Some great captions featuring man’s best friend

A few days ago “A Touch of Frost’ was on. In this episode Inspector Frost, played by the great English actor David Jason, was saved thanks to a Police dog bravely coming in between him & the attacker only for the dog to suffer a nasty wound. Anyway, it all ended happily when the Alsatian, severely hampered by all the bandages was finally reunited with his police dog-handler, who himself had been injured & was on crutches. As Frost & Tooland looked on at this farcical situation he said to his sergeant “it’s true what they say George – ihe more you know about people, the more you appreciate dogs.”


Man's best friend

Man’s best friend


Even though I’m a cat man, I thought to myself damn right. I love all animals because you know where you stand but dogs especially are so loyal & genuine. Of course there are loads of good human beings about. The sad truth is, we may have set ourselves apart from the animal kingdom by evolving to eventually dominate our surroundings but it seems such an evolutionary leap comes at a price because ultimately, each  every species has to make the right decisions.


Srew the consequences






Doggie driving away


Dog & Goat





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