Serve & Protect? More like screw the protection – let’s just serve….

And boy are the US police serving it up. I only hope most Policemen realise these vicious thugs have no right to be wearing the same badge. Yesterday I touched on this but my wrath was directed at politicians. They’re the ones who’ve upped the anti by giving Police the green light. Sure, every so often Police more than over-step the mark but this sudden spike where it’s as plain as day US officers of the law are indulging in cold blooded execution? How can this be possible? Assuming no ‘Death Race 2000′ incentives are involved, what earthly reason would they have? Therefore, the least one can assume is they would not be doing this if they’d not been given assurances that come what may, there’d be no comeback. In fact, I’d go as far to say, they’ve been encouraged to indiscriminately kill US citizens. This was the point of my article – to show there is indeed a hidden agenda to incite civil unrest. Then I saw this………

Protect! No - SERVE UP!

Protect! No – SERVE UP!

#FTP #CopBlock #LozFeliz #LosFelizBoulevard #PoliceShooting

Latest LAPD shooting of an unarmed man who waved police down for help with a towel around his arm needing help.

He was yelling out “police Police” when he saw the police vehicle, so what did the #LAPD do…

They literally blew his brains out and said throw the gun down and as he lay dead they handcuffed him with blood pouring out of his head.





NOTE: the above ABC report “Possibly holding a gun” WTF? STOP manipulating the public and laying the foundation to brainwash people into thinking the shooting was justified.

He was ➜UNARMED, How about adding that do your bullshit report!

This is how the mainstream media are used to sway public views and opinions. (NOT ONE MENTION OF THIS VICTIM BEING UNARMED IN THEIR REPORTING).

To Jory Rand:

DO NOT BE FOOLED – This shooting was a Murder and the police officer who killed him should be charged with Murder!
➤ Barack Obama when are you going to do something about your filthy gutless cops that are killing the people who depend on you?

This is happening almost every week and getting closer to happening everyday.


The people of #America have to start seeing what is going on here and organise ➜MASS MARCHES right up into the doors of your police stations.

No one is listening and ➜your government is doing nothing about it.

➜ Police are getting away with Murder.
Get your shit together America before more people are killed by your unprofessional, uneducated, under trained cops kill the next person.

Thanks to Robin McNallie for this caption

Serve up!

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