Syria Crisis: The Sixth Stage of A Pre-9/11 Conceived Plan

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Syria Crisis: The Sixth Stage of A Pre-9/11 Conceived Plan

Whatsupic — This time last year the US and UK fleets were all set to take apart Syria in order to execute regime change. Since the US and UK never say a word about the far more brutal regimes in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and above all Israel, every single reason given by Obama and Cameron for military intervention in Syria are lies. This is not a matter of opinion. If you don’t understand this much then you may as well be in a coma! So, why is this happening? Remember, these policies could not be more unpopular, yet they’re pursued with zest and vigor! If the media was independent they could never do this! Obama and Cameron would be ripped to shreds. So why are we doing this? Once again, in order to make sense out of this, it’s paramount one is no doubt as to – WHO REALLY CONTROLS AMERICA and THE UK, and WHO REALLY WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR 9/11. The reason why so many free thinkers fail to connect all the dots is because for some reason or another, they refuse to go the whole hog – sure 9/11 was an inside job but Even RT Moscow, has trouble making head or tail of this! That’s because they only partially answer the two questions above and as a result the true conspirators slip under the radar and one is left in a somewhat confused state. I promise you, once you get the fundamentals right, things don’t just fall into place – EVERYTHING BECOMES OBVIOUS! The unbridled chaos that seemingly makes no sense IS EXACTLY WHAT ISRAEL DESIRED! THE LONGER ANARCHY REIGNS SUPREME, THE BETTER!

Photos released by activists in Idlib, Syria purport to show the daytime aftermath of U.S. claimed airstrikes against ISIS on civilians homes in the town of Kafr Deryan, Idlib, Syria. (Photo: Idlib News Network/CNN)

Syria was stage 6 of a plan conceived before 9/11. 7 more countries after Afghanistan would be taken out. General Wesley Clark confirmed this – if you haven’t seen the video clip and you wish to learn more, this is must! Ask yourself – okay, America’s industrial military complex needed conflicts but since when did America spend a king’s ransom when there was very little to gain and much to lose, simply for the purpose of tearing countries apart? In the past countries were exploited for their minerals and natural resources, sure! It wasn’t nice. Any leader in Central and South America who wanted to do good for his country and so refused to play ball was simply taken out! This happened time and again. In the Middle East, America made it top priority to get ‘their’ men installed – Iran and Iraq were two classic examples. Flattening infrastructure was never an option! You see the Vietnam war was a nightmare! No more of that thank you very much! The utilization of CIA covert operations, was low key, low cost, yet almost without fail produced the desired results, All of a sudden, AMERICA WAS REDUCING COUNTRIES TO RUBBLE. What’s more, this mayhem was occurring in the one region of the world the US had consistently yearned for stability!  

Having sat idly by while Libya became the 5th country ‘dealt with’, President Putin decided enough was enough! Both Russia and China knew if Syria fell, Iran was next. For them an attack on Iran was as good as an attack on Moscow or Bejing. If they made a stand with Syria, a far more dangerous situation with Iran may be averted. Therefore Putin duly sent in the Russian fleet to square up to the might of the US forces in the Mediterranean. The contemptuous corporate media made nothing of the fact the world now teetered on the brink of WW III! Fortunately, the UK and US public made it clear to their Zionist puppet war-mongers – they were vehemently opposed to direct military intervention in Syria. Yet Cameron, being a product of the Zionist media, was offered an unchallenged platform to spout the same regurgitated bile – Assad like Gadaffi had to go – even though neither Syria or Libya had committed anything like the gross violations of international law Israel regularly flouted! But the call for war in parliament was defeated. Cameron was humiliated. Of course the media didn’t just play this down – rarely in British constitutional history were sitting Prime Minister’s told to take a jump, especially on issues of such gravity – yet not one reporter asked the dreaded question they always ask – “er excuse me sir…….. but isn’t your position now untenable?” Realizing the public were so dead against direct military intervention (in America, a poll stated a whopping 92% were opposed), Obama, Congress and the Senate had no option but to back down.

