Some poignant words from the Russian ambassador to the UN 

Some poignant words from the Russian ambassador to the UN 


The US shouldn’t assume it has friends, only countries unable to disagree.


Everywhere you go, everything you touch, you leave behind only chaos. 


We’re not begging you for friendship. We want normal, civilized relations – which you arrogantly refuse, disregarding basic courtesy.


Your so-called friends are just those who can’t say no to you. This is your only criteria for friendship.


Thankfully the Russians are somehow maintaining their composure & so far have refused to sink anywhere near the hideous level the West has plunged itself. We have become an absolute embarrassment. The old USSR, disagreeable as it was, was nowhere near as bad as this. 


Here’s the whole piece –



Some crucial facts just in case anyone is idiot enough to believe the politicians & the media:

Assad has nothing to gain & everything to lose from gassing his own people. Therefore it’s obvious this chemical attack had to be a set up job. He would never do such a thing. 


Moreover, with the Russians 100% committed to helping him, what earthly reason would he have. The Russians would be furious with him.


The West has lied before & as a result intervened militarily, only to cause utter devastation. Then, despite the fact millions have died, there is never any apology. All that happens is the West continues to lie in order to cause even more carnage.


Not only that, when other countries commit mass-murder & do so by utilising weapons that have been outlawed, in front of everyone, the West inconceivably says nothing. Therefore, anyone who supports the media & politicians are either mad or brainless!



  • Julian Payne

    It grieves me that everyone I speak to about the whole probability that we’re facing a potential nuclear war, over evidence that is baseless, and they still believe the MSM. And all the crap they’re now spouting on radio 2 today about Assad moving primary school children into potential targets, well it’s just laughable. We’re all doomed.

    • No we aren’t. What you should factor in is the radio like the TV has been taken over by warmongering Zionists. I guarantee you, for every brainless moron phoning in criticising Assad & Jeremy Corbyn, there 20 people phoning in saying the exact opposite! The problem is these bastards don’t air any of that & so what we actually hear is a highly censored version which masquerades as reality!

  • Flying Gabriel

    I no longer see it just through my monitor anymore Michael, it’s right outside my door. Maybe there’s some confirmation bias from recent experience, but I’m finding civilized relations and basic courtesy being arrogantly refused every damn day. Western culture to it’s core seems infected with a fear based aggression and moral confusion and is nose-diving. It’s a generalisation, there are good folk like wheat among the weeds. But it’s not enough to stop me considering emigration, I’m doing my first fact-finding mission abroad next week. I’ve nothing to martyr myself over in this country..

    • Yes indeed FG. You know I’ve started a piece exactly explaining this but it gets me so down I can’t seem to edit the damn thing appropriately enough to post it. Perhaps now I can redo it using your comment, if that’s alright with you.
      What you say is so right. Casting aside the blatant lies of our politicians & media & the fact blithering idiots say, ‘it’s always been like this’, to which I reply, ‘no. It’s far, far worse than it’s ever been. Can’t you see we’ve reached a point where they can lie no more?’ Forget all that & just look at what’s on the TV. Not a day goes by where death & mass-murder is not glorified.
      Examples: Death row with none other than goody-goody Trevor MacDonald interviewing & thus publicising scumbags who’ve committed the most evil crimes. Then there’s Piers Morgan, a nasty piece of work that typifies the kind of scum the networks employ, interviewing evil killers in jail. Then there’s programs all over the place like highlighting murderers ‘Couples who kill’, FBI files, Crime this & crime that – it’s a non-stop barrage & the point I’m making is 20 odd years ago it was not like this. For instance, when the Krays were busy in the 60s terrorising people, less was said about them back then….. BUT NOW? IT DOESN’T STOP!
      So one must ask – why are our TVs being inundated with evil as opposed to highlighting the work of wonderful people like aid workers, bomb disposal experts & charitable folk?
      The answer is down to that fact this is a form of subliminal brainwashing for the sole purpose of desensitising people so that when the Police state is finally created, people like Blair, Cameron, May & all those who support Zionists, including police & military personnel, can either commit mass-murder with impunity or sit idly by & watch it happen. Typically, the masses are being programmed & THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW IT!
      Please let me know if I can use your comment or name or both

  • Venner

    I think I see what they have been doing now.
    The demonize Russia campaign is to prepare the masses for a military confrontation in Syria.
    The covert plan to use their phony terrorist group ISIS, to overthrow Assad was wrecked when Russia got involved, so now they have only one other option, attack Assad’s forces themselves and risk a confrontation with Russia in Syria.

