So much for freedom of speech Facebook

To be perfectly honest my heart had gone out of writing on social media long ago. I continued only because of the encouragement I received from friends & followers. When I first got my website up & running, initially I was pleased I carried on through the tough moments but then at the end of last year, Facebook & my domain registra ‘Go bloody Daddy’, began turning the screw.


The last thing I want to do is list all their horrible little tricks. I will say it’s been an ongoing campaign to silence me. Each time they made one of their devious moves, I merely countered by eventually restoring the readership I previously had. Today though, when I switched my computer on this was on my GMMuk page –
So much for freedom of speech


Of course, though they gave no reason as to why my page was taken down, I had the option to appeal. Yeah – some option. As if these bastards don’t know what they’re doing! I simply said –



So a page I’ve had for 3 years which amassed 7100 page Likes, that’s around 7 for every day, has been taken down & note how they said – IT CANNOT BE PUBLISHED AGAIN! Since I don’t allow swearing, personal insults or incitement to violence, what everyone should ask themselves, WOULD THEY HAVE DONE THIS TO SOMEONE WHO SPOKE UTTER CRAP?


I will soldier on on my Michael Aydinian wall, timeline or whatever it bloody well is but I’m not holding out much hope that this will remain open for too long. Therefore, while I have the chance, if I do disappear from FB’s pages, hopefully you can still find me on my website. I never thought Voltaire’s words would apply to my good self – SEE WHO YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO CRITICISE!


  • Michael; I personally was involved in your writing on FaceBook back then and I warned you about what you were putting in print. Certain truths are not allowed on FaceBook. All of the Media is controlled by ( ). You can think it but you cannot say it on FB. It is who we are not allowed to criticise. You have rebounded with a great post. Hang in there buddy.

  • Sarah Lowe

    Absolutely gutted but I will follow you here and where ever you write. You are a true inspiration and to continue is your calling . You have many supporters and followers and we are behind you every step of the way.

  • Sam

    I agree with Jack again as usual!, They almost have the whole deal sewn up now to the extent that you can’t even discuss their malign influence, let alone criticise it. I’m disgusted with FB but not in the least surprised, the bastards!

    • Yes indeed Sam. I’ve always felt this block control they have over the entire mass-media will be the death of us all. This is why I refer to Israel as a perversion & Zionism as a virulent carcinogenic strain that’s rampaging through mankind. None of this would be occurring if it wasn’t for their total control of the media. The problem is not so much that people don’t realise they’ye lying. Most people do. The only ones who don’t are the brain-dead. The problem is most people don’t realise what the real truth is – ie the ones who moan & complain all the time are the ones who are actually piling on all the misery!

  • Pacman925

    Don’t let them slow up down at all Michael ! Keep growing with other sources !!
    Facebook NSA/NWO have banned me 27 times since Jan. 2015…….but, I have more subscribers than I started today !!
    They “removed” my WW Historical Revision site with 3 yrs & nearly 3,000 members by saying that the posts was obscene, threatening, & not honest information. Who the heck do they think they are ?? Who are the LIAR”S ????
    Keep Up Your Efforts Michael !!! && Talk More than ever in Public too !!!!

    God Bless You Brother !!

    • Thanks Pacman though I’d love to know how I can keep growing. I think for now I’ll just stick with my website to try & do what I can, unless you have some good ideas. I think the trouble is though, the more you speak the truth, the more they try to screw you.

  • Linda

    You are a warrior for the truth Michael, just keep coming back at them. Let every knock back be like a red flag to a bull. Open another page, just keep outwitting them. You are an amazingly intelligent guy don’t get downhearted get motivated.

  • Michael W. Lurie

    I know what it’s like to be shut down needlessly.

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