Putin then played his joker! He announced a plan for Syria to rid itself of all its chemical arsenal. This, as well as elevating Putin’s standing in the world, at least gave Obama an out. However, I had my doubts. Whether Russia felt this would somehow bring about a change of heart where America would perhaps abandon the plan to take out Syria and Iran, I’m not sure. No question it was worth a shot. However, I’ve always maintained America had long since surrendered it’s independence. They’d been taken over from within over 100 years ago by the Zionists and their power base has steadily increased. They control America yet for the world it seems for many the fact major policy decisions regarding finance and foreign policy were effectively being fashioned by those whose allegiance was to Israel, has not sunk in. 13 years ago Netanyahu said “ONCE WE SQUEEZE ALL WE CAN OUT OF THE UNITED STATES, IT CAN DRY UP and BLOW AWAY!” Well, the way things are going, soon there’ll be nothing left to squeeze.

For me the turning point was when Bush senior made the correct decision not to invade Iraq in the first Iraq war. As I said earlier, America wanted stability in the oil laden Middle East. Bush himself was an oil man. All they had to do was keep an eye on Saddam – destroy all the nasty chemical weapons the US and UK were only too pleased to sell him. Most importantly, his ruthlessness was ideal, holding together a country that was positively chomping at the bit to fragment. You can be sure the Iraqi people would take Saddam back with open arms! No question he was a very nasty piece of work but what we’re never told is while he was in charge, Iraq had nothing like the crime rate the US, UK and most Europeans are bedeviled with; the problem of alcohol and drug abuse was virtually non-existent there. 

Anyway, Bush senior’s decision incurred the wrath of Zionists. For them an opportunity to rid themselves of a maniac who despised them had been lost. I believe this was the catalyst – they decided to take a more hands on approach. Having Congress, the Senate and a President that always put Israel first……….. unbelievable as it may seem, was not enough! In order to call the shots they had to have Perfect Puppet Presidents that would do what they’re told without question. Now it goes without saying, old-timers who’d been there and done it, like Bush senior, Carter and Reagen, were out of the equation. They would sooner or later say ‘hold it a minute. I’m not doing that!’ Can you imagine the dual national Zionists presenting Jimmy Carter with the PNAC groups’ findings, telling him what was needed was a catastrophic event like a new Pearl Harbor? Carter would have rightfully had them arrested and tried for Treason. To qualify for Perfect Puppet status what was required – a CV with naff all on it; criminal activities aplenty – wonderful! Above all the puppet would have to be someone who just wanted to be the Big Banana! They were under no illusions – without Zionist money and media power, they’d have two chances of ever becoming President – a dog’s chance and no chance!    

So, after Bush senior, the past 22 years has seen Israel go from strength to strength while America is on the verge of meltdown! Think about the CV’s of Clinton, GW and Obama – non-achieving nobodies! This presented a problem though. Even with full media backing, elections had to be rigged but do not in any way underestimate the media’s role in all this. Their man was given a smooth, easy ride, while certain candidates who looked like they could throw a spanner in the works, were made to look decidedly unpresidential. How on earth could Bush senior lose to Clinton? Well, every tiny ‘mistake’ was highlighted. While Bush was having to defend himself over nothing and in doing so gave the impression he was feeling the heat, Clinton strolled around like bloody John Wayne, portrayed as Mr. Cool, unflustered and all the while unable to wipe that awful smug smile off his face. He’d cleverly mention JFK as if the great man was his best buddy while poor Bush senior ended up putting his foot in it by slagging off THE SIMPSONS – a goddamn cartoon! This tactic continued – those earmarked for White House residency were made to look good while their opponents were tripped up at every possible opportunity! Of course the media could only do so much. GW Bush was so inept, blatant election fraud was required to defeat Gore and Kerry. With RON PAUL – election fraud went stratospheric! There’s no doubt in my mind, RON PAUL would have won by the greatest margin ever!

