SUSAN LINDAUER: Former CIA Asset Exposes 911 Cover Up.

I feel a touch burnt out from writing so much lately so I though no writing today. Why not catch up on some videos that have been building up in my ‘videos to watch’ folder. At least today I’ve managed to knock out quite a few. So I thought I’d post the best & this one won hands down.


Susan Lindauer is an American antiwar activist & former U.S. Congressional staffer. She has worked tirelessly trying to get the truth out about 9/11. Having been an insider, what she knows beggars belief. What I like is there’s no holding back with this lady. She opens up with both barrels!



  • Ashamed American

    Well, Michael allow me to say THANK YOU for all that you have written. I understand that is does wear one out, but, without you and others like you some of us would never have started out on the path the uncover the shameful negative, evil goals and desires of others. Thank you again and I do hope you keep up the AMAZING job my friend!

  • ‘GETTING IT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH”! And that Horses Mouth is a woman. by the name of Susan Lindauer, the former CIA Agent – labeled an “Asset” by title. Sooner or later, someone was going to blow the whistle on 9 11 and its’ trio Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld

    I only wish it was me that blew that 9 1 1 whistle, but I am more satisfied that it is a woman, and my heart goes out to her for all she was put through by the “System” that demands Social Control… My whistle is a mite harder to blow as it is a Universal “Uncovery” .Whistle called HOW THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE CONTROLS THE WORLD 2009 Amazon. The second chapter is entitled Social Order Through Social Control, so one can see the comparison I am making.
    Ask yourself this question; Are American Cops being trained by the Israeli Army? Do some research. Let me know what you find.

    • Absolutely right Jack yet I had to block someone on FB for saying she’s controlled opposition & some other guy reckons she’s a total shill. I just cannot believe how so many Truthers are idiots who can’t wait to put their worst foot forward. As if we haven’t got enough troubles. it’s just unbelievable – as if this brave woman didn’t suffer enough being thrown in jail.
      And yes – American cops are being trained by Israeli thugs.

  • Christopher Roberts

    Anyone have any knowledge on how I can get in contact with Susan Lindauer via email?

  • Joseph newman

    It was my uncle and the mod cartel and some Freemason s now they rest are following this groups efforts to form the new world order go to http://www.Vampiresofvicksburg .Com for what and who got us in to this shit

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