SHOCK POLL: After Paris, Americans would prefer Putin to Obama.

And I can believe it too. Whether you love or hate Putin he has shown up our leaders for what they are – at best whores for Zionist lobbies; at worst traitors who’d sell their country down the river. I’m sure the same applies for Cameron & Hollande & one must bear in mind they’re blessed with a mainstream media that never so much as grills them, let alone expose their lies & gaffs. Putin on the other hand has been positively vilified by the media.


At least we know people are seeing through some of the lies. I only wish I could feel more confident this is the case for the fictitious war on terror. However, some of the polls findings seem too good to be true – one by the New York Daily News claimed a whopping 96% of Americans prefered Putin’s speech at the recent UN General Assembly. I found nothing to make me believe this is not genuine so maybe there’s hope for us yet.


Obama talk


Go Putin Go!


  • Jillian Horsley

    I know in my heart , that the American people do know what is going on, everyday more and more are watching RT Today and learning facts. I feel sorry for these people, good people who have been lied to, treated like errant children and for what, their taxes, spent on the war machine that is the U S military.
    When we ALL wake up and gather, we will end this real terrorist threat…..OUR GOVERNMENTS!

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