So the terrorists shouted “this is for Allah”. I wonder, did they leave any ID?



1) Are people ever going to consider how bizarre it is that each time there’s a so-called terrorist attack, the perpetrators either leave behind their ID or make a point of stating something that implicitly implicates Arabs & Muslims?

2) Are people therefore ever going to consider these attacks would be the perfect ploy for anyone who ‘has it in’ for Arabs & Muslims?

3) Are people ever going to consider how the media, even RT, literally cannot wait to attach the word ‘Islamist’ to a terror attack before any solid evidence is ever made available, even though they know by doing so it causes irrevocable damage to the Muslim community?

4) Why is the media deliberately brainwashing people into believing acts of terror are strictly the domain of Muslim extremists? The proof is in the pudding. The crazed actions of Anders Brevik (killed 77) & Andreas Lubitz (killed 149) have never been considered acts of terror yet how rapidly would the media have changed their tack had Muslims been responsible? 

5) Are people ever going to consider the timing of these attacks – how they seemingly occur most conveniently for those claiming we have to do ‘more’ in the fight against terror?

6) How can it be? According to Zionist stooge Theresa May it is the Internet & not the West’s pro-Zionist interventionist foreign policy that needs to be regulated. How come the media never associates any of these so-called ‘Islamist terror attacks’ with the West’s systematic destruction of Arab & Muslim nations?


If one gets to this stage then it’s merely a natural extrapolation to ask – who perhaps has an agenda to vilify Arabs & Muslims? Answer:– ISRAEL!

Now you have to ask one final, crucial question: IS THERE ANY EVIDENCE THAT SUGGESTS ISRAEL WOULD INDULGE IN SUCH HEINOUS ACTS OF STATE TERRORISM? Answer:- ONLY MOUNTAIN LOADS! I really should be saying ‘where do you want me to start?

Though similar forms of Zionist skulduggery stretch way back before 1954, the Lavon Affair was really the first time Zionists were prepared to physically commit acts of terror, on their alleged allies no less, for the sole purpose of blaming their enemies. In the 50’s & 60’s the Israelis considered Egypt their greatest foe. Here’s what they did 63 years ago. You can be sure the Israelis have perfected what are now known as ‘false flag’ attacks. It’s worth noting, the ONLY people who realistically can get away with false flag attacks are those inextricably linked to the media barons. Successful false flag attacks rely on one thing – FULL MEDIA COOPERATION!


Now watch this short clip about the Lavon Affair & then tell me if you don’t think it’s worth checking out Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty 13 years later. 





  • kevin Fitmaurice-brown

    I am leaving this ‘news ‘ site. I am not Jewish. you should make it clear you are talking about Israeli zionists not Jews. Most of the Jewish people are against Israeli methods.

  • Jeannie Craig

    Depressing as it is, as long as the media is instructed to push this nonsense, there will be those who swallow it as fact, If Labour win, and I hope we do, how the hell will the media cope? I’m looking forward to witnessing the careerist tossers choke on their own propaganda.

    By the way, and for what it’s worth, I find no anti-Semitism in your reporting, and you can hardly be held responsible if the language/material in pieces you post is either a) badly used, if well-intended , or b) implicitly anti-Semitic.

    Many thanks.

    p.s. I watched the new version of Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ this weekend, and it was beyond bewildering the near-stupour in which the people accepted the (cattle-)prodding into place… Also, I noticed MGM, amongst others, made the series. Doesn’t Ted Turner own MGM? I hear he believes half-a-billion is the ideal population for our planet.

    • Thank you so much Jeannie. Yesterday I was furious with the comments of Kevin & Roz. To nit-pick like that on a matter so serious? Then I discovered many of my subscribers have been unable to comment & that made me even more crazy. Outside forces are seemingly in control of my website. With yet another 30 day FB ban I’m being muzzled to oblivion. The only comfort I can draw from all this is it wouldn’t be happening if I was talking rubbish. Thanks again Jeannie.

  • naimah yianni

    Absolutely agree with Jeannie. Keep going Michael!

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