So now those opposed to the illegal bombing of innocent civilians are “Terrorist Sympathisers”

If you like me are livid with Cameron’s branding of pacifists as terrorist sympathisers then for Christ sake, send an email to the standards commissioner of parliament.

Cameron is a nobody who’s had a silver spoon rammed in his gob from the word go. He may have a majority but only 23% of eligible voters gave their vote to his party. Bad enough democracy isn’t worth a bar of soap but then this war-mongering little wretch has the gall to label those opposed to the indiscriminate bombing of innocent folk as terrorist sympathisers? 


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Last year this man went to the UN & said “he would use all means at his disposal to ERADICATE 9/11 Truthers!” Now at least 75% of us are terrorist sympathisers! Let me tell you something now – this man is a diabolical liability. For 4 years I’ve been saying he’s a traitor but only in the last year or two have I begun to fear the worst – this man really is capable of anything! It’s time to make our feelings known before this bastard brings in laws to outlaw criticism or helps spark off WW III.


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THE Terrorist Sympathiser.


Cameron will wish he never used the phrase ‘terrorist sympathisers’


So say what you think about Cameron’s latest outburst. By all means use what you like from this piece I sent them earlier today.

For a sitting Prime Minister to label those who are opposed to bombing sovereign nations as “Terrorist Sympathisers” is an outrage & an insult.
However, considering Cameron has done this on the back of failing to present a reasonable argument & moreover is `chomping at the bit to declare war when he’s scandalously neglected to utilise all other options to avert war, not only should this madman be impeached but he should face trial for Treason.
It is simply unacceptable. A close ally is blatantly funding the organisation Cameron claims it’s his intention to fight. To declare war without having tried to extinguish this source of income is a criminal act, plain & simple. One must utilise all other options to avert war before one can ever declare war.
It’s obligatory – war has to be the VERY LAST RESORT! Yet those like me who are appalled at the prospect of once again bombing innocent civilians, have to suffer the ignominy of Cameron’s foul mouth along with his blatant lies.


Price of Apathy



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