    • I’m not sure if this is entirely the case. What you say is correct but if you think about it, anyone who gets in their way or even anyone who criticises them, what happens? AUTOMATIC DEMONISATION! The media never even considers the other side of the story. This is why I pound the phrase – IF NO ONE STOPS THE ZIONISTS, THEY WILL NOT STOP! Once they get an idea in their head, however illegal or banal, they never stop pursuing that goal. This is the way they operate. Of course we’ve long since passed the point of no return – the public can never know the truth so they quite literally have to do whatever it takes. If it means killing billions of us – THEY WILL!

      • Venner

        We’ll see.
        I believe Syria is a big part of the plan that included Libya Iraq and Iran. They got rid of Gaddafi and Saddam already. They tried to create an uprising in Iran to overthrow their leadership but it failed.
        Netanyahu outlined the plan for Syria in his 1996 paper, A Clean Break, the Future of Security for Israel in which he said the overthrow of Assad could be achieved by covert operations, infiltration etc.
        That was the reason for creating ISIS.
        We know prior to the Russian involvement the US military had left millions of dollars of military hardware behind for ISIS in Iraq and then was obviously only pretending to confront ISIS in Syria, and that they have hampered efforts by Russia and Assad to fight them whenever they could ever since, including false flag chemical weapons attack to give the excuse for taking out Assad’s airbase, supposed accidental bombing of Assad’s forces when they were about to win major battles with ISIS, but still the plan to overthrow Assad is still frustrated by the Russian involvement supporting Assad’s forces.
        So now they have no option, if they want to overthrow Assad they are going to have to do it the hard way and this could lead to a direct confrontation with Russia in Syria.
        They have spent months demonizing both Assad’s government and Russia and I predict there will soon be a false flag event in Syria that they can use as justification for the US to send in ground forces which was their big screw up to begin with, if they had already done that, Russia would not have got involved and risked a confrontation with the US.
        I think Obama was the reason that didn’t happen and also he made that nuclear deal with Iran. I think Obama went about as far as he could to hamper this Zionist plan to take control of the middle East, the Iran nuclear deal being the most significant. So, extremely angry at Obama they put Trump into the White House knowing he is stupid, gullible and easily manipulated and he would do what they want including punishing Obama by attempting to dismantle everything he achieved as President, of course, including the Iran deal and that through him they can use the US military if they need to.
        I think the demonization of Assad and Russia strongly suggests they have decided, they do need to.

        • I agree with pretty much all you say. I think once they decided to implement the Oded Yinon’s plan for Greater Israel, they knew in order to achieve it they had to manufacture a war on terror. This was done when the Zionists executed 9/11 & the rest is history. I was merely pointing out that once they decide something, they’ll do whatever it takes. 100% right about Obama. Again this is how the Zionists work. They want everything & they usually get a lot & they got a lot from Obama considering before the election he was scathing of GWs foreign policy. What they don’t initially get, they then continue to chip away until it’s all gone their way, so ultimately they get what they want all the time. And of course as time goes by they want even more. This is why I refer to them as the most virulent carcinogenic strain. The one thing I will say is I don’t believe US ground forces will be utilised in Syria. I may be wrong but I’m not sure if the American public are going to allow this.

          • Venner

            The American public don’t care about any of it, remember their own government attacked them on 911 lied to them about wmd’s then sacrificed thousands of young American soldiers to kill a million Iraqis who did nothing to hurt America and what do you hear from the American public? Barely a wimper.

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  • Walter Cairns

    Something tells me Trump knows what he’s doing. Saturday’s bombing was just for show – after all Assad had plenty of time to clear the chemical weapons factories concerned (if indeed he has any). I think that Trump and Putin are running the show, ostensibly squaring up to each other but, on the quiet, planning to defeat the New World Order very gradually. Follow Q anon on Twitter.

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