Smoking gun emails reveal ‘deal in blood’ George Bush and Tony Blair made as they secretly plotted the Iraq War behind closed doors a YEAR before the invasion.

Of course this is nothing knew. It merely confirms what we already know & that is, a pack of lies were told so that an illegal war on Iraq could be declared. Moreover those of us who bother to do the most basic research would have come across the video clip of General Wesley Clark literally telling everyone ‘Iraq wasn’t just pre-arranged; the plan all along was to take out 7 Arab/Muslim nations. Note the 4 worst offenders of human rights Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar & Kuwait were to be left untouched. Thanks to Bill Bailey for this link –


Now why was this so? There can be no argument here. The 4 worst Arab/Muslim nations in terms of human rights were to escape admonishment altogether yet 7 others, most with a reasonably contented populace, were about to have all hell on earth unleashed upon them! What possible explanation can there be for this? Here is the crux of the problem. We know humans have a capacity for evil. Sadly there’s no limit to that! Humans can also do silly things though I’m sorry to disappoint you but there’s a limit to how stupid our politicians can actually be & they aren’t THAT daft! Therefore, there has to be a definitive reason.



There are two but it’s really one specific one.  Firstly there are only so many countries that do not possess a Rothschild’s Central Bank. The list, to say the least, is somewhat of an eye-opener – 


Rothschild banks


What’s interesting here is before 9/11 you could add Afghanistan, Iraq & Libya to that list. Coincidence? In politics & war the very last thing you want to believe in is coincidences. However, it is highly unlikely 9/11 was planned & executed for the sole purpose of establishing Rothschild Central banks in countries that were reluctant to have them. The Rothschild’s have a plethora of ways of establishing central banks in countries opposed to the idea. They’ve been doing this for 200 years!




No. There’s another reason & all it requires is a little research to discover Oded Yinon’s 1982 plan for the creation of Greater Israel. Now this could be pie in the sky. Or could there be evidence to suggest that Israel harbors notions, let alone intends to initiate such a preposterous land grab? ONLY BUNDLES OF IT! What is interesting here is bear in mind – Zionists were originally donated 52% of Palestine. Ask yourself – WOULDN’T YOU BE HAPPY WITH THAT?…… So, what’s happened since? Now I’m perfectly aware of media bias & in Israel’s case it is one-way traffic. The good news – maps don’t lie. The bad news – nowhere near enough people bother to look at them.


Loss of land!


Now even by the Israel’s appalling standards, the mainstream media can only tell so many lies to cover up the truth. There was no way Israel could attack these countries without widespread international condemnation. They’d never get away with it. A plan, therefore, had to be hatched –

1) How could the world believe Israel’s enemies were THEIR enemy too?

2) How could Israel install puppet rulers in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon & ultimately Iran, effectively taking them over?  

3) How could Israel get other countries to fight wars that only they wanted?

Easier said than done, especially after Donald Rumsfeld reported back to the White House to say – 16 out of 16 Intelligence agencies declared there was NO discernable terrorist threat anywhere in the world. AND THERE WASN’T! Before 9/11 the only ‘terrorism there was, was entirely down to Israel’s outrageous treatment of the hapless Palestinians. Small wonder the PNAC group, a Zionist Neo-Con think tank, in what to all intents & purposes was the giveaway of the century to what was on their minds declared – 

“the process for transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbour.”

Everything came together with 9/11. It was the worst possible event that could have occurred for Arab & Muslim nations; it was the best possible event for Israel. Overnight a new fear had been created – THE THREAT OF ISLAMIC TERROR! Thanks to the Zionist controlled media 9/11 would not be investigated & instead the US & in some cases other EU nations, would utilise their military to crush all the countries Israel wanted to see destroyed in order to create GREATER ISRAEL! And destroyed is the operative word. What the media, including may I add RT always say –

“it’s all very confusing, all this chaos & carnage. US politicians haven’t planned this out too well. It has been a disastrous US foreign policy!”


THIS IS ALL WE EVER HEAR & it’s positively driven me all but round the bend. You know what I think of this? I’ve been saying it since 9/11…..


Get this into your head once & for all – all the chaos & carnage we’re seeing today in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen & a host of other countries IS DELIBERATE! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE PLAN WAS BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT ISRAEL WANTS! TOTAL DESTRUCTION! However, if by now you’re not aware that US foreign policy is Israeli foreign policy then you need to wake up fast because nothing will make sense until you equate Zionist bribery, coercion & ungodly influence as well as their media control into the equation. Once one does this – lo & behold, EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE! 



The last thing the Zionists want is the world to see Arab leaders doing good for their people. They’re supposed to be terrorist savages! Here. Just take a look at some of Gaddafi’s achievements. I know what you’re going to say – ‘I HAD NO IDEA!’ Of course you didn’t. The media & our terrorist politicians wanted you to believe Gaddafi was a madman. No. Netanyahu is the madman. Gaddafi, in comparison, was a breath of fresh air. Oh but be my guest – if you want to continue to believe the media, by all means do. Stay dumb. Who knows? You may one day make it to fully-fledged rocking horse status! 




Finally, returning to the original point of the post I would just like to add, not only are Blair & Cameron two peas of the same pod but the ONLY reason why the Chilcot inquiry has hit a brick wall is because DAVID CAMERON HIMSELF MADE SURE IT DID! The very notion Cameron is annoyed the findings of the Chilcot inquiry have not been released qualifies as one of the greatest lies in history. This one is straight from the annals of the greatest Regev/Netanyahu porkies!


The undeniable fact is Cameron is stuck between a rock & a hard place. Blair’s arse is on the line but if he’s found guilty of lying to go to war & war crimes, how long will it take for the public to say ‘well, hasn’t Cameron done exactly the same as Blair?’ On the other side of the coin, the UK public is hardly in the mood to tolerate yet another white-wash where forever, patently obvious questions are cast aside without so much as a whim so that answers that should be on the tips of the inquirers tongues are ignored like the plague! They know however white this inquiry is, this one ain’t gonna wash! 

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