Smells like bullshit? Oh it’s just the Mainstream Media

Fair play to the BBC, the lies are coming in thick & fast. We’ve still got some way to go to seriously challenge US media channels for the coveted trophy of Channel sustaining the longest period of uninterrupted whoppers but we’re closing fast. Don’t worry about that.


New News Source Please!




Thing is, over here we don’t use blonde bimbos loaded with so much make-up if ever they were to overdo the obligatory ‘make out we’re happy smile’ when the newsroom’s on its ‘lighter note’ routine, their boat race would crack!


Mal X


BBC Journalism


In the US it’s all about trying to hide how false & disingenuous you are whereas over here we use the squeakiest of the squeaky clean. No one but no one can squeak more than Fiona Bruce & Mary Nightingale. In fact, they tread where angels fear to squeak! That’s why winning that trophy is going to be a bitch! You see, though quite a few of us know we’re being fed pure, unadulterated horseshit, our girls are so squeaky clean, for most people it’s almost impossible to even imagine they could be lying their sweet arses off!




And here are scum. Make no mistake – without the cooperation of these people, just about every false flag event could not have occurred. And the only way it could work was if they were all in bed together. This is a prerequisite for a false flag……….


Media bias (3)


In the US it’s not just about media lies – it’s who can tell the biggest porkies & you know – you guys in the States have got it good compared to us mugs in the UK. Over here we have the BBC, the British Bullshitting Conglomeration but we have to pay for $250 clams a year so that they can tell us barrel load of bollocks & how great Israel is! What we never hear –


The Liar!

or –

What they don't tell you!

or –

When it suits

or that –

News vs Media!


  • maurice cardinal

    Nice to see someone awake. I through my TV out about 10 years ago. It’s all one big satanic/masonic lie, 24/7. Satan is slick but gets his arse dragged through the coals in the end. I can hardly wait. Especially to all those who oppress and deceive today. Unfortunately for them it’s checkmate Yahushua.

  • Thanks Maurice. Much appreciated.

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