Strange how censorship only applies for the truth

I wanted to put this caption up because from day one I believed the West, notably Israel, was behind ALL the terrorism in the world. Stealing the Golan Heights, perverting Western democracy through bribery & coercion, the IDF using peaceful Palestinian protesters as target practice, all the bullshit regarding anti-Semitism – none of this would happen if people knew ISIS was a Zionist organisation.

It was my intention to post a couple of links to some articles I wrote a while back – ‘ISIS Are Terrorists But Their Commanders Are in the Knesset and Mossad’ – 10 February 2015 & ‘No Question ISIS is our Enemy but its Leaders are our Leaders’ – 16 August 2015, only to find the links show ‘404 error’ & the alternative media site that published them in America called ‘Whatsupic’ was no longer on the grid. Now why do you suppose that’s the case? If I was wrong, surely my articles would not be censored & I would merely be the target for ridicule?

By the way, for the nauseating cretins out there who’ve got that awful thing called political correctness erupting out of every orifice, this is specifically for you – I have nothing against donkeys. I think they’re wonderful creatures, I really do. I like them more than humans. In fact I think it’s a crying shame that often we treat them so terribly. Right. I’ve got that one out the way!


  • Auntie Semite

    Veteran’s Today published evidence showing that isis is the israeli secret intelligence service and their leader, “Al Bagdadi is actually an APARTHEID israel mossad jew named simon elliot.

    I was a typical Caucasian Westerner who used to watch the jew MSM and believe most of their lies. But after spending many years researching all the major and many minor religions, I was guided to Islam three years ago. I starting researching why most Western countries are run by satanic/zionist regimes and why they hate God and especially Muslims. I found most of the answers in the Qur’an and Gospel.

    Jesus said the devil is the father of the jew and his bidding they will do, and Allah told us the nearest people in affection to us will be the Christians but warned not to be friends with the Christians that are fiends with the jew. The behaviour of the APARTHEID israel jew and the jew banksters proves Allah and Jesus to be correct. And as I can see no way to escape these satanic/zionist parasites and their minions, I plan to make Hijra (escape from this new Babylon/Sodom and Gomorrah and raise my children in a decent Islamic country (one not run by a puppet dictator if amerikkka and APARTHEID israel) insha’Allah

    If anyone comes up with a better way to deal with these inhuman parasites, I’m all ears. But if the jew get their amerikkkan and nato mercenary slaves to start WW3 while I’m still young and healthy enough to fight, I’ll be going to Palestine to send those creatures to their father/lord, the devil insha’Allah and suggest everyone else who can join me. #BDS

    • You know AS – you’re 100% correct about ISIS but where it all goes down the pan is the constant references to religion. It turns people off. Our job is to raise awareness but people aren’t going to join the BDS for instance if you keep referring to Allah, Jesus & satanic Zionist parasites. You really have to mellow it down a touch.

      • Auntie Semite

        That may be true, but I find people who love God and worship Him are much more likely to have empathy for the Native Palestinians than the atheists, as whether they realize it or not, they follow the devil #BDS

  • Fredi Hazeem

    USraelNATO has a long history of creating, and providing material support for terrorists. In fact they invented the War on Terror to mask their criminal endeavors.

    List and history of US terrorism:

    • Auntie Semite

      Allah created Hellfire SPECIFICALLY for people like pharaoh, the amerikkkan and APARTHEID israel regimes…who escape justice in this world but will be made to answer for their crimes for all eternity insha’Allah #BDS

    • I cannot believe how they’ve took these articles away. However, I really do think a hell of a lot more people are aware we’re the terrorists!

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