Spreading of Islamophobia; refugees are migrants; Palestinians are terrorists – oh but woe betide if you say anything about the horrors of Zionism!

My week ban is finally over. Quite why I was banned in the first place is a moot point. There was no explanation; merely that apparently someone took offence to a post about Roger Waters & the ever-growing BDS movement which effectively is the only thing we have to counter the Zionist juggernaut that is threatening to engulf us.




In the meantime FB did nothing to those who have sent me death threats. I know this is so because one such vermin named Yuval Shapiro 6 months later is still trying to get to me through my friends. It’s no use reporting these people. I’m sure they don’t use their real names & in any case, each time I try to log a compliant I hit a brick wall. This is the kind of playing field that’s synonymous with Zionism.


FB Bias


You can rest assured each threat encourages me to try even harder. If FB ban me again I won’t care one iota because frankly I don’t want anything to do with a company that suppresses freedom of speech. If I talk rubbish, people won’t listen. It’s as simple as that. FB may not be in the business of suppressing the truth. It only does so when Zionists & Israel is concerned. If they don’t like criticism, there’s a simple solution – stop behaving so disgracefully & above all stop supporting evil leaders all the time!


Murderous treachery


People on FB know where I am. If they want to hear what I have to say & perhaps spread the word all they have to do is subscribe to my website. If people don’t then that’s up to them. I’ll be damned if I’m going to beg by saying – oh please. Sign up! You either care for the truth or not. If you can’t be bothered to move away from FB for two seconds then so-be-it. Other than that, I think it’s safe to say – I’M BACK!


  • Nicky Nelson

    I love those memes! Glad to have you back !!! xo

  • The earliest Qurans were discovered in Yemen Sana Mosque, the outer wall collapsed, in the space between the outer wall and inner wall was loads of versions of the Quran. German professors have had access and restored them, also taking ultra violet light pictures, now in the hands of the west. It proves without doubt, that the Quran is man made. It has ink washed off to re-use the paper, the ultra violet light pictures prove this.

    See Islam Watch:


  • Though my circle is small- it amazes me that this even happens. One would think after 5 years of running a group on FB that this would have happened by now. Not only is it public and open to anyone who wants to see the material, every type of article you can imagine has been flooded into it over years. I’ve learned how to flag non-members and do so, even so much to flag the CIA and Putin and whoever i choose when i post something relevant to a topic. I’ve favored palestine, iran, and anarchy… yet not one thing i’ve posted has ever come back to bite my rear. I’ve even shared your material in the group thinking maybe i could catch someone in the act. Help in some small way. You see when someone flags an article in a group- the moderator gets to decide to allow it back onto the wall and more importantly- who flagged it…. 5 years… over 1600 members… and only one subject is all thats been flagged. A “trump” bashing article earlier this year. From my spectrum and lens at looking at this- it must be a really select few out there. Let me send some advise- stop using your personal wall- create a group like i did- than post away. You will find out REAL quick who it is. Not hard to do- and since i’ve seen first hand how that works- and how it works in YOUR favor- you can ban people out from seeing it. It seems we dont have a lot of time to do what we do… but if your having issues- THERE IS A SOLUTION.

    Good luck with whatever you choose

    • Kurt – that is great information but for me, my website is the future. I’ve had enough of FB. If people want to follow me here, fine. If not, whatever. My problem is time. I cannot keep trying to set things up only to acquire grief. All I want to see is FB go down the tube!

  • Naimah Yianni

    If you can´t post on facebook we can all post your articles on there regardless and get a good circulation……

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