Since All The Evidence Suggests Zionists Fashion Foreign Policy For The US, UK, Canada, France, Germany And Australia, At What Point Should One Concede To Having Been Taken Over?

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Since All The Evidence Suggests Zionists Fashion Foreign Policy For The US, UK, Canada, France, Germany And Australia, At What Point Should One Concede To Having Been Taken Over?

Whatsupic — Surely we’ve long since past the point of acknowledging a country does not necessarily have to be invaded by a foreign entity in order to be rendered an occupied territory? What more evidence does one need to concede that like the US, politicians in Britain and Canada, first and foremost, answer to Israel? A few days ago Canada’s leader Harper announced they would extend their bombing campaign of ISIS targets to include Syria as well as Iraq. He may even send troops into the fray. Since when did Canada flex muscle like so and more significantly, what interest could Canada possibly have bombing a country half way round the globe? Exacerbating the conundrum are Harper’s sweeping austerity plans which have resulted in major civil unrest.

What bothers me is no one questions this glaring discrepancy – when Canadians are being told to tighten their belts, Harper is indulging in highly questionable, prohibitive military operations that if the truth were told only Israel wants. Now it’s no secret Zionists possess enormous influence in Canada yet no one so much as mentions how for Israel, there’s always more money for war. There’s a damn good reason – Canadians are loathed to suggest Harper is a Zionist puppet – any criticism of Israel is illegal and can land you in jail.

The mere thought freedom of speech could in any way be compromised is abhorrent yet in the UK Cameron’s already tested the water by hinting he’d like to usher in similar laws outlawing criticism of Israel. But in the recent Charlie Hebdo shooting which had the hand of Mossad all over it, these traitors who masquerade as our politicians claimed this attack was the work of Islamic terrorists who are opposed to freedom of speech. The Chutzpah is off the Richter scale! Just for the record, I’m an Atheist through and through. When it comes to religion, I don’t want to know – period! What I will say, it’s become abundantly clear while it’s open season for making a mockery out of Muslims, politicians who’ve been bought by Zionists are scheming in order to criminalize criticism not just of Israel; Cameron had the temerity to admit he wants to outlaw criticism of the government too! If terrorists are opposed to our freedoms then the only conclusion I can draw is the most dangerous terrorists by far and away are Zionists and their puppets. 

The more I think about these two yoyo’s, Harper and Cameron, the more I feel they’re trying to outdo each other in the quest to become Israel’s greatest puppet. It’s unbelievable. Just 18 months ago Cameron said President Assad was a tyrant who had to be deposed only to see his call for direct military intervention rejected by Parliament. Such an almighty snub warranted his resignation. Needless to say the media made nothing out of this humiliation. Did he lie down on this? Not one bit! Whatever the Zionists want, Cameron obliges. It matters not if the wishes of his people are cast aside without so much as a whim. The proof is in the pudding – our military is currently pounding ‘targets’ in Syria and Iraq. Instead of the media applying untold pressure on Cameron for defying the wishes of his people, they offer an unchallenged platform to spew out lie after lie. To say the media has his back is a chronic understatement. Cameron says this is for the purpose of confronting ISIS, this terrible terrorist threat! To change one’s tune like so, only to side-step media scrutiny must be a politician’s dream.

One cannot begin to understate the role of the media. Sure, they’re haemorrhaging viewers almost as rapidly as they’re losing credibility but it nevertheless pains me to say for the vast majority, the media still decide when and what should incur people’s wrath. Most humans are programmable and propagandists have learned that the art of brain-washing is a long, drawn out affair. Lies have to be repeated over and over again. Then, hey presto. Not only do people believe complete falsehoods; try telling them they’ve been fooled. Yet this is only part of the story for I believe the true testament of media power lies in the ability to say nothing. If the media play deaf, dumb and blind, for most folk, if it’s not in the news…… it’s not news! I’d go as far to say 9/11 and all the mayhem we’ve witnessed since could not have occurred without the entire mainstream media being in Zionist hands. Not only is Israel’s role never mentioned, perfect puppets like Cameron and Harper are literally wrapped up in cotton wool, never criticized, while their political opponents are tripped up at every opportunity.

To the initiated though, it all but appears a war-cry has been issued from Tel Aviv – all Zio-puppet hands to the deck. The goal is no different – regime change……… Assad has to go……… except this time around we have ISIS – the only terrorist organization ever that is able to seize and hold onto vast swathes of land with the minimum of fuss; have state-of-the-art weaponry and ammunition fall straight into their lap; have no problem with supply lines – food and water is simply conjured out of thin air and all the while the entire might of the US military remains powerless to stop them! Oh just in case I forget, the ISIS wounded are safe in the knowledge they’ll receive first class medical attention in Israeli hospitals! Yes indeed and for the icing on the cake – even though ISIS is within spitting distance of Israel, there is one cast-iron guarantee in the Universe – the last country they will ever attack is Israel!

