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This young lady deserves so much credit. Everything she says is justified & though it hardly restores my faith in the human race, it certainly gives me the tonic I need when I see youngsters so brave, so resolute & so clued up. Maybe there’s hope for us yet. As for Emily Longworth – it is no surprise to me she has a mere 82,000 followers. Thanks to new friend Alan Sabrosky for this link –




I think it’s fair to say two families couldn’t have done more to destroy America – Bush & Clinton. Their feat, heinous as it gets, is nevertheless remarkable. Of course, both these families never set out to specifically destroy America. No. They merely craved for power & were willing to do anything to get it. This meant appeasing the true power-brokers – the Zionist bankers. If you want to know how mankind has got itself this mess, here it is in a nutshell –
– decent folk are not prepared to sell their souls. Lamentably, those most willing to do so are those least fit to be entrusted with the responsibility of government. This is why we have so many child molesters & murderers in the upper echelons of power. It goes without saying those with the most filth in the closet are individuals who’ll do anything not to be exposed. This is why the Zionist power-brokers deliberately single out sexual predators & mass-murderers like Clinton. 
How do I know I’m right about this? Crucially, only those who own the media can ensure the protection of such vermin. The vermin have to know that. Well, I’m perfectly aware of who controls the media – Zionist bankers & therefore they decide what hits the airwaves. How many times have I said – if it’s not in the news, then it’s not news!


US Constitution
If you want to learn how the Clintons have systematically lied, defrauded, embezzled. They were major drug-runners & mass murderers to boot, please watch the documentary ‘Clinton: Their Secret Lives’ –
This link lists 46 people, 12 of which were their own bodyguards – they all died at the hands of the Clintons. We are anything but spoiled for choice in terms of decent candidates for the Presidency but in my opinion, Hilary is by far the worst choice.

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