Slaughtering 298 for the Sake of Demonizing Putin. What Next?

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Slaughtering 298 for the Sake of Demonizing Putin. What Next?

Whatsupic — I’m almost finding it impossible to listen to any of the lies coming out of senior US politicians. As for Poroshenko, the latest NWO/Zionist installment, my word! The last thing the world needed was another belligerent tyrant who doesn’t give a damn about the people he’s supposed to represent. What I find it particularly annoying is how these people seize the moral high ground as if they’ve a divine right because the track record of those donated an unchallenged platform by the MSM is positively atrocious! Short of dropping nukes on anyone that so much as looks boss-eyed at them, we really do have the worst people possible telling us what’s right & wrong! Unfortunately for us, the entire MSM is controlled by the same people these politician gangsters are subservient to, so nothing anywhere near resembling the truth can ever emerge, most especially their treachery. The trouble is, I find most people fail to grasp the gravity of this dilemma. I’ll say it again – NOTHING ANYWHERE NEAR THE TRUTH CAN EVER EMERGE!

Look how McCain & Clinton had the temerity to insinuate Putin was responsible for downing the Malaysian plane, when no one even had time to strap their investigative boots on? How irresponsible can the media be? Bad enough not questioning such rash talk but for the entire MSM to then proceed to pour oil on the fire by also pointing the finger at Russia, is unforgivable. I’m amazed I even have to say this but surely no one has the right to say anything until all the evidence is gathered? For me memories of what occurred on 9/11 came flooding back. Bush claimed they had no way of knowing anyone would fly planes into buildings but within 2 hours of the attacks Zionists were plotted up at every major news headquarters to immediately point the finger at Osama Bin Laden & Al-Qaeda. One minute we were told they knew nothing; the next minute, all the people who should have known something, suddenly knew everything! Well, excuse me but at this point the only people that could know anything ARE THOSE WHO WERE INVOLVED IN PLANNING & EXECUTING THE EVENT! 

Naturally the media turned a blind eye to all the genuine talking points. The timing alone, so convenient for Netanyahu! He’s a Zionist, just like his buddy Poroshenko who illegally seized power in Ukraine! Both void of compunction when murdering innocent civilians, Netanyahu was already in the midst of orchestrating yet another massacre – ‘operation we are only defending ourselves!’ But by the time four kids were deliberately torn apart when playing beach football as journalists filmed, thus making a mockery of Netanyahu’s claim they only target Hamas soldiers, the diplomatic heat had fast reached boiling point. Netanyahu was probably told to declare a truce. So he did but this meant nothing. Israelis listen to no one. His intention is to wipe the Palestinians out no matter what. So time for plan B! What’s required is an event which would immediately get the world’s press off his back. All the better if it created a massive headache for the only person brave enough to stand up to the Israelis! 

Well the only way that can happen is if a passenger plane is shot down over East Ukraine tomorrow! Come on! What possible chance? The odds are astronomical ………. yet lo & behold, this very scenario occurs & no one batters an eye-lid. No one says – boy that was lucky! Since the moment the plane went down, Israeli tanks & soldiers were tooled up & ready to go, in all likelihood their cohorts in the MSM were busy rehearsing their lines on how they’d stick the proverbial knife into Putin’s back. How convenient another bout of ethnic cleansing would commence just as the media’s attention is miraculously diverted away from Gaza? You can’t make this up, yet there’s more. The very notion Putin had anything to do with this is beyond the boundaries of sanity. There’s no argument. It would be tantamount to plunging into a river loaded with salivating Piranhas – nothing to gain; the only question – how much damage can be incurred! The same can be said of the rebels in East Ukraine. What earthly reason would they have?  

With any crime, plain common sense decrees CUI BONO – who gains? With any tragedy or disaster, if this line of inquiry is not vigorously pursued then something is seriously amiss. This is also the case if from the outset blame is apportioned by senior officials who do not possess a shred of evidence. However, when both abnormalities occur then there should be absolutely no doubt – THE ACCUSERS ARE AT THE VERY LEAST INEXTRICABLY LINKED TO THOSE RESPONSIBLE! Just like with 9/11 – while the Bush administration claimed they knew nothing of the attacks, it took just two hours to name the culprit! And even though many hit the financial jackpot as a direct result of 9/11, anyone who was supposed to investigate, mysteriously suffered the same fate as America’s sophisticated civil air defense – THEY WENT TO SLEEP! You’ve got to be kidding! How can this possibly be? Far as I’m concerned, anyone who can’t see 9/11 had to be an inside job has to have the brains of a rocking horse!

Yet the shenanigans continue. Now, once again, these glaring discrepancies stare us squarely in the face. 298 innocent souls are sacrificed as if their lives meant nothing, for the soul purpose of making Putin look bad. The chief protagonists are US politicians & the MSM. They ultimately have the power & responsibility to ensure protocol is followed. If it’s not, then they are complicit! So, we have Zionist controlled US politicians forever claiming the moral high ground, while the Zionist controlled media naturally ignores the blatant criminality of Netanyahu & Poroshenko! The accusers have zero credibility. That’s the good news. The bad news is they make Murder Incorporated look like monks in a monastry! How many more countries have to suffer before we realize bestowing our particular brand of democracy upon those who never asked for such favors, really means delivering the damnation of hell to them? How much longer is it going to take for people to connect the dots & realize these vermin are the chief cause of much of the suffering in the world? They are the real terrorists. Enough is enough.

I can tell you now – we’ll never know who actually gave the order to shoot the plane because the MSM can never directly point the finger at those whose ownership of the MSM is but a trickle of their wealth & influence? We will only be told what they want to tell us. If Putin is eventually cleared, which is the best he can hope for, the Zionists & their puppets in the US & EU will continue to demonize Putin. It’s up to us to read between the lines. I’m not saying Putin is a saint. No politician is but compared to the gangsters ruling us? Well can Cameron do any worse? For no good reason, he’s not only acted against the best interest of the UK; he’s made an enemy out of a country that possesses a massive nuclear arsenal! I’m still waiting for someone to ask him why he’s endangering the lives of the people he’s supposed to represent! I hope someone plucks up the courage before it’s too late.

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