If by now you haven’t worked out ISIS is an Israeli creation and is run by Mossad, then you never will! This same band of mercenaries were busy slaughtering anyone that so much as looked boss-eyed at them in Libya. With the Allies controlling Libyan air-space and thus able to strike targets with impunity, resistance on the ground was crushed. Gadaffi was murdered; the country laid to ruin; chaos reigned supreme – job done! These fighters then moved onto Syria. However, the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin had had enough. Cut a long story short. The Allies were unable to offer the ‘rebels’ the air support they needed. Therefore stalemate ensued in Syria. Whether it was by luck or design I’m not entirely sure but some of these rebels decided there were easier pickings in Iraq. With Iraq itself in utter turmoil, these mercenaries were able to go on the rampage. The media then christened this ‘new’ band of ‘Islamic’ thugs – ISIS!

This label ISIS effectively provided the cover Zionists desperately needed. ISIS, after all, were the same ground troops utilized in Libya. Moreover, they were operating precisely where their commanders in Mossad wanted them to be. Now though, the Zionist controlled media had been given an opportunity to invent a new terror threat. Yes indeed. This one could be even worse than Al Qaeda! Ooohh, I’m so scared! All of a sudden, we have a different excuse to bomb Syria – ISIS. We have to stop terrorism. The media conveniently were struck by Amnesia for 18 months earlier the reason to bomb Syria was because Assad was a tyrant, gassing his own people. They openly admitted regime change was the goal. Now they’re doing precisely what they wanted and they have the gall to say it’s not about regime change – it’s to combat terrorism. To add insult to injury, recently Cameron unveiled plans to strip us of some of our most fundamental rights…… all down to this imaginary terror threat that they have been instrumental in creating!

Do not for one minute think I feel Assad and Gadaffi are without fault. There are scant few angels amongst leaders. However, one must emphasize that the regimes of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar in comparison are the epitome of brutality. Try finding a Zionist puppet who ever says a word about all the beheadings in Saudi Arabia or the gross violations of human rights in these three countries. It goes without saying these despotic rulers are in bed with the West and notably Israel. In fact, much of Cameron’s argument to oust Assad was based on a conveniently timed gas attack where some 200 Syrian civilians were killed. Assad was blamed even though there was no evidence or any reason for him to gas his own people. Surely if he was going to gas anyone it would have been the Rebels. Consequent investigations by the UN revealed this heinous act was, in all likelihood, committed by the Rebels, a typical false flag event designed to paint Assad as the bad guy. How can the West display such chronic double standards? We turn a blind eye to the most evil regimes, while we blatantly lie to incriminate and villify other leaders who aren’t nearly as bad.

Whichever way one looks at this, what earthly reason could Cameron or Harper have for so ardently striving for direct military intervention in Syria? The UK, like Canada, has no interest whatsoever in reducing yet another Arab/Muslim state to rubble. It is obvious that along withthe US, UK and Canadian taxpayer money is being used to fight wars only Israel wants. Cameron and Harper have no right to claim the moral high ground. Let’s for argument sake say Assad was responsible for gassing 200 civilians. In 2008, ten times as many Palestinians were murdered by Netanyahu; the Israelis actually used White Phosphorous bombs on civilians, a banned weapon, (bear in mind Assad’s chemical weapons were not illegal). Both never said a bad word! Then in 2014, Netanyahu showed his appetite for committing mass-murder was rapacious as ever – another 2150 dead Palesinians yet it’s as if these outrageous massacres never happened. Small wonder. Cameron has made no secret of the fact he’s best mates with Bibi!

Few countries have ever displayed such a wanton disregard for international law as Israel. No less than 66 UN resolutions tabled against it; the relentless theft of Palestinian land while the Palestinians themselves are denied basic essentials such as water, medicine and electricity. Surrounded, hemmed in as if in a concentration camp, Gazans have to suffer the ignominy of waiting hours at countless IDF checkpoints. In fact nothing goes in or out of Gaza without Israeli permission. Former US President Jimmy Carter said ‘this is worse than Apartheid!’ If any other country behaved so disgracefully there’d be all hell to pay. All this is undeniable, yet politicians in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Australia not only ignore all these gross violations but bend over backwards to support Israel. If only the story ended there.

Woe betide if Israel happens to be annoyed with any of its neighbors. All that’s required is Netanyahu, no viler specimen imaginable, to plonk his moral high hat on and address the international community as if he’s the Great Gumba.  Even though there is never so much as a shred of concrete evidence to back up anything he says, sanctions are imposed at the drop of a hat! No one ever questions this maniac! Cameron had no reason or right to impose sanctions on Iran yet not one iota of consideration was given to the damage this could have on British industry, not to mention the substantial loss of revenue to the UK. For the world it seems when Israel makes a fuss, major Western countries do not think twice about acting against their best interests.

Finally, whether you believe 9/11 was a Zionist operation or not is neither here nor there. What remains unequivocal is General Wesley Clark’s admission the plan all along was to take out 7 countries…….. and they all just happened to be Israel’s enemies! Since the West had nothing to gain from indulging in such mayhem and carnage, and since of the 7 countries only Iran remains untouched from the devastation unleashed by the West’s desire to deliver democracy, Zionists had to have an inordinate level of influence for America and to a lesser extent the UK to spend a king’s ransom to fight wars which can only be beneficial to Israel. To adopt and pursue foreign policies so unpopular and damaging, there can be only one feasible explanation – foreign policy for the US, UK, Canada and the rest is fashioned in the Israeli Knesset.   


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