So Jeremy Corbyn wanted to talk with the IRA? So bloody what!

Time & again I tell people I jest not when I say “if you yearn the truth a rule worth applying – whatever the media says, IMAGINE THE EXACT OPPOSITE!” You wouldn’t believe how often this holds true.

Speaking of holding true, many years ago I knew a nasty piece of work who actually knew Philip Green, the out-&-out crook who swindled billions. Anyway this person one day had a go accusing me of doing something. He was so way off the mark I was taken aback. Then I retorted, ‘hang on a minute – THIS IS PRECISELY WHAT YOU DO!’ He may have been Jewish. For me, he was more like a fully-fledged Zionist. Similar experiences made me realise this was no fluke. It is indeed a Zionist trait to accuse others of things that they themselves are specialists. Of course, it is no surprise to me Zionists were the ones behind the emergence of the Nazis!

What can be worse than protecting child molesters & war criminals? This is what the media does yet such is their power, even those who know their credibility is null, they nonetheless, rather like fish being reeled in, continue to base their opinions on what they hear. Never has this been more so than with Jeremy Corbyn. How many people have fallen for the asinine claim he’s some sort of terrorist sympathiser? Do people even stop to analyse this? For a start the real terrorists are the people who despise JC! So it should be no surprise when I say ‘terrorist sympathiser’ is just another meaningless term conjured up by the Zionist controlled media. I’ll give a few more – Conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier, Self-hating Jew, Fake news, Quantitative easing & the daddy of them all, you’re an anti-Semite – all born of the same stable & their raison d’etre is to keep people in the dark by stifling debate.

It’s so frustrating how all it takes for people to say they’d never vote for JC is for the media to spew some drivel like he’s in cahoots with IRA terrorists & Hamas. As if other senior politicians never talk to the enemy. The mere thought is preposterous! The one thing you can be sure exists in politics is BEHIND THE SCENES ACTIVITY! I mean what a cheap trick yet even relatively intelligent folk fall for this one. What they don’t realise is they’re being fooled. On certain subject matters it’s almost as if the media has this mesmeric ability to switch people’s brains off. Mark Twain’s quote – “it’s easier fooling someone than telling them they’ve been fooled” couldn’t be more appropriate.

What people need to ask is why on certain key issues the media never presents an alternative view? Like a synchronised choir, they all sing the same tune. If just one newspaper could give an alternative view, it would be a totally different story. These are the facts: All JC wanted to do was encourage dialogue. How else does one take the heat out of dire situations where warring factions are at each others throats? You talk. This is the way to stop conflicts, to stop people dying…… something which the Zio-West is loathed to do. This is why the media’s criticism of Corbyn is relentless. Maintaining the Zio/US/UK economic hegemony over-rides all else. This is why our bent politicians & the equally corrupt media always promote war. The last thing they want is anyone who advocates peace.

And our history proves it. The atrocities we’ve committed in India; we were the ones who invented concentration camps in the Boer war in South Africa, not the Germans; we tore up the Geneva Convention bombing cities like Dresden with no military significance killing more people in three days than we lost in the entire war. Why can’t people understand the worst atrocities are committed by the victors who write the history books? Are we so consumed by hatred & fear we remain incapable of recognising there may be another side to the story? The answer to this is YES! WE ARE & it’s because of the media. It’s job is to ensure this. Who else always tells us the other side started it, we’re the good guys & the people we kill simply asked for it?

It’s understandable how every so often intelligent folk arrive at the wrong conclusions. I had good reason to with the IRA. Back in the late 70s I was working for a Jewelry firm in Piccadilly Circus. Commuting back & forth was traumatic to say the least because at the time the IRA was conducting a bombing campaign in the center of London. People were being blown to bits! The fear was palpable. The daily grind of work was bad enough but going there thinking you might just be in the wrong place at the wrong time? In the office I could see how this fear had in turn created hatred. ‘We should kill those bastards! Why are we having to go through this hell?’

I don’t know what made me jump into the arena with all these seasoned grown-ups, especially since I hadn’t given the matter serious thought but one day I said ‘but why is the IRA doing this? How have we ended up in this crazy situation?‘……. STONY SILENCE! You could hear a pin drop. I recall a rather uneasy feeling coming over me. What have I done? I could see people looking at me thinking who’s the little pipsqueak stepping out of his pram? Nobody wanted to hear that but then, as I looked around, a few of my more experienced colleagues were nodding in agreement. They too felt there was much more to this. Of course. There had to be. Why else would people organise themselves to coordinate elaborate bombing campaigns for no financial gain, in the knowledge if they’re caught they’ll spend most of their lives in jail? However vile it is, these people nevertheless had to have a damn good reason for doing this. Whether you like it or not, this is plain common sense!