It is for this reason I say Putin’s attempt to bring about an end to the plan to take out Syria and Iran, admirable as it was, was wishful thinking. In previous articles I’ve stated – IF NO ONE STOPS THE ZIONISTS, THEY WILL NOT STOP! So even though Putin’s popularity had soared, I thought the Zionists must be fuming! A year to this day on FB I wrote – WATCH THEM NOW THROW THE KITCHEN SINK AT PUTIN………. and just look at what’s happened! Putin hates homosexuals; the Sochi Olympics isn’t worth a bar of soap; bombs start going off in Russia; Prince Charles steps out of his pram – Putin is bad news! Then the illegal takeover in Ukraine by a Zionist billionaire……….. forget about all the atrocities committed by Poroshenko……….. IT WAS ALL PUTIN’S FAULT! Then the downing of flight MH17! Without anyone having a chance to investigate, the entire corporate media blamed Putin even though he had nothing to gain from this heinous act! Zionist puppet leaders in the West proceeded to blame Putin – sanctions were imposed…….. then more sanctions and when Russia finally negotiated a truce so that humanitarian aid could be sent in to the embattled civilians in East Ukraine……….. MORE SANCTIONS WERE IMPOSED! While the media ignored damning evidence and the fact Zionist imprints were all over the downing of flight MH17, they even had the temerity to claim Russian humanitarian relief was actually their forces invading Ukraine! This is all in one year! I’ll admit – my impression of what throwing the kitchen sink entailed was nothing like what’s occurred! In short the Zionists have instructed their puppets in the West to make an enemy out of Russia and by doing so are placing the lives of all the people they’re supposed to represent in serious jeopardy!

Only when one fully embraces the notion that the entire corporate media is nothing but a Zionist tool for propaganda, things begin to fall neatly into place. The Zionists will not stop because they cannot afford to. Their desire to be despotic overlords of the planet has long since taken them past the point of no-return. The JFK assassination which ultimately led to Israel acquiring a massive nuclear arsenal, has in turn ushered in a terrifying insurance policy – THE SAMSON OPTION! Israel has made it clear – anyone who gets in their way will be taken out…… THAT’S WHY FOR YEARS INTERNATIONAL LAWS and HUMANITARIAN RIGHTS DO NOT APPLY TO ISRAEL! They literally do as they please! However, if any country with nuclear weapons was to say enough is enough and god forbid, attacks Israel, the Zionists have made it clear – their nukes are aimed at every major city in the world and they will not hesitate to release every last one. ‘We do what we want! If we go – you go too!’ This is the Samson option!

However, so blatant are Zionist lies and the fact the advent of the Internet has proved to be disastrous, their quest to control the flow of information is nothing like it was. Each day, for more and more folk, the dawning realization – Zionists are leading us up the garden path! Moreover, there will arrive a point where a majority of Americans will know the real terrorists behind 9/11 were the dual national Zionists, Mossad and the Bush administration, which was controlled by them. I’m certain the integral reason why the world has seemingly gone mad is because the Zionists have to move fast. They cannot allow America and the media to fall back into the hands of its people, true patriots. This is why we’re witnessing the systematic erosion of our civil liberties – the vile Patriot and NDA acts, the construction of 800+ Fema camps up and down America, the repulsive NSA, the militarization of Police forces – all designed to keep Zionists in total control of the American people. The Zionists will not stop because they cannot stop! The flip side is this – such will be the rage and fury of Americans, it’s hard to imagine they won’t think – to hell with the consequences – Israel must be flattened! 

I’m of the opinion it’s pointless blaming Obama. The system is rotten to the core. Every time he opens his mouth he’s making himself look an even bigger fool. For the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone bothers to even analyze what he says. There are no rules, his hands are tied and the last thing he decides is policy! But what we’re witnessing could only occur if those in charge were gangsters that make Al Capone and Murder Incorporated look like a pussies. That’s what we have right now – the worst possible people calling the shots. Serial killers, paedophiles, mega fraudsters all rolled into one. Not content with causing death and destruction on a scale scarcely imaginable – Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, Gaza, Libya – Syria and Iran must not be let off the hook! 

