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US branded Cameron ‘incompetent’ over Syria, felt ‘f*cked over’ on Libya – Lord Ashcroft.

So there’s more to this Pig-Gate story than meets the eye. This excellent RT report – http://www.rt.com/uk/316169-ashcroft-biography-cameron-military/         Watch this video on YouTube   General David Richards had to tell Prime Minister David Cameron his time as an army cadet at Eton did not qualify him to dictate military strategy and tactics, harsh new revelations of the

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BOMBSHELL: Obama’s Pentagon Refuses To Target ISIS Training Camps… NO Airstrikes Allowed.

I’ve been wanting to put something worthwhile about Syria so I’ve come up with 3 links & some captions to go with how I feel about this debacle & the lies of the media & Cameron in particular.   1) How Obama is SERVICING ISIS; THEY’RE NOT COMBATING IT! If you are scared of ISIS you should be thanking President

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