Talk about divine intervention…….

I may be back but I’m anything but the Messiah! I’ve never been one for believing in divine intervention. What happens, happens. I suppose the moral of the story yet again is never say never because boy, what’s occurred, miraculous as it is, could not have come at a more opportune moment. Nasty as it may sound, we needed this bad. I do not care one jot for Hillary Clinton. She’s a liar, fraudster, cheat & mass-murderer. To say this woman is not fit for public service, let alone the Presidency, is a chronic understatement.


And then there’s the bad news: I’m in no doubt – if it means WW III is required in order to establish a New World Order, Hillary will not flinch. In fact for quite some time I’ve had the distinct impression this crazy woman will relish the opportunity. I really do believe she’s chomping at the bit to show that this here woman has more balls than any man. Of course I may be mistaken but with her appalling track record how can we even take such a risk for apart from Benjamin Netanyahu, I cannot think of a more dangerous person to have their finger on the proverbial button?


Only the brain dead aren’t aware Hillary is mentally unfit to govern. Well now we can forget all the rumors because there really is no question – she has a serious health issue that renders her physically unfit to be President. There’s no question too the media is in strict damage-limitation mode. What irony. The Zionists so far have rigged election after election; the MSM has lied through its back teeth. As a result, mankind now teeters on the very edge of the precipice. All of a sudden, the Zionist puppet is the one quite literally teetering on the edge.




I have to admit it’s been somewhat demoralising watching Hillary Clinton & her Zionist master-manipulators slowly but surely close in on the White House. God knows how I’ve tried to expose the Clinton’s for the gargantuan crooks they are. Then when Trump announced he was entering the fray I simply said the media’s reaction to any candidate should be the perfect yardstick. Why second guess? Few of us know the man. He’s never been a politician but since the media is owned by the very people who’ve usurped democracy in the West, it goes without saying – whoever they support is the candidate of their choice ie the Zionist cabal of war-mongers controlled by the Rothschilds.


Thanks to Nicky Nelson for this – 




Moreover, what does it take for people to question why the media have attacked Trump so vociferously, especially since they’ve been working overtime to manufacture Islamophobia. You’d have thought the media would have had the cheerleaders out every time Trump utilised the race card. So why do we have this paradox? Shocking as the truth is, it’s this simple – Trump doesn’t want to kill Arabs & Muslims……. THE ZIONISTS DO THOUGH! I guarantee if Syria falls there will be no talk of ‘haven’t we had enough of these wars & conflicts?’ Instead the media’s focus will immediately switch to Iran. Frankly, if you don’t realise this then you have the brains of a rocking horse!
Why do you think not one mainstream media outlet applauded Trump when he said –

1) These wars have been disastrous for America.

2) He wants dialogue with Putin.

3) The Bush family have much to answer for 9/11.


The truth is these are the last things media barons wish to highlight & they proved it by neglecting to do so.


I thought I’d include this Alex Jones clip too regarding Hillary keeling over. It is of paramount importance the people of America not just see how unstable Hillary Clinton is but also realise how the media is blatantly misleading them. Love him or hate him, this is not the time to attack Jones. Thanks to Gail Parker for sending me this clip……


Finally thanks to all for their patience. I won’t be writing as much but I will endeavor to make two videos a week (10 mins), one covering a major topic & one a round-up of the week’s news. 


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