGAINST IT’S BEST INTERESTS? HOW ELSE COULD RABBI DOV ZAKHEIM HAVE ‘MISAPPROPRIATED’ A WHOPPING $2.3 TRILLION?


Earl Rasmussen then makes an excellent point – ‘can you imagine what would happen if the US & Russia cooperated not just on Syria but all of the world’s affairs?’ This is something we should all try to imagine because the possibilities are endless & can only be beneficial to almost everyone. This again boils down to who is initiating all this grief – ZIONIST BANKSTER CROOKS! Their power is born through a constant policy of Divide & Conquer. Their tool to Divide & Conquer is the media.


Then they talk about a no-fly zone which is anything but a no-fly zone. This is typically another ploy – Zionist media fabrication to fool ordinary folk into believing no one is allowed to fly in Syrian air-space. Well, the very notion Syrian planes should be forbidden to fly in their own air-space is total madness! Yet what this no-fly zone actually means is only US planes will be allowed to take to the air. Ray McGovern then makes a great point –


Witness this: Saturday Maria Zakharova, the foreign ministry spokesperson in Russia got up & warned about full-scale war. She said, IF YOU ATTACK IN DAMASCUS OR THE REST OF SYRIA OVERTLY, IT WOULD BE A TECTONIC SHIFT & THERE COULD BE, quote, ‘FULL-SCALE WAR!’ 

Now, do we all agree – it doesn’t get more serious than this? Well, McGovern went on to say, he looked for this in the US media & found nothing! I ask you – when is someone going to pull the Zionist media barons up on this outrageous, treasonous betrayal of duty – neglecting to report the most important news imaginable? A while back I said ‘those who lie in the media are WORSE than Nazi soldiers who had little or no option but to obey orders. THEY HAVE A CHOICE!’ If we ever do turn this around, everyone who has participated in mainstream media’s lies should be taken & shot!


CrossTalk on Russia-US relations: Dangerous Escalation




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