Stop the Executions of Teenage Protesters in Saudi Arabia

These young Saudis have committed no crime yet they are about to be executed on Friday. Ali al-Nimr, Dawood al-Marhoon & Abdullah al-Zaher were 16 & 17 when they were arrested at a peaceful protest. According to the report published by Amnesty International & Reprieve, the three boys were subjected to tortures to sign false confessions that later were used to convict them. Please sign the petition.


Saudi executions

We’re not just heading for dangerous waters – we’re steaming into them head-first! Forget about all the bullshit talk – OUR LEADERS ARE DOING NOTHING TO STOP THIS! Fact is, they’re encouraging it! You see Cameron wants to do exactly the same thing to anyone who disagrees with him. Saudi Arabia have effectively been given the green light to commit these horrendous crimes because this way it can act as a test case. This is a step by step process. Our rights are systematically being dismantled so that they can kill anyone who’s brave enough to challenge these murderous scumbags.
1) Tell everyone at the UN, even peaceful protesters are potentially as dangerous as ISIS terrorists.
2) 9/11 Truthers must be eradicated.
3) Let the Saudi’s do it first.
4) Do nothing when they behead 47, mostly non-violent prisoners in one day.  
5) See if there’s any undue public reaction.
6) Now start executing peaceful protesters!
It goes without saying – there won’t be much opposition when such an example is made out of peaceful protesters. To say we’re on a slippery slope is a chronic understatement!

Sign the petition “Stop the Executions of Teenage Protesters in Saudi Arabia” –

It was bad enough having Israel behave as if it didn’t give a damn about international law. What made it so reprehensible was the fact that we allowed Israel to get away with it. In fact we had to forever suffer listening to how corrupt leaders in the West & the media offered Israel unconditional support. So it should be no surprise that countries who supported Israel through thick & thin ie the US, UK, France & Canada, should start behaving in a similar fashion. Apparently, international laws only apply to those who dare to voice concern.
Now this disease is fast becoming contagious. All of a sudden Turkey & Saudi Arabia haven’t just got in on the act; they’re behaving as if they’re trying to outdo each other – trying to show which one of the two are the biggest bastards! Now I know these two countries have never so much as contemplated trying to earn Brownie points but am I wrong in stating there’s been an alarming upturn in the ‘let’s do what the hell we like’ attitude & screw the consequences?


Well, I wouldn’t have wrote this piece in April 2014 entitled –

We Should be Preparing for War Because It’s All but been Declared on us.

– if I didn’t feel this was the case.


Check out the excellent ‘wealth distribution’ clip in this piece.


Wealth inequality


  • Fredi Hazeem

    Let’s see, 2016. Made it a 10 year felony to celebrate Xmas, outlawed chess, decapitated Sheikh Numr, and a grip of others, killed a Philippine man named “Servant of the kind”, stoned a maid for getting raped, ordered wood to start building crosses for the people sentenced to death by crucifixion (including Sheikh Numr’s nephew), .. oh, and US military protected, from the Petro-Dollar deal. – Can we please arrest the Saud ruling class, and a 100 other mad politicians and bankers to send a message

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