Suddenly the Zionist Controlled Media Don’t Want To Say a Word about Russia and ISIS

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Suddenly the Zionist Controlled Media Don’t Want To Say a Word about Russia and ISIS

Whatsupic — A week ago I wrote about the horrific US attack on a make-shift charity hospital in Kunduz Afghanistan where 12 hospital staff and 7 patients were killed. After posting the article on social media I was surprised to see quite a few comments stating this was a deliberate ploy to divert attention away from the fact the Russians had pulled the rug from under the Israeli, US, UK, Saudi and Turkish axis of evil by entering the fray in Syria to REALLY fight ISIS. I remember pondering – the good news is it shows people are thinking; the bad news is how on earth do people arrive at such erroneous conclusions?

To bomb a hospital deliberately? Now surely, if one’s aim is to distract attention away from what’s occurring with ISIS in Syria, one’s obliged to commit an act the media can latch onto and talk about relentlessly? If anything, unsurprisingly, the media have shamelessly hardly mentioned this heinous act. Moreover, the proof is there for all to see. Bradley Manning was jailed for 35 years; Julian Assange has been under house arrest for daring to do the media’s job by revealing to the world how the US military was indiscriminately mowing down hoards of unarmed Iraqi civilians. How many weddings in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Pakistan have seen Drones drop in for tea? This is all deliberate. For years I’ve been saying the West is desperate to create terrorism for this is the only way they can ramp up the fear factor and thus pursue their agenda for a New World Order. 

Before 9/11, 16 intelligence agencies reported back to Donald Rumsfeld. He’d asked them to assess whether there existed a genuine terrorist threat anywhere in the world. Rumsfeld revealed the findings – THERE WAS NO SUCH THREAT! Soon after the PNAC group, a Neo-Conservative Zionist think tank released a report entitled ‘Rebuilding America’s Defences.’ It stated and I quote “the process for transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbour.” Within a year we saw the rigged Florida primary to allow GW to steal the Presidency and 9/11 itself! The fictitious war on terror was now underway.

Of course those who thought the attack on the hospital was an attempt to divert attention away from the ‘egg on the faces’ fiasco in Syria were on the right track. They merely failed to analyse that their synopsis failed to connect all the dots. So how could the media’s attention be diverted away from Putin’s master-stroke in Syria? 

Step 1 – Give the green light to the IDF to shoot to kill Palestinian stone throwers!

Step 2 – If that doesn’t get the necessary response why not shoot to kill unarmed Palestinian women? The IDF will say they were carrying knives and behaving in a threatening manner even though they surrounded the unfortunate soul. This is certain to spark a wave of Palestinian protests.

Step 3 – then in order to escalate the situation further, utilise a tried and tested trick – announce that a rocket was fired into southern Israel. All the idiots out there will believe it even though there’s no deaths or damage and of course, no video evidence presented to back up the claim. This will allow the IDF to steam in and kill a load of Palestinians and simply say Israel has the right to defend itself. 

Step 4 – media collaborators will never mention how people who are completely boxed in and denied the very basic essentials could ever possess rocket technology! The story will be stretched out painting Israel as the victim until international condemnation is too much.

Step 5 – while continuing to commit cold-blooded murder, they will bleat like stuffed pigs. They will drag this situation out until their buddies in Mossad and the CIA can conjure up the next move. In the meantime Russia’s destruction of their ISIS forces in Syria will be kept out of the news.


But boy. Have Putin and Lavrov planted one hell of a check-mate on the Western axis of evil spear-headed by Israel? The Russians have stated ‘we’re simply doing what you forever claim you’re doing! You’ve had no success destroying ISIS. We’ll have a go. We came on the request of President Assad which is more than you can say. How could we refuse? If we did you’d accuse us of not being serious about fighting the war on terror. And frankly, even without your help, we’ll have little problem locating ISIS strongholds. If you, for whatever reason are unable to do the job, WE CAN AND WE DAMN WELL WILL!’ Snookered!

