Talk about front – to moan about hate speech while proudly declaring ‘let’s nuke Iran?’ How hateful is that?

To even suggest such a heinous act! Yet here’s the Israeli Foreign Minister calling for an indiscriminate nuclear strike on a country that’s done nothing to Israel! Where the hell is the goddamn worldwide condemnation? Where are toe-rag politicians Cameron & Harper who forever lick Israel’s putrid arse? How can it be possible that Americans aren’t being informed of this? No one saying anything yet can you imagine the eruption if Iran’s foreign minister said exactly the same thing? There’d be all hell to pay.

Hate my arse

Hate my arse

And to think right this very minute Zionists are bursting blood vessels trying to get their puppets to outlaw anti-Semitism. From what I see, this piece of shit is doing everything in his power to create anti-Semetism. This maniac should be in a lunatic asylum. Give me that crap about hate speech – how can this not be a criminal offense? I only hope Russia & China make it absolutely clear to these deluded monsters in Israel – any unprovoked attack on Iran will be met with the most severe response. Thanks to Bobbi Shiff for the link.


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