Something is rotten in the Denver airport (13 Photos) – The New World Airport Commission.

The New World Airport Commission eh? First time I looked at this I thought ‘what the hell’s this?’ If I didn’t know the guy who sent me it, drummer extraordinaire Ted Duggan, I wouldn’t have bothered. I’d have just said thanks & it would have been all she wrote. The next day I spoke to Ted & said there’s something about the link you sent me – it’s a touch eerie, yet…… Anyway, I may like taking the gloves off but I don’t go for sensationalism, so I let it be. That was Saturday. Now I don’t know what compelled me to do it but I looked at it again tonight!




3 times? I’m not going to say never but that’s rare! However, one thing I always do is trust my instincts. I got to admit there’s something about this that I really don’t like & it’s not the usual crap that once again the tax-payer is paying for something that they know nothing about because it was privately funded & no one really knows who put the bread up. The original commission in 1989 was to cost $1.7 billion. True to form the price sky-rocketed to $4.6 billion, so at least we know cost overruns aren’t strictly restricted to the tax-payer. Still if these drawing are part of an elaborate underground bunker…… then who knows? Look, if anyone does know more, please enlighten us. All I know is we couldn’t have worse people in control.








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