Unable to send in ground troops, an army of cut-throat mercenaries was assembled – the chief protagonists – Israel and Mossad, the US and the CIA, along with a little help from their friends in the UK and Saudi. They’d receive all the weaponry and ammunition they needed and would be backed up by considerable air support. Supply lines were guaranteed. Libya had no answer. Atrocities in the form of torture and mass executions never made the airwaves. Quite how no one has had to answer for this outrage sickens me no end. How can this be? I don’t care if Genghis Khan is in charge! What right has Cameron to say Ghengis Khan is bad news, so he’s got to go, and then the end result is total and utter devastation? When is someone going to say ‘well Ghengis was a bit of a headcase but this bringing democracy lark is a million times worse!’ 5 down – Syria, here comes the pain! Only this time the crucial air support was not forthcoming. Also unlike Gadaffi, Assad had some serious friends. This made it tough going for the CIA/Mossad butchers. With somewhat of a stalemate, large tracts of Syrian land now controlled by rebels bordered Iraq. Hardly surprising, many decided to slip over the border where there were easy pickings. In no time the mercenaries were running riot. Once again the systematic slaughter of poor Iraqis, as if they hadn’t suffered enough, never made the front pages.

I have no idea whether this was by design or it was something that simply transpired. I believe the latter but it’s not important. What is crucial is an opportunity had arisen. Suddenly the CIA/Mossad killers were christened ISIS – the ‘new’ terrorist organisation! The next day all over corporate media – ‘ooohh. These guys are actually a lot worse than Al Qaeda!’ I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! This problem was our creation. While they were committing war crimes that would make the Gestapo squeamish, slaughtering people left, right and center in Libya and Syria, these vermin in the media, Obama and Cameron never said a word! But wait – the brainwashing has only just started! So, remember the trick that worked so well 12 years ago in Iraq? TIME TO STAGE A FEW DECAPITATIONS! Quite why a beheading is any worse than being shot like a dog for absolutely no reason is beyond me. In any case, in the past two months, there have been 22 beheading’s in Saudi Arabia – but you wouldn’t know it! Moreover, quite why ISIS would choose to antagonize their masters in such a way simply doesn’t add up. The videos themselves were pathetic. James Foley and the guy who apparently lost his head WERE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE. I can safely say that when the Aorta is pierced, blood should gush out! Where was the blood?

But wait – they haven’t warmed up yet ….. and let’s face it – telling a complete pack of lies is their forte! Time for Cameron to put on his sternest face, the one where all those with the brains of a rocking horse look on and think – this man’s a proper leader. You can’t mess with David……….. Here he was, warning us Brits of a heightened terrorist threat. I immediately thought – how do you know this? He then dropped hints about having to deal with this terrorist threat by attacking Iraq and Syria, as well as introducing further laws giving the Police even more power! Surely one reporter has to take this traitor to task and say – 


If there is a genuine terrorist attack in England, anyone who is shocked or surprised is technically brain dead! You see if by now you’re not aware that both Blair and Cameron have done everything in their power to create terrorism, THEN THE PENNY WILL NEVER DROP! Why else did the dual national Zionists in the PNAC group bemoan the fact the only terrorism that existed was in Gaza and the West Bank! This is why they planned and executed 9/11 – to make the world believe Muslims were terrorists and so pave the way for the destruction of every country Israel didn’t see eye-to-eye with. And that’s exactly what’s happened – the only country to gain from all this mayhem is Israel! Why do you think Netanyahu said 9/11 was good for Israel? To add insult to injury, even though 2 million Arabs and Muslims have lost their lives, the Zionist puppets manufacture false flag events, which are then used to maximum effect by the media for the sole purpose of reminding the uninitiated – there are some crazy fanatics out there. I find it soul-destroying that people are still falling for this garbage!

13 years after 9/11, only Syria and Iran remain. Israel’s goal to create Greater Israel and in the process seize control of Middle Eastern oil, thus elevating its status as a world super-power both militarily and economically, is what this is all about. Assad has to be taken out; Syria has to be destroyed or rendered impotent by installing puppet rulers like we now have in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Egypt. Only then can the focus be turned on Israel’s greatest foe – IRAN! It is my belief the reason why the US and EU have been instructed to pick a fight with Russia so that sooner or later, it may have its hands full. When the time is right the Zionists will engineer another horrendous false flag event, perhaps one even encompassing 9/11. Their media whores will place the blame squarely at Iran’s feet and without anyone having the time to assess any of the evidence Israel will take out Iran’s cities and military installations with an unprovoked nuclear assault! I’m pretty damn sure this is not far off the mark. I just hope to hell the Russians and the Chinese put their foot down. They have to because the Zionists really do believe in all that religious claptrap – their destiny is to be masters of the planet! They will not stop.

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