Suddenly the Zionist Controlled Media Don’t Want To Say a Word about Russia and ISIS.

Here’s my latest rant about the Russia/Syria/ISIS situation & how the media have suddenly clammed up about it. Of course to do that the Zionists needed their media to have another story to steal the headlines. I feel it’s one of my better pieces though I wish I waited. I just heard of the massive bomb blast in Ankara, Turkey. I rarely say this but somehow I feel no thought is required – Netanyahu & Mossad just rolls off the tongue!




So while the Russians are destroying terrorists, Netanyahu is trying to inflame the situation. I wonder if the Russians are going to be blamed. Bear in mind IF THE MEDIA BLAMES ANYONE YOU CAN BE SURE THIS WAS ANOTHER SET-UP JOB! I only hope the Turks do some proper investigating. Saying it’s a terrorist attack means nothing. Finding out who’s really responsible is what counts! 


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