Talk about give a dog a home! Homeless dog jumps into stranger’s car and lives happily ever after.

With all the doom & gloom in the world I take solace from the fact I know there are many more good people on this planet than bad. The problem is all we ever hear about are those who are screwing everything up. I know in my heart of hearts if evil wins then they’ll have inadvertently signed their own death warrant because evil cannot ultimately win. By it’s very nature the only outcome it can expect is self-destruction.


The flip side of this coin is that good eventually triumphs over evil & slowly but surely eliminates it altogether through natural processes. This would drastically reduce the chances of a self-inflicted armageddon. Moreover we would then be best able to begin repairing the colossal damage these greedy scumbags have inflicted on the planet. This would create a world where everyone would want to do their bit, just like these good people. It didn’t take much yet it’s this kind of thing that makes me want to strive & push ever-harder so that good does triumph over evil.


Check out this sequence of photos. Talk about every picture telling a story……….


Give a dog a home


  • I believe Evil is Nothing in and of itself. What is perceived as Evil is merely the absence of a scintilla of Goodness in a given context. Atrociously hurtful behaviors and actions only APPEAR unjustifiable to the large majority of us, “We, the People,” capable of and willing to empathize with the downtrodden victimized underdogs. To the small yet significant percentage of purveyors of violence, certain desirable Ends, like “Greater Israel’s” Settler apartheid expansionism, JUSTIFY unsavory MEANS, like the creation of a FALSE FLAG “Great Deception,” or “Vital Lie” by which to promote the IDEA of the Necessity of even egregiously absurdist “preemptive war” to a populace conditioned to comply with fiats from fascistic authorities, even, or most effectively from useful Fools like “W.” The PerpeTRAITORS’ impunity remains predicated upon and vouchsafed through the ongoing effectiveness of “confirmation bias,” the malefactors’ successful seizure of the proferred “best evidence” and “rushed to judgement (& Press) FALSE Narrative PRESENTED in the NEARLY Immediate aftermath of the psycho-socially traumatic SHOCK again cleverly manipulating People’s susceptibility to take in and believe ostensibly plausible plot lines which are then further propagated through Propaganda.. And here we are 14 years afterwards NEARLY to the day, 9/11, and generally afraid to question the “official LI(n)E” because to do so causes anxiety, aka “cognitive dissonance.” But “Fear Not,” Friends, the Truth WILL prevail not leastwise because RIGHT MAKES MIGHT and Falsehoods cannot stand the Test of Time. And one current option for we 21st Century “Wide Awakes” is to “educate ourselves for the coming struggles” (Mary Harris “Mother Jones”) by promoting the “baby step” of House Resolution 14 ( & Ty for reading, friends.

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