Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies – Fleetwood Mac: Tell me lies, tell me massive, great porkies – CNN

I rarely watch Lee Camp’s show Redacted Tonight on RT. That’s not to say the show doesn’t have its merits & the presenter isn’t entertaining & sharp. It’s the constant shouting that does my head in. I’m the one who screams at the TV thank you very much. Not you!
Today the opening report was a very good one on how an astonishing 90% of Drone strike kills are not the designated target! I was so gob-smacked I stopped what I was doing & I think for the next 15 minutes I actually watched the show with my mouth jammed wide open in a semi-state of shock.
Yesterday I wrote a piece about Bradley Manning & I said in this millennium we’ve completely lost it. I listed 8 examples of how we’ve turned things on their head – whistle-blowers who tell the truth are jailed while mass-murders & war criminals enjoy the fruits of life & so on. Well if I had waited I’d have put this horrific statistic in too. I’d no idea the figure they refer to as collateral damage was that grotesque – a 10 – 1 ratio! I mean if this doesn’t qualify as justification to ban this vile monstrosity then what the bloody hell does?
Anyway I listened to the rest of the show & another interesting segment came up, not a subject close to my heart – ONLY THE BARE-FACED LIES OF THE ZIONIST CONTROLLED MEDIA. Not that it wasn’t obvious long ago Israel would be perfectly happy to see the psycho slag as President but the lies they’re telling just so it appears Hilary has a realistic chance of winning so that when they cheat, only a few people will scream foul & so it won’t be such a big deal, they can bury the story & onward we march to edge of the precipice!


Bernie the college man

I’d go as far to say I’d be flabbergasted if 10% of American voters could be daft enough to vote for this evil woman. Forget about stooping – CNN are already on the floor because even by their pitiful standards, this one really does take the ticket. The only people who can fall for this crud are literally the brain dead. Though Bernie Sanders isn’t a great choice, I’d feel a whole lot safer if Hilary Clinton is as far away from the Red button as possible.
If you want to just watch the Hilary/CNN ‘pull the wool over your eyes’ bullshit segment, it’s from 17.20 – 23 minutes. The show is on this link –


Tell me lies


Then, if you can stomach it, watch the CNN clip but I’ll tell you now, be careful. I eat nails for breakfast but I very nearly threw up listening to this lying bitch. There really should be a government health warning caption that comes up automatically the moment CNN come on air! It’s not right…..


A very fine thought – 


Good enough


  • jill

    That was amazing to see the twist and the spin and the lies inflicted on the general public by a controlled and sinister media.
    The manipulation being done to the psyche of Americans will no doubt advance into more threatening forms of control such as Pulsed Waves for mind control. (Read the book: “Controlling the Human Mind by Dr Nick Begich”)
    The more you know the more cynical you will become and rightfully so.

  • Hillary is probably as wicked and ingenuine as she appears, if one only looks below the surface, but Bernie is probably the mask of pure evil itself. There is no point in imagining one will be much different than the other. We will do well to use our energy to enlighten the world to the genuine danger of the LUCIFERIAN TAKEOVER of humanity. No kidding, we need to stop Israel.

    • SHE IS! All you have to do is check out the fine documentary ‘CLINTON: THEIR SECRET LIVES.’ Here their criminal acts are catalogued. I can guarantee if you’ve never seen this you will be amazed how one couple can commit so many murders & not just go all the way to the top but remain there as if they’re squeaky clean. It is a mind-blower. As for Bernie, merely saying I’d much rather have him than a known psychopath like Hilary does not in any way resemble a glowing endorsement of Sanders. It’s a shoe-in he will do everything that’s asked of him by the Luciferian cancer that’s inflicting all of mankind. As you say stopping Zionist influence is the key to unlocking our problems.

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