Stop the War Coalition – Corbyn is their guy. I can’t think of a better man to lead at least one of our useless parties.

“I don’t want to go to memorial services. I want us to be a real influence for peace, for justice & human rights around the world. You don’t achieve that by lying to parliament; you don’t achieve that by invading countries that don’t have weapons you claim they had.”

In perhaps a forlorn attempt to pull the rug from under those possessing an insatiable urge to state the obvious I can assure everyone – I’M PERFECTLY AWARE JEREMY CORBYN IS NOT THE MESSIAH. If he were to be crowned Labor’s new leader & from what I’ve seen, Zionist pressure groups in the UK are already on this like a rash, this alone would hardly constitute a defining moment in history. We’ve spent 200 years getting into this mess. It’s going to take a shitload more than Jeremy Corbyn to get us out of this particular khazi.

Right. I got that off my chest. Is it alright to now state I’d love to see this guy become Labor leader without people jumping down my throat? Sick & tired of people trying to earn Brownie points by trying to make me look like a mug! Good. Far as I’m concerned, this fella is one of the few in Parliament who’d warrant a governmental role if we lived in an ideal world. Why do I say this? Because out of the 600+ MP’s, Jeremy Corbyn ranks Numero Uno in terms of the rather touchy issue of MP’s expenses – he claims the least! End of story! As Harvey Keitel says in the advert – GOOD ENOUGH!  

Affluence & influence shouldn’t enter the equation. Why? Because not only has this method been tried & tested, much to the detriment of the planet & it’s inhabitants, since democracy reared it’s ugly head, it’s all we’ve ever had! The fact our quest for higher order never intended this to be the case is irrelevant. What’s of paramount importance is, NOW WE KNOW! WHATEVER SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT INCORPORATED IN THE FUTURE, HAS TO, ABOVE ALL, ENSURE MONEY NEVER, EVER TALKS AGAIN. Even Knowledge is not the be-all & end-all; the criteria for those who’d best serve as advisors in their respective government ministries, yes indeed. Absolutely. No. Honesty & integrity are the fundamental requirements. For me, Corbyn ticks both boxes. As for image – I think you know just where you should take that & shove it………..

Jeremy Corbyn


This is how they do it – organisation. Merely being aware of who may or may not be ideal isn’t worth a Mars bar! The one thing Zionists never do is hope for the best. They make themselves busy. They’re prepared to do whatever it takes – bribery, coercion, media manipulation, electoral fraud, you name it – even cold-blooded murder, all on the quiet, wherever & whenever it matters. The manner in which they operate is akin to a most virulent carcinogenic strain that somehow manages to remain undetected. Even relatively intelligent folk have no idea they’re out in force, doing whatever to get their man in. Don’t believe me? Check out this link David Douglas Hill so kindly sent me. Do you honestly believe they got this lot in their pockets by playing tiddlywinks? Bear in mind, this ungodly level of Zionist influence is for the Labor party!

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