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Storm Clouds Gathering in Iran & Saudi Arabia

I agree with much of what these guys say here. I certainly still have no reason to believe Putin is part of the Rothschild/NWO plan. While I’m sure he feels for the hapless Palestinians, Putin knows he’d just be asking for trouble if he got involved here. With Syria & Iran there is infinitely more at stake. There’s no way Putin wants

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Why Syria is a target of the NWO & Zionism by Nicky Nelson

8 REASONS WHY THE NWO HATES SYRIA; THE TRUTH AS TO WHY WE’RE IN SYRIA   1) Syria’s central bank is state owned. They have resisted a Rothschild Central Bank. 2) Syria has NO loans with the IMF, the International Monetary Fund. 3) Syria has no GMO foods and does not do business with Monsanto. 4) Syrians are aware of

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