Sadly, the thought process ends way too early & it’s mostly down to anger. You don’t want to think further for indignation makes you see no reason to. The IRA are terrorists, end of story. We’re surrounded by baddies so questioning policy becomes strictly taboo! This explains why the most obvious questions are rarely asked. Why, for instance, did so many Irish folk feel they had no option but to join the IRA? Would 400 years of oppressive British rule have something to do with it? What makes me so angry is all those critical of JC for wanting to talk to the IRA are oblivious of the true history of Ireland. Are we ever taught how Disraeli thought nothing of seeing half of Ireland starve to death in the 1840s or the fact Oliver Cromwell was a mass-murdering butcher? Just imagine being on the receiving end of British rule. We were ruthless. If you were Irish I promise you, you’d have joined the IRA & fought like a Trojan!

Yet the other day on the BBC’s ‘Question Time’ or I should say Zionist propaganda show, Piers ‘I’m as obnoxious as it gets’ Morgan reiterated these very claims about Jeremy Corbyn. Much as people are fed up with the outrageous bias, many are so brainwashed they can’t see the bigger picture. You can be sure Morgan knows the truth. He may be a slippery so-in-so but he’s no idiot. He knows JC’s only desire is to represent the people of the UK. He knows JC is one of the very few who’s not in it for himself. He knows deep in his heart we not only need him badly but he has to be given a free rein, void of Zionist coercion. The trouble is, apart from massaging his monstrous ego, all that concerns Morgan is for the massive pay checks to keep rolling in. For this to happen he has to impress his elite paymasters & there are few better able to peddle their lies than Morgan. What price for helping to pervert democracy? In my eyes, these people are traitors.

What is required is an open mind. Never take what the media says as gospel. The trouble is many who are angry with Corbyn believe their minds are open. That’s the problem. A little meaningful research is seemingly above them & so they’re stuck in their ways. One thing for sure, whenever you do look at the whole story it’s a cast-iron guarantee you’ll realise the media’s been pulling the wool over your eyes. What perhaps people need to do is use the Iraq war as a template. Here the media told a pack of lies in order to initiate a war that resulted in death & destruction on a scale barely imaginable. Almost 2 million civilians lost their lives & the media is yet to offer an apology. This is why no one should believe anything the media says.


  • charles allan

    Yes I read too many newspapers written by prostitute journalists and watched BBC lies
    all bribed and manipulated by the elites and financiers.
    It is harder for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for the rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven – Jesus – has new meaning for me

  • neil unwin

    Thankyou Michael, I totally agree with everything you say. The Israel/US/UK (+ other supporters) terrorism & crimes have now been going on for 71 years.. Fully supported by the Mainstream Media, who`s role is to demonise anyone who dares to criticise in any way at all.. This collective rabble are the only people who now have their own special shiny new revised version of racism, so as to also demonise anyone criticising the terrorist, criminal state that is Israel- the only country/regime in the world that is now protected in this way..

    • Thanks Neil. I find it incredible how especially on this Corbyn/IRA thing, it seems the media is able to stop people from thinking straight. One thing I do know, if Corbyn doesn’t get in we’re finished here in the UK.

      • neil unwin

        Yes Michael. I believe there are now too many people in US/UK/Western society who are so brainwashed that they`re incapable of “thinking straight”. The longer I live in this country the more I dislike the Establishment/Hierarchy, & also many of the ordinary people.. Hopefully at some point things will at least revert from this insane slide towards oblivion (being polite). It could already be too late IMO. Hope Im wrong.

        • charles allan

          Yes – John Major was the one who talked with the IRA but the PTB
          said not a lot – the square mile is a very important piece of real estate .

        • I know exactly how you feel Neil because it’s how I feel. It’s like we’ve allowed a cancer to grow & speread & now it’s virtually impossible to cut out. Even relatively smart people are clueless to what’s going on.

  • Eileen Brophy

    As long as the mainstream media keep telling their lies and brainwashing everyone things will
    never change, unless people wake up and start reading alternative media, like yours Michael
    where the truth is told. This whole situation is getting worse and heaven only knows when (if) it
    will stop. People need to start reacting but have been converted into IT robots, more interested
    in their phones than what is really happening around them.

  • Fredi Hazeem

    My experience is the one pointing the finger first is usually the one responsible.

  • rob.foster

    Ref Dresden, official german report,Tagesbefehl No. 47 put the death toll at 20,204. Goebbels timesed it by ten by putting a nought on the end. He then fed this figure to the neutral countrys press who ran with it and it was picked up by the british press. Recently a german government commission made up of 13 german historians headed by Rolf-Dieter muller investigated. In 2008 Muller said that 18,000 victims had been identified, the commission estimates that a maximum of 25,000 people lost there lives. Source, Journeys end by Kevin Wilson.

    • Well I find this hard to believe though I can well understand why they want to play these figures down. At the time Dresden was flush with refugees & it was fire-bombed for 3 days solid! People were literally vaporised by the heat. The scenes of the aftermath showed utter devastation. I think the moral of the story is here – we’re always lied to. They lied about the 6 million figure & are still lying to this day. How can we ever know what the whole truth is?

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