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14 years on: media lies continue to wreak havoc. It’s unequivocal – without the guaranteed support of Corporate media, 9/11 would never have made the drawing board.‏

FOR THE MILLIONS THAT HAVE DIED & THE UNTOLD MILLIONS WHO’VE LOST LOVED ONES! http://whatsupic.com/news-politics-usa/14-years-on-911.html   Thanks to John Miranda for this caption –    9/11 was the mother of false flags, yet successful as it’s undoubtedly been manufacturing a war on terror out of thin air, the operation itself had so many holes in it, quite how so many

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If anyone knows who was responsible for 9/11 – Dr Alan Sabrosky should. They did it alright.

Today I’ve already referred to Nicky Nelson. She’s the fine American lass who built a website for me. She does so much it actually makes me dizzy just thinking about it. In fact I’m convinced in her previous life she was an Octopus! Needless to say her contact list is flush with special names. An hour or so ago she

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