This is the mother of all disasters for the Western axis of evil. They’re not stuck. They’ve literally been rammed between a rock and a hard place! If they help the Russians it may give the impression their intentions were just but if they do they’ll be destroying the very mercenary army they spent lumps creating. The implications are enormous. Israel’s plan to create Greater Israel would be put on hold while the problem of getting rid of Assad would remain. Moreover, quite how abandoned ISIS survivors and recruits may feel would indeed be a moot point. Suddenly Frankenstein could turn on its creator. 

However, perhaps of gravest concern now for the Zionists is how on earth can their agents like Cameron, Harper and Hollande, traitors who were prepared to sell their own citizens down the Swanee, usher in laws stripping ordinary people of their fundamental rights, all on the basis of a false terrorist threat that they actually created? With ISIS gone any attempt to do this would raise many an eyebrow. Also the option of creating yet another terrorist organisation would be more than pushing the boat out. With the Israelis seeing their control over the flow of information dissipate by the day this is potentially disastrous. 

The dawning realisation for ever-increasing numbers of folk that Zionists were behind 9/11 and therefore responsible for all the mayhem and carnage that’s occurred since, there exists a distinct possibility their stranglehold over proceedings in America and Europe could rapidly disintegrate. They’ve known for a while they’re losing their grip. The Internet saw to that. This is why arch Zionist Michael Chertoff, while chief of Homeland Security, had 800+ Fema camps built; this is why Obama and Congress committed Treason by ratifying the heinous NDA Act; this is why the US police and the media pulled out all the stops to create a climate of civil unrest so that the authorities could declare Martial law. This way all undesirables could be rounded up so that Israel would stay in control of America. Why do you think that lying wretch Cameron proudly declared at the UN he’d do everything in his power to eradicate those who challenged the ludicrous official account of 9/11? 

Small wonder the Western axis of evil decided not to help the Russians. However the alternative stinks to high heaven. Gone is the option of saying it took a joint effort to defeat ISIS. Instead with ISIS looking like the sitting ducks they always were for a US or a Russian air force flush with state-of-the-art firepower, I assume Israel and the US will continue to secretly aid these mercenaries as much as they can without showing out. Hopefully for them they can stop the Russians making this a swift crash, bang, wallop job in Syria. The media can only lie so much though. If the Russian mission is accomplished in double-quick time, it will simply mean there’s that much more explaining to do. Obviously the Russians are aware of this. I’m sure they’re intention is to inflict serious damage to ISIS, enough to allow Assad’s army to weed out the left-overs which I’m also sure they’ll do so with relish. 

Whichever way you cut it though, the US and UK have claimed for over a year they were fighting this ferocious enemy. They’ve positively rammed this so-called threat of terrorism down our throats, only for ISIS to go from strength to strength. How are US and UK politicians going to explain how the Russians wiped out ISIS with the minimum of fuss? Then there’s Iraq, and you can be sure the last thing Israel wants is Russia to quickly turn their attention to the ISIS terrorists there. With the Iraqis already laying down strong hints that they wouldn’t mind the Red Army dishing out the same treatment on their soil, how could anyone, anywhere object, especially if the Russians rapidly get the job done in Syria? This is why I believe they have to somehow slow the Russians down. 

In the meantime the media have already shown their true colors. The BBC at first tried the same old flannel by making out the Russians were attacking ‘moderate’ rebels. THERE ARE NO MODERATE REBELS. THERE NEVER WERE! Then the even more contemptuous FOX News declared 4 Russian missiles were off target by a small matter of 1387 miles!!! Apparently they landed somewhere in Iran. Of course only complete morons would believe such drivel. Were they perhaps trying to test the water for a false flag attack on Israel or Iran? God knows what the US media is up to but yesterday when the BBC never mentioned a word about what’s occurring in Syria I realised their plan, at least for the short term, and that is to utilise the most powerful weapon the media has – SILENCE! 

If it’s not in the news, it’s not news. However something is needed to fill the void and no surprise the Israelis have duly obliged. Headline news – the possibility of a 3rd Intifada and all the drivel that goes with it! What’s more this has the Zionist hallmark of skulduggery written all over it because though it doesn’t exactly kill two birds with one stone, they are nevertheless inflicting further pain and suffering on the hapless Palestinians. Now young unarmed Palestinian women are literally being executed. That will do the trick – look at all these Palestinian terrorists that want to wipe Israel